#187 Josh Barnett, Renato Tavares, & Pancho

Bill Cooper no gi Jeff Monson BJJ
Bill “The Grill” Cooper and Jeff Monson at the 2007 No Gi World Championships, just a couple of weeks after Cooper received his black belt.

This week on The FightWorks Podcast, Bruce Hoyer supercontributor interviews:

  • Josh Barnett on his appearance at the 2009 No Gi Jiu Jitsu World Championship
  • Renato Tavares about the 2010 Abu Dhabi Pro, the gi competition with big prize money for competitors
  • Team Quest’s Pancho regarding his knee injury

Remember that you can watch the 2009 No Gi Jiu Jitsu World Championship streamed live on nogi.com today!

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One Reply to “#187 Josh Barnett, Renato Tavares, & Pancho”

  1. I was at my son’s judo tournament and one of the father’s there was talking about Barnett’s no-gi victory (?!?!?!).
    He happened to have this podcast on his netbook and i copied it to a USB key.

    For a first time listen, you had one heck of a guest who happens to be one of the most interesting MMA interviews around (being a fellow Otaku helps) so maybe they wont all be like that.

    But it was interesting enough that as a somewhat BJJ fan I might give a few more episodes a listen.

    I have episodes 179, 181 and 183 lined up on my mp3 player striclty based on the description.

    All the best.

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