ADCC Day 1 Live Blog

The following is the live play by play conducted beginning at approximately 1:30AM west coast time in the United States of the first day of action at the 2009 ADCC in Barcelona. You can watch the grappling matches as they’re broadcast from Spain from the live web stream available here. Make sure you tune in tomorrow here at to read the live blog of tomorrow’s matches. – Caleb

1:28 Good morning family! I’m now at the helm here at FightWorks Podcast headquarters in San Diego and will be live blogging the 2009 ADCC Submission Grappling Championship using the live online broadcast.

1:30 It is indeed 30 minutes from what was announced to be the official start time.
1:31 (…and 1:30 AM here in San Diego!)

1:33 The live feed itself has begun, but all that is transmitted so far is some guys talking on a cell phone showing test video. No action on the mats yet.

1:35 Please send me your comments but know that only some will get published. Don’t take it personally if they’re not published.

1:35 Ok let’s try that out a little…

1:35 [Comment From martial farts ] my money is on the guy with the cellphone! I heard his rubber guard is awesome.

1:36 [Comment From Guest ] You do need good storage of coffee since it is that late there.

1:37 The video guys are testing the camera’s ability to focus by training it on Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear posters and a message about a guy named Gus.

1:38 Poll: Who Wins the ADCC Superfight, Jacare or Drysdale

1:38 Hey did you all go vote in that poll about who will win the superfight between Jacare and Robert Drysdale?

1:39 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu ] was the weight in yesterday?

1:39 Yes I believe so! That’s the impression I got from folks there on site.

1:40 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu ] Good because Cobrinha had some issues with dropping weight. I hope he managed to recover.

1:41 I believe I read that Cobrinha turned out okay and was seen to be doing well after a bowl of pasta.

1:42 [Comment From Jordan ] I can’t wait to see who matches up against Marcelo Garcia. I hope it’s Kron Gracie or even Ben Askren!

1:42 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu ] Sucks not to be able to make it to Barcelona myself but what can I do when my gf is graduating from MedSchool today. Sucks.

1:43 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu ] Yeah but it takes about 24 hours to fully recover.

1:43 [Comment From martial farts] this is some thorough live blogging, caleb! i think kohei yasumi may upset rani yahya in the first round.

1:43 I know zero about Yasumi so who knows!

1:45 Update on what’s being shown on the video feed live from Barcelona: Just generic footage of the ADCC podium background with random grappling types walking in front of the camera while euro dance music is played in the background.

1:45 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] I am worried about Murilo Santana. He might actually have what it takes to beat Marcello.

1:45 [Comment From Jordan] Did anyone else see Rani Yahya get triangled by Joel Tudor a few weeks ago!? I hope Rani has got his A-Game goin’ in to his division.

1:46 Here’s video of Joel Tudor triangling Rani a couple of weeks ago:

1:46 Brackets for today can be found here.

1:48 [Comment From Jordan] Thanks Caleb! That was fast on the brackets link.

1:50 And here is a link to the schedule for today

1:53 [Comment From Jordan] I wonder how much the controversial 50/50 guard will play out in the matches today. I’m sure it’s a big part of Ryan Hall‘s strategy.

1:55 Yeah I am sure we will be seeing a lot of the 50/50 today. I remember Ryan using it successfully in 2007. It will be interesting to see how many folks integrate it besides him this time around.

1:56 Bruce Buffer is now asking the press and media to relocate.

1:56 …and states that “the competition is about to begin. All referees please take your positions at the tables”.

1:58 Bruce Buffer states “We are live! It’s time to begin the competition!”

1:59 [Comment From David] Rafael Mendes used 50/50 to beat Cobrinha.

1:59 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] yes

2:00 Okay from here on out I’ll do my best to integrate you guys’ comments but my focus will be on the reporting of the action.

2:01 [Comment From Cuong] Following you caleb all the way from Australia! YOU ROCK

2:01 [Comment From Jordan] Finally! The moment we’ve been waiting for. Let the games begin! My fingers are crossed for BJJ in the Summer Olympics.

2:01 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Alliance is ready for 50/50. That guard is so getting passed.

2:03 Fabricio Wedum is now up Rrogent Laurent, the Catalonian

2:03 the two are standing still, Werdum in the white shirt and Llaurent in teh black.

2:03 Romulo Barral is announced to have heel hooked his opponent Roberts in no time flat

2:03 [Comment From Jordan] I agree TAJJ! I’m sure every camp has been working thoroughly at defense to the 50/50. For example:

2:04 Looks like Werdum has taken down Llaurent and has passed to side control.

2:04 Saulo Ribeiro is now up on another mat against Koji Kanechika

2:04 Werdum and Llaurent are started in the center of the mats

2:05 Werdum is setting up the pass, pressuring. Llaurent turns and just about gives up his back

2:05 Very close now to getting the mount but is now stabilized in side control…

2:05 [Comment From David] Atos is taking two golds home this year 🙂

2:05 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] One has to root for Saulo Ribeiro.

2:06 Werdum now lands the mount on Llaurent!

2:06 He’s stabliizing and Llaurent is pushing off, trying to escape but offering an arm is Werdum can capitalize…

2:07 [Comment From David] Yes Saulo!

2:07 Llaurent reverses Werdum and is now on top in Werdum’s guard.

