Roger Gracie: Victory Movie Coming Soon

Roger Gracie jiu-jitsu
Roger Gracie in victory at the 2009 BJJ World Championships.

Big news for the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community: a feature-length film about Roger Gracie is going to be released in Spring of next year, according to the movie’s director Daren Bartlett. Roger Gracie is the winner of seven Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championship titles as a black belt and runs an academy in London.

Here is an official release received here at FightWorks Podcast headquarters:

Daren Bartlett’s documentary film VICTORY (working title), was shot on four continents over an eight year period. It is the story of Roger Gracie and his ascent in the world of competition Ju-Jitsu. He is currently considered by some to be the premier ground fighter of his era.

Roger’s mother is Reila Gracie, outspoken author and curator of a vast family archive. She is the daughter of Carlos Gracie, mentor and pioneer. She gives a passionate discourse throughout the film. The narrative is driven by the unfolding dramas of Roger Gracie’s pursuit of the World Championships absolute title in Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca tennis club: a cauldron of emotions.

The film gives an understanding of Roger’s mixed fortunes, over several campaigns (Worlds and ADCC) to conquer all before him. It is an intimate portrait of the events and fighters, with testimonies from the source – family members and those close to them. All this is set within the context of the Gracie families Ju-Jitsu achievements past and present; of the spirit of preservation and promotion of the families honour and the mystique surrounding this invincible fighting system.

Shot on various formats, the cinematography captures the beauty and mindfulness of The Great Art and to this end, perhaps, explores new chapters and pivotal moments that are ultimately the victory of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

Film Maker/ Director : VICTORY is Daren Bartlett’s second feature-length documentary. His first O ZELADOR (The Caretaker) premiered at The Sao Paulo International Film Festival in 2007 ( Daren has made short films for Nike and 14 Bike Company. Daren is a Ju-Jitsu practitioner and is a brown belt under Mestre Mauricio Gomes.

Directors Note: As a film maker it was just natural to begin filming when first making contact with the sport in 2000, and I was lucky enough to encounter Mauricio Gomes, father of Roger Gracie. Aged just seventeen Roger showed some early promise, and as he gained success within the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu arena, I realized that I had maybe been very fortunate in identifying the right young fighter as a subject.

Production : Company : Bantam Films
Language : English/Portuguese (subtitled)
Format : Various
Running : Time : 90 minutes (approx)
Release : Spring 2010

With the upcoming release of The Gracies and the Birth of Vale Tudo, as well as last year’s Renzo Gracie: Legacy, this movie about Roger Gracie will be the third jiu-jitsu-themed film we have been treated to. Having that much cinematic energy in a community the size of ours is something to be very proud of. I hereby declare this the Golden Age of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu films!

5 Replies to “Roger Gracie: Victory Movie Coming Soon”

  1. I think it’s going to be in French 😉
    I would like to see something on Royce , about how the Gracie brothers prepared him for the 3 first UfC , that would good.
    and how about a special Rolls Gracie , we see always the same footages of him : Gracie in action and that’s it . a lot can be featured.

  2. this will be awesome – the director darren is a brown belt under roger and a freind of the family,he has been at all of rogers comps for many years so there will be some excellent footage here for sure!!!

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