#185 2009 No Gi World Championships to be Streamed Online Free

Bill Cooper no gi Jeff Monson BJJ
Bill “The Grill” Cooper and Jeff Monson at the 2007 No Gi World Championships, just a couple of weeks after Cooper received his black belt.

So the big news this week is that Budo Videos is setting it up so that you can watch the 2009 No Gi BJJ World Championships online free! The event takes place on November 8th at the Long Beach Pyramid here in California and will be viewable on nogi.com. To be specific, Budo expects to broadcast the black belt finals at a minimum and hopes to also show various matches in the few hours that precede the finals. They have hired a production crew with experience in online sports broadcasts and expect that the commentators will be “The Two Seans”, who often are the commentary crew in Budo Videos’ Mundials DVDs. It is also expected that if this online streaming of the 2009 No Gi Worlds goes well, it may be offered at future IBJJF events like the World Championships or the Pan-Ams.

For the historians out there, here are links to some coverage of earlier incarnations of this IBJJF event:

Also in this show, cohost Dan and I speak about our most recent BJJ Poll, as well as answer a couple voicemails and an email from The Mighty 600,000!

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  1. Great news. Now lets make it happen for all the Championships. the more coverage we have the more exposure the sport gets thats what its all about.

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