2:07 Camera has changed to the Saulo vs Kanechika match. Kanechika is visibly larger than Saulo.

2:08 …and now we’re back to Llaurent vs Werdum. Werdum is still playing closed guard.

2:09 Saulo is down in deep half guard under Kanechika. Kanechika didn’t look to comfy there. Now he’s in Saulo’s full guard.

2:09 [Comment From Jordan] Does anyone else feel that reversals other than sweeps should be considered 2 points? Like when you escape from mount to inside guard.

2:09 Werdum has swept Llaurent and is now on top in side control again.

2:10 Werdum taps Llaurent with a kimura!

2:10 For those who don’t know, Werdum spends a lot of time in Spain.

2:10 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] No revelsals like that should not count because only other option left is to get submitted and you do not land in good position anyway.

2:10 On mat one now we have Jeff Monson versus Karol Bedorf.

2:11 [Comment From David] I think they are the same and should be counted as such.

2:11 Saulo now sweeps Kanechika and is now on top in side control.

2:11 Kanechika scrambles but Saulo maintains. He’s now on top in 1/2 guard.

2:12 I have to say that so far this video feed is impressive!

2:12 They’re broadcasting screen-in-screen now so I have two matches to watch simultaneously! (Ack!)

2:13 [Comment From dadel] yes it works good for me too

2:13 Monson and Bedorf still standing, sizing each other up.

2:13 Kanechika and Saulo are back on the feet again as well.

2:14 0-0 between Monson and Bedorf.

2:14 As the commentator reminds us, in the first 5 minutes, there are no points. In the second 5 minutes (last half of the match) points count.

2:14 Saulo is on bottom in 1/2 guard against Kanechika.

2:15 [Comment From Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu] Does Bedorf come from wrestling background?

2:15 I am not familiar with Bedorf! He appears to have some solid takedown defense so far.

2:15 [Comment From] he’s not from wrestling

2:17 Tomasz Janeszewski defeats Antoine Joaude… Saulo Ribeiro defeats Kanechika!

2:17 Ribeiro wins on points 5-2 against Kanechika.

2:17 Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is now up against Tom De Blass.

2:18 Tom Erickson is now up against Peitilainen.

2:18 Monson and Bedorf scramble off the mats, now are recentered.

2:19 Cyborg jumps into guard but De Blass resists on the first attempt. Now Cyborg has landed in half guard under De Blass.

2:20 Monson and Bedorf standing again. Not a ton going on there.

2:21 Tom Erickson is heel hooked by Pietilainen.

2:21 Looks like Cyborg is setting up some crazy inverted guard against De Blass.

2:21 Asa Fuller is now up against Mike Matell.

2:22 Cyborg now in something like x-guard under De Blass.

2:23 Jeff Monson defeats Karol Bedorf. Method not announced but must be by points.

2:23 [Comment From David] Fights going quick!

2:23 [Comment From David] Jeff Monson doesn’t have a really exciting style so this doesn’t surprise me.

2:23 On mat 1 we now have Xande Ribeiro versus Ilir Latifi.

2:23 That signals the first match of the -98.9 kg division.

2:24 Returning to Cyborg versus DeBlass, Cyborg’s still on bottom in half guard being very active…

2:24 Latifi and Xande slap hands…

2:25 Xande’s in the black shirt and Latifi is bare chested.

2:25 on Mat 2, Asa Fuller defeats Mike Matell by armbar.

2:26 Radek Turek is now up against Rafael Davies.

2:26 Xande and Latifi still standing, wrangling…

2:27 De Blass is fending off Cyborg’s incessant attacks from deep half guard well.

2:27 De Blass goes for an arm in guillotine but Cyborg escapes…

2:28 Latifi and Xande still on the feet…

2:28 Cyborg is now on top in 1/2 guard.

2:28 [Comment From cuong] go xande!!

2:29 Xande and Latifi still standing! Surprising.

2:29 Cyborg defeats De Blass. I think it was by sub but couldn’t see and it was not announced.

2:30 Anthony Perosh is now up against Marcio Cruz, aka Pe de Pano the ADCC veteran.

2:30 Xande is now holding full guard on Latifi.

2:30 [Comment From Jordan] Keep it up Caleb, excellent reporting so far!

2:30 Radek Turek defeats Rafael Davies. Not sure how.

2:30 [Comment From Guest] Are they going heaviest to lightest?

2:30 Yes they are.

2:31 Xande is now seated in front of a standing wary Latifi…

2:31 Xande gets the heel pick and the sweep for 2 points. He’s now up 2-0.

2:32 Xande and Latifi are restarted in the center.

2:32 Vinicius Magalhaes is now up against Rodrigo Henriques…

2:32 [Comment From blayne] thank you Caleb, Very much. Felipe Costa is asking me who has the updates, i sent him here, to this site!

2:32 Thanks Blayne!

2:32 [Comment From Matt strack] Watching live stream. Pretty good. Doesn’t seem like many people in attendance?

2:33 No, it looks very empty but Barcelona while it has some tough guys is not a huge space for grappling.

2:33 Pe de Pano is now holding full guard against Anthony Perosh.

2:33 [Comment From Felipe Costa] im already following, hehehe, thanks

2:34 Vinny Magalhaes defeats Rodrigo Henrique, not sure what happened.

2:34 Woops, it was announced that Magalhaes wins by leglock. Dean Lister is now up against Andreas Olson.

2:34 [Comment From BJJPAUL!] This is awesome what you’re doing!

2:35 Latifi just about takes Xande down but he is unable to tie things.

2:35 Xande hangs on and wins by points over Latifi.

2:35 [Comment From Gumby] Good morning Caleb 🙂

2:35 [Comment From Edgar] Thanks for doing this Caleb. You would have though they would have learned their lesson from the Jersey thing and just kept it in California.

2:35 Hey Gumby good morning!

2:36 Edgar it’s good to give other spots of the world the chance to host the event (even though I would prefer it to be in Cali too!)

2:36 [Comment From Matt strack] Thanks for the blog. It’s great that jiu-jitsu is getting better at real time news. We need it.

2:37 Dean Lister is now in half guard against Andreas Olson, who is on top.

2:38 Dean Lister gets the triangle tap on Andreas Olson! Very slick!

2:38 Vesa Vuoir and Glover Texeira are now standing (thanks dadel).

2:39 A much slimmer Ricco Rodriguez is now up against Tomasz Szczerek.

2:40 Pe De Pano is such a big guy! Perosh is withstanding the assault so far.

2:41 0-0 between Pe De Pano and Perosh.

2:42 Pe De Pano (Marco Cruz) defeats Anthony Perosh. The score was 3-0.

2:42 Gerardi Rinaldi is now up against Yoshiyuki Nakanishi.

2:48 Texeira wins on points over Vuori by a score of 6-0.

2:48 Andre Galvao is now up against Kassim Annan.

2:50 on mat one Andre Galvao in the black and white rashguard against Annan. Szczerek defeats Ricco Rodriguez!

2:51 Chris Weidman is now up against Daniel Tabera. Galvao is on top in half guard against Annan.

2:52 Galvao pressuring hard, crossfacing. Now he hops across and is taking Annan’s back!

2:52 [Comment From capital L] Ricco looked as good physically as I can remember in a long time. I hope, despite his loss, that he can maintain this renewed level of preparation in his career.

2:52 Galvao has both hooks in over Annan, flattening him out….

2:53 Annan is now just mounted.

2:53 Galvao gets the back again, working for the choke. Annan is fending off Galvao’s hands.

2:54 …and again Annan is mounted by Galvao. No points so far, remember.

2:54 WOW! Galvao suplexes Annan.

2:55 Annan is defending honorably but he looks outclassed.

2:55 [Comment From Bevois] Did Ricco lose on points?

2:55 I don’t recall already! 🙂 I think so though.

2:56 On mat 3 Gerardi Rinaldi wins against Nakanishi.

2:56 Tarsis Humphreys is now up against Igor Praporshchikov.

2:57 Annan still hanging in there against Galvao. They’re standing now. Galvao gets the takedown.

2:57 [Comment From stefan] Polish Submission Fighting is very good!!!

2:57 [Comment From Venom] Ricco lost on points, 4-0

2:57 [Comment From martial farts] this is very exciting caleb. hope someone has a coffee boiling for you.

2:57 me too!

2:57 Galvao is now racking up points against Annan. The 5 minute mark has passed.

2:58 To his credit Annan has tried for two heel / foot lock attempts.

2:59 Annan and Galvao standing again. Tarsis and Praporshchikov slap hands.

2:59 Anna almost gets a takedown on Galvao but Galvo works his way out.

2:59 Tarsis is seated in butterfly against a standing Praporshchikov.

2:59 [Comment From blayne] Someone take Caleb a Starbucks!

3:00 Galvao is now up 9-0 over Annan.

3:00 Galvao gets the rear naked choke deep but Annan rolls into mount. Galvao is up 11-0 now.

3:01 Tarsis trying for an armdrag against Praporshchikov but Praporshchikov defends. Galvao wins against Annan. Cheers to Annan!

3:01 Tarsis rolling around in a ball in front of a very thick, barrel chested Praporshchikov.

3:02 Chris Weidman defeats Daniel Tabera, 19-0.

3:02 Galvo vs Weidman soon. Braulio Estima versus Yuji Arai is now up.

3:03 Avellan is now up against Trond Saksenvik. Avellan is in Trond’s guard.

3:03 Tarsis is holding Praporshchikov in full guard now. Still in the 1st 5 minutes.

3:04 Avellan opens Trond’s guard.

3:04 Braulio’s long arms seem to reach across the mat to engage Arai.

3:04 Braulio trips up Arai and has landed on Arais’ back in the body triangle!

3:05 Estima sinks the choke already! One of the quickest matches so far hands down!!!

3:05 [Comment From Fernando] Good thing about webcast is.i can bring my laptop to the restroom

3:05 [Comment From Jim M] Caleb, would have been great if the 600,000 each thre in $1 (make that .10) to send you to Spain. Hopefully at least we can get you coffee

3:05 James Brasco is now up against Gunnar Nelson.

3:06 @Jim M, one of these days we’ll figure something like that out 🙂

3:06 Tarsis still underneath Praporshchikov, now in 1/2 guard.

3:07 Uh oh, Avellan is heel hooking Trond hard!

3:07 And he gets the tap!

3:07 Tarsis is going to have to get moving soon. Praporshchikov is playing solid defense.

3:08 Tom Lawlor is now up against Rafael Lovato Jr.!

3:09 Oklahoman Rafael Lovato Jr.’s roots go back to Spain for those who don’t know.

3:09 [Comment From sim] let’s go lovato!

3:09 Tarsis and Praporshchikov are now standing.

3:10 Lovato’s opponent Tom Lawlor is rocking sideburns like Lemmy from Motorhead.

3:10 Lovato’s now underneath in 1/2 guard.

3:11 [Comment From Healzyou] go lawlor!

3:11 Tarsis still has his hands full with Praporshchikov. Tarsis is in turtle guard at the moment. Praporshchikov is circling around the top. Now Tarsis rolls forward into butterfly guard.

3:11 [Comment From Jim M] ADCC and Motorhead…this must be heaven

3:12 @Jim M: astute observation!

3:12 Lovato is working the triangle / omoplata combo. Lawlor escapes and is now in full guard again.

3:13 Lovato working hard to break Lawlor’s posture.

3:13 Gunnar Nelson in the green rashguard is holding James Brasco in the full guard.

3:13 Tarsis and Praporshchikov is still 0-0!

3:14 I am sure Fabio Gurgel is not happy with how tight this match between Tarsis and Praporshchikov is!

3:15 Lovato tries to set up the triangle again but Lawlor slides out…

3:15 [Comment From Bevois] solid Russkie sambo wrasslers are no joke!

3:15 [Comment From BJJPAUL] Tarsis seems a step behind in this match.

3:16 Yes it’s still dead even between Tarsis and Praporshchikov. Tarsis is on bottom in half guard, where Praporshchikov has shown to have solid defense.

3:16 [Comment From Armbarcrashdummy] Igor is Aussie and a straight wrestler.

3:17 Lovato is close to setting up the armbar on Lawlor but Lawlor houdini’s out of another submission. The match is still in the first 5 minutes.

3:17 [Comment From dadel] Praporshchikov is a freestyle wrestler from Australia. Born in Ukraine

3:17 [Comment From capital L] Great scramble in the Lovato/Lawlor bout

3:18 Lovato changes tactics and is now cranking a heel hook. This sets up the sweep and he’s now on top in 1/2 guard.

3:18 He’s now up 4-0 over Lawlor.

3:18 Gunnar Nelson and James Brasco are still in action as well.

3:19 [Comment From Jim M] In your own words…It’s the Abu Dhabis! Anything can happen

3:19 Lovato wins by points over Lawlor, 4-0.

3:19 Big Bruno Bastos is now up against Jorge Santiago on mat 1.

3:20 [Comment From Rick] Ricco lost already?

3:20 uh oh, time may be up between Tarsis and Praporshchikov.

3:20 Yes Ricco is out.

3:21 [Comment From Bevois] Gunnar has the entire isle of Iceland on its collective feet!

3:21 [Comment From sim] tom lawlor isn’t bad

3:21 On mat 3 the referee’s decision at the end of regulation is that Tarsis Humphreys is the winner. He must be spent after that match!

3:22 Referee Andre Correa raises Tarsis’ hand, who now needs to rest up!

3:22 Marcelo Garcia is now up against Rodney Ellis!

3:22 Marcelo Garcie has the entire isle of Alliance on its collective feet!

3:23 Bruno Bastos is on bottom against Jorge Santiago (American Top Team) in 1/2 guard.

3:23 [Comment From Jim M] I guess I should stand up then!

3:23 [Comment From cheap_as_chimps] whats happening with gunnar?

3:23 Gunnar is on top over his opponent’s turtle guard.

3:23 Sorry he was just defending the takedown.

3:24 Marcelo is in Ellis’ open guard.

3:24 Marcelo speedily transitions to half guard on top.

3:25 Very slick pass from Marcelo who now taps Ellis!

3:25 Bastos continues underneath Santiago. Kron Gracie is now up against Enrico Cocco.

3:25 [Comment From BJJPAUL] Did you catch the submission. The camera seemed to move off his mat!

3:26 I’m guessing it was a sort of choke.

3:26 [Comment From dadel] looked like a gulliotine from top. but bad timing by the camera man

3:27 Nelson and Brasco still going at it. Kron comes out in the full lenght white rash guard against Cocco.

3:27 [Comment From BJJPAUL] Kron looks lean.

3:27 Bastos is now in deep half guard against Santiago.

3:28 I have to say the matches are flying by! On mat 2, the winner is James Brasco!

3:28 Kron is on top in 1/2 guard, attempting the pass.

3:28 Gunnar Nelson lost by ref’s decision to Brasco by the way.

3:29 Now Mike Fowler is up against Marcelo Azevedo. Fowler surprised many in 2007 with wins over Saulo Ribeiro and Renzo Gracie.

3:29 Cocco is hunting for Kron’s foot.

3:30 Now we see the 50/50 guard employed for the 1st time so far that I know of in ADCC this year as Cocco is setting up Kron with it.

3:30 [Comment From dadel] so Fowler got a last minute invite?

3:30 Yes, just like last time a very last minute invite.

3:31 Jorge Santiago is looking for the short armbar against Bruno Bastos from top in half guard.

3:31 Bruno Bastos wins against Jorge Santiago by referee’s decision according to the announcer.

3:31 [Comment From Andy] Yes, Fowler is in for Bill Cooper

3:31 Milton Vieira is up against K-taro Nakamura.

3:32 Kron is on top trying to pass Enrico Cocco’s wily guard. They roll and Kron is on Cocco’s back.

3:33 Azevedo taps Fowler early by leglock! Not Fowler’s year this time around.

3:33 Pablo Popovitch is now up against Don Ortega.

3:33 Kron capitalizes and taps Cocco by rear naked choke.

3:33 [Comment From Bevois] Lovato-Bastos is gonna be a war

3:33 Ben Askren is now up against Tony Linden according to announcer Bruce Buffer.

3:34 Heavily muscled Pablo Popovitch is on top in half guard with Don Ortega.

3:34 [Comment From BJJPAUL] Caleb how do you think Kron will do against Marcelo?

3:35 I would have to say Marcelo’s experience will be tough for Kron. But you never know.

3:35 [Comment From Andy] I say Marcelo by RNC

3:35 [Comment From Stock] I think Kron will get smashed

3:36 George St. Pierre is now up!

3:36 Just kidding, GSP is not here.

3:36 [Comment From BJJPAUL] Oh you got me!!!!!

3:36 [Comment From Andy] lol, good one

3:37 Popovitch has the rear naked choke against Don Ortega and secures the tap.

3:37 [Comment From Jim M] Funny! Make sure we are awake!

3:37 [Comment From shaq] damn!! got me

3:37 Sorry I couldn’t resist. Hopefully the early time here won’t make me slaphappy. Yoshiyuki Yoshida is now up against Leo Santos.

3:39 [Comment From Andy] thx Caleb for the pbp!

3:40 [Comment From BJJPAUL] I’m looking to see how Gregor is going to look.

3:40 [Comment From Thorkhammer] Are you in Barcelona Caleb? Or watching the stream?

3:40 I am in San Diego watching the online broadcast.

3:41 [Comment From lee] how do you get the stream

3:41 The stream is available at

3:42 Ben Askren is no top in full mount.

3:42 ….over Linden.

3:42 Askren is attempting the head arm triangle…

3:43 and gets it! He eliminates Toni Linden.

3:43 Now on mat 3, Murilo Santana versus Gregor Gracie.

3:43 [Comment From Bdon] I am watching the stream too. They have really cheesy scene transitions. I can’t complain though, it’s Abu Dhabi!

3:44 Yes I can’t complain! I’m not there so catching this live online is awesome. Now on mat 1, Rani Yahya vs Kouheu Yasumi.

3:44 This is the first match of the -65.9kg division.

3:45 Leo Santos is up 5-0 over Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

3:45 [Comment From martial farts] yasumi kouhei won the adcc asia trials.

3:47 Rani Yahya gets the firemans carry takedown over Yasumi.

3:47 [Comment From Gumby] Speaking as they guy who did the 2007 broadcast and had to pick which matches to broadcast, it’s pretty overwhelming to try to bring every match that is going on. Plus I was doing running commentary and had to pass notes to the ProElite crew which kept trying to get me to plug their crappy website, lol

3:47 Rani Yahya gets the rear naked choke over Yasumi! That was fast.

3:48 Next up: Jeff Glover versus Timo-Juhani Hirvikanga.

3:49 Leo Santos defeats Yoshida by a score of 8-0.

3:49 [Comment From martial farts] BALLS! stupid Japanese fighters never living up to their potential!!

3:49 Cobrinha now is up against Nakamura.

3:49 Glover’s taken his opponent’s back with one hook in.

3:50 Now a bleach blonde Jeff Glover’s got the body triangle, and sinks the rear naked choke, probably in the first minute.

3:50 Joel Tudor from San Diego is now up against Nicolas Ranier.

3:51 [Comment From B-Rios] glover x yahya -the rematch

3:51 Cobrinha is on his butt in open butterfly against a standing Nakamura.

3:52 Nakamura goes for a foot lock but Cobrinha takes the opportunity to take Nakamura’s back…!

3:52 Cobrinha gets the body triangle… uh oh!

3:53 Cobrinha has transitioned to an armbar attempt…

3:53 It’s deep but trickier in no-gi to pull off… !

3:54 but Cobrinha pulls it off! Armbar win by Cobrinha over Nakamura.

3:54 [Comment From Eric Bickel] wonder why Cobrinha come in as a big underdog to start off with

3:54 Leo Vieira is now up against David Marinakis.

3:55 Joel Tudor is fighting Nicolas Ranier using his closed guard.

3:55 [Comment From Jim M] Stacked division, but my money is on Cobrinha

3:55 Tudor is setting up the triangle on Ranier.

3:55 [Comment From Bobaj] Can speak from experience (he beat me in the trials) Igor Prap is an awesome wrestler and athlete. From the sounds of it he gave tarsis all he could handle, looking forward to seeing the match eventually, from the commentary it sounded like one very close to call

3:56 Tudor’s sinking the triangle!

3:56 …and gets it!

3:56 Joel Tudor eliminates Nicolas Ranier. Now we have Jeff Curran versus Ryan Hall!

3:57 Gregor Gracie’s on top in side control in a scoreless match over Santana.

3:57 Leo Vieira gets the takedown and is now going for the brabo.

3:58 He abandons the brabo.

3:58 Ryan Hall is on his butt in front of Jeff Curran.

3:58 [Comment From skwirrl] has faber already done his thing or been eliminated?

3:58 Faber’s not fighting to my knowledge.

3:59 Curran is being very careful, circling Ryan Hall.

3:59 [Comment From Bevois] Faber is in Vegas….I saw him earlier tonight

4:00 Curran is now in Hall’s closed guard. Gregor Gracie defeats Santana 3-0.

4:01 Next up: Rafael Mendes versus Jayson Patino.

4:01 Leo Vieira’s got the single let takedown working.

4:02 Curran is staying low and tight in Hall’s closed guard, knowing it’s risky to give Hall too much to work with.

4:03 Leo Vieira gets a guillotine over David Marinakis.

4:04 Ryan Hall and Jeff Curran are now tangling legs. Baret Yoshida and Justin Rader now take the mats.

4:04 Wow Rafael Mendes and Jasyon Patino are very very close to a sub and off the mats! The ref is letting them go. It began as an armbar but Mendes gets the triangle.

4:05 [Comment From Healzyou] uh oh…watch out for the 50/50 jeff

4:05 Ryan Hall now has Curran’s back, and is working the rear naked choke.

4:05 Hall has body triangled Curran.

4:05 Baret Yoshida is attacking Justin Rader’s right foot.

4:06 Ryan Hall is now up 3-0 over Jeff Curran. The women’s matches are beginning now too. Penny Thomas is now facing Shanti Abelha.

4:06 Hall and Curran are now standing facing each other.

4:07 Baret Yoshida continues going for Rader’s feet but so far Rader is safe.

4:07 Match is over between Hall and Curran: Ryan Hall wins by a score of 5-2!

4:08 So next up is Leo Vieira versus Ryan Hall! wow!

4:09 Cristian Cyborg now faces Ida Hansson. Penny is in Abelha’s full guard and now fending off the triangle!

4:09 Abelha has the triangle tight, but Penny appears very stubborn!

4:09 And Penny escapes!

4:10 [Comment From Jim M] Come on Penny!

4:10 Cristiane Cyborg is now in Hansson’s full guard.

4:11 Penny is now on top in half guard over Abelha.

4:11 Cristiane Cyborg and Hansson are both working mutual footlocks…

4:12 [Comment From Bdon] Any idea what happened to Kyra Gracie? I don’t see her on the bracket.

4:12 Kyra Gracie hurt her lower back and is not participating this time.

4:12 [Comment From Chapman] What was the result of the Baret yoshida match?

4:12 Not sure! Dying to know myself!

4:13 Justin Rader is now up 2-0 over Yoshida.

4:13 Penny has passed Abelha’s guard and is clamping down to land side control.

4:13 Cristiane Cyborg has double underhooks and gets the pass over Hansson.

4:14 Rader is on top in half guard over Yoshida now, winning by 5-0.

4:15 7-0 Justin Rader over Baret Yoshida. This would be a big win for Rader.

4:15 Tulsa’s Justin Rader wins 7-0 over San Diego’s Baret Yoshida!

4:16 [Comment From Bevois] Rader-Mendes will be good

4:17 Hanette Staack vs Hitomi Hiraiwa is now beginning.

4:17 Sorry Rader is from Oklahoma City (thanks Gumby)

4:18 On Mat 3 Penny Thomas wins 3-0 over Shanti Abelha, escaping a seemingly locked triangle early.

4:18 [Comment From Robson] Did Fabricio Werdum win?

4:18 Yes Werdum won. Lana Stefanac is now up against Rosangela Conceicao.

4:20 Hanette Staack has an armbar underway against Hitomi Hiraiwa.

4:21 Lana Stefanac and Rosangela Conceicao are locked up, standing working for the takedown.

4:22 [Comment From Jay] What happened w/ ryan hall?

4:22 Ryan defeated Jeff Curran 5-2 I believe. Hanette Staack now defeats Hitomi Hiraiwa by armbar.

4:22 [Comment From JS] Can you tell if the place has a full crowd?\

4:22 Like most ADCCs the venue is pretty empty.

4:23 Japan’s Megumi Fuji is now up against the USA’s Hillary Williams.

4:23 [Comment From Mr. Lover Lover] Is the Jacare/Drysdale superfight today?

4:23 That match is indeed scheduled for today. Here’s the official schedule:

4:24 Hillary Williams versus Megumi Fuji should be interesting. Hillary has been working hard and has travelled to Brazil recently. She is a student working towards a career in medicine.

4:24 Cristiane Cyborg is up 10-0 over Ida Hansson.

4:24 [Comment From Andy] Can you see the actual scores?

4:25 Rarely, not really.

4:25 Wow Fuji had an acrobatic armbar attempt on Hillary but Hillary escapes. Keep an eye out for that in the replay later today after this is over.

4:26 Cristiane Cyborg defeats Ida Hansson. Sayaka Shioda is now up against Bianca Andrade.

4:26 Hillary Williams has double underhooks in front of Megumi Fuji, trying to pass.

4:27 Rosangela Conceicao versus Lana Stefanac has been 100% spent on the feet so far. Not very exciting.

4:27 Hillary Williams is now in Megumi Fuji’s closed guard.

4:27 [Comment From KB] can we see your PbyP later today? Or only live

4:28 @KB: I will leave up a copy of today’s play by play.

4:29 Bianca Andrade continues in action against Sayaka Shioda. I believe these two have faced each other in the gi in the IBJJF Mundials before.

4:29 Hillary Williams is now in side control over Megumi Fuji. Techno dance music continues in the background.

4:30 Hillary gets the RNC over Megumi Fuji! The biggest win of her career for sure!

4:30 Hillary does a little dance of joy on her way off the mats.

4:31 Luanna Alzuguir (Alliance) is now up against Ina Steffenson.

4:31 [Comment From DB] any idea what happened to Milton Vieira?

4:31 No, I’m sorry I don’t know what happened there.

4:31 Rosangela versus Lana remain… standing…

4:32 Coffee time.

4:32 [Comment From Andy] Surely they will be exhausted when they get to grapling

4:32 [Comment From Jim M] I think Bianca Andrade and Sayaka Shioda faced each other at ADCC 2007

4:32 [Comment From smitty] wow huge shocker for Hillary!

4:33 A scramble between Rosangela and Lana happens and it might give Rosangela the edge in the judges’ eyes.

4:33 [Comment From georgette] I wouldn’t want to go to the mat with Lana either.

4:34 Luanna Alzuguir playing inverted guard against Ina Steffenson. Looks a lot like her Alliance teammate Tarsis did earlier in his match.

4:34 [Comment From Ferdinando] Milton Vieira lost to Nakamura

4:35 Andrade is staying close to Shioda in Shioda’s closed guard. Shioda’s guard is broken and Andrade trying to set up hooks for the pass.

4:35 Luanna Alzuguir is in solid side control over Ina Steffenson. Things are still scoreless between Rosangela and Lana.

4:36 Alzuguir jumps into a guillotine and lands it, eliminating Ina Steffenson!

4:36 [Comment From bruce] what happened to laurence cousin ?

4:37 Laurence is now taking the mat now against Ana Michelle Dantas.

4:37 [Comment From buffaloblue] Man, the pace of this thing beats 2007 adcc

4:38 Bianca Andrade goes for the takedown and brings down Sayaka Shioda near the mat’s edge.

4:39 Ana Michelle Dantas is the only female grappler I’ve seen today wearing shoes on the mat. Laurence Cousin has almost taken her back.

4:40 Very tough match between Shioda and Gracie Barra’s Bianca Andrade. Great women’s grappling.

4:40 Sayaka Shioda defeats Bianca Andrade on mat 1.

4:40 [Comment From Scott] Did Romulo Barral fight yet? Outcome? (not sure if this question went through already…)

4:40 Yes, Romulo won his match very quickly.

4:42 France’s Laurence Cousin is playing guard against Ana Michelle Dantas. French fans are cheering for Cousin.

4:42 Rosangela Conceicao defeats Lana Stefanac by referee’s decision. Stefanac was the winner of both the black / brown belt heavyweight and absolute divisions at the 2009 BJJ World Championships.

4:44 [Comment From georgette] ok thanks

4:45 Heel hook victory in a Spanish superfight. Sorry, don’t know the competitors.

4:46 [Comment From Andrea] Do you know how Mike Martelle did against Asa Fuller?

4:46 @Andrea: Asa Fuller defeated Mike Matell by armbar.

4:46 Laurence Cousin continues fighting from the guard against Ana Michelle Dantas.

4:47 [Comment From Ferdinando] Ezekiel Zayas from ASES BJJ in Valencia, former Felipe Costa Student won his superfight

4:49 Laurence Cousin defeats Ana Michelle Dantas. Sorry I didn’t see how it happened.

4:49 [Comment From martial farts] the matches seem to be flying by, more than previous ADCCs. At this rate it will be all over soon!

4:49 @martial farts: Agreed, this seems to be going very quickly!

4:49 [Comment From Jason] Great stuff Caleb! I’ll be watching the stream with friends tomorrow. Kinda bumed that I am going to miss the Kron vs Marcelo match today! Thanks!!!

4:50 @Jason: bummer! But remember that they said they are going to replay the recording of this webstream immediately after today’s action, so maybe you could catch it then.

4:50 [Comment From B-Rios] i dont understand urijah faber’s name on the ADCC flyer?

4:51 Faber was supposed to attend but I understand he was hurt and could not participate.

4:51 [Comment From Ferdinando] about 50 matches in less than 3 hours so far… indeed very fast

4:51 [Comment From Bevois] Faber’s hand is still injured from his last fight against Brown

4:54 [Comment From Jason] True. I’m sure I will see it at some point. Thanks for getting the info out to folks like me who are stuck at work.

4:54 [Comment From georgette] Who is in this fight– red rashie/black sprawl and black shorts no shirt?

4:55 This is one of the Spanish superfights – local guys in the spotlight.

4:56 Fabricio Werdum versus Tomasz Janiszewski now up again.

4:56 The big guys are back at it.

4:57 Werdum and Janiszewski trying to decide how best to engage.

4:58 Romulo Barral now faces Saulo Ribeiro!

4:58 Saulo is pacing along the edge of the mat, Romulo comes in with no shirt.

4:59 Saulo pulls guard and is now on bottom in 1/2 guard.

4:59 [Comment From Ed Kennedy] Has Cobrinha fought yet?

4:59 @Ed: Yes he won his first match.

4:59 Saulo working low and tight in half guard against Romulo.

5:00 Saulo is turtled and rolls through, now on bottom in half guard still against Romulo.

5:01 Romulo and Saulo now standing again.

5:01 Werdum is now seated and Janiszewski is circling, on his feet.

5:02 Now Romulo has pulled butterfly, and Saulo winds up on top in 1/2 guard.

5:03 Romulo pulls guard and is now butt scooting toward Saulo.

5:04 Werdum is choking Janiszewski from the back, who defends!

5:04 Saulo remains in Barral’s butterfly guard. Now Saulo makes it to half guard on top.

5:05 Janiszewski still defending the choke by Werdum.

5:06 Janiszewski has escaped Werdum’s back control and is now on his feet in front of Werdum.

5:06 Romulo has double underhooks and butterfly guard going but Saulo is resisting losing his balance.

5:07 Werdum advances to the quarterfinals by beating Janiszewski 3-0.

5:07 Saulo nearly passes Romulo’s guard but Romulo squirms away.

5:07 Asa Fuller now faces Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu.

5:08 Saulo almost sits into a straight footlock, then almost lands side control but Romulo squirms away again!

5:09 [Comment From Bevois] this is the quarter-finals, Werdum advanced to the semis

5:10 Saulo and Romulo have picked up the pace in the last moments… Saulo wins 3-0!

5:10 [Comment From dadel] j-p pietiläinen playing guard against monson

5:10 Xande Ribeiro now faces Radek Turek.

5:12 Turek pulls guard against Xande.

5:12 Jeff Monson defeats Pietiläinen.

5:13 [Comment From Bevois] Saulo advances to the Final Four in the over category, thats awesome!

5:13 [Comment From Gerry] This is just great! Working nights so not able to get the stream but this is just as good.

5:13 Pe de Pano now faces Vinicius Magalhaes.

5:13 Cyborg Abreu is mounted over Asa Fuller.

5:13 Xande RIbeiro on top in half guard with Radek Turek.

5:14 Turek goes for a heel hook but Xande escapes rather easily.

5:14 Vinny Magalhaes lands a flying armbar against Pe de Pano! Wish there was instant replay for that!

5:14 [Comment From Bevois] Did Monson win on points?

5:15 @Bevois: guess.

5:15 Xande continues on top in half guard. Dean Lister now faces Glover Texeira.

5:15 [Comment From Bevois] either points or north-south, 2 guesses. lol

5:17 On the mats, amazingly good grappling. In the arena, painfully repetitive techno music. I may tap!

5:18 Dean Lister looks really good against Glover Texeira, at the moment on Texeira’s back but Texeira slides Dean off him.

5:19 Turek is very close to having Xande get both hooks in.

5:19 [Comment From capital L] I’m not hearing any music on my stream (thankfully), just commentary.

5:19 [Comment From shane okc] music in background is terrible

5:19 Xande is going for the choke despite only having one hook in…

5:20 Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeats Asa Fuller.

5:20 Tomasz SZczerek now faces Gerardi Rinaldi.

5:20 [Comment From Bevois] how did Asa lose?

5:20 @Bevois: not sure, but he was down on points.

5:21 Glover Texeira briefly had Lister’s back but Dean escaped.

5:22 Texeira went from Lister’s back to an armbar very quickly but Lister slid out! It was click!

5:22 Now Xande Ribeiro has armbarred Radek Turek! This means Vinny Magalhaes will face Xande.

5:23 Andre Galvao will face Chris Weidman.

5:24 [Comment From capital L] Ohhhh, when I cranked up my volume, then I could hear the music. Turning it back down for sure.

5:24 Andre Galvao pulls guard against Chris Weidman, the wrestler.

5:25 Galvao’s got an omoplata working already, turns it into the mount, now armbar…

5:25 but Weidman escapes!

5:25 That sequence was one for the highlight reel!

5:26 Dean Lister loses to Glover Texeira! Very nice match!

5:27 Galvao’s looking very tricky against Weidman, whose defensive savvy is impressive so far…

5:27 [Comment From Bevois] Dean lost on points?

5:27 @Bevois: yes he did.

5:29 David Avellan is up now on the mat against Tarsis Humphries on mat 2.

5:30 Avellan making life hard for Tarsis.

5:30 [Comment From Luk] Tomek Szczerek vs Gerardi Rinaldi still?

5:30 Sorry I don’t know what’s happening or happened in that match.

5:31 David Avellan rear naked chokes Tarsis Humphries!

5:31 Rinaldi defeats SZCZerek!

5:32 Weidman is applying a darce choke to Andre Galvao, who escapes.

5:32 [Comment From JS] how many matches are gong on at the same time?

5:32 three are happening at the same time.

5:32 Bruno Bastos now faces Rafael Lovato Jr. Braulio Estima will take on James Brasco.

5:33 [Comment From KG] Weidman is one of the top new guys in this tourny IMO

5:33 Weidman is indeed giving Galvao a hard time!

5:34 Braulio Estima is setting up a quick submission against James Brasco, now in omoplata position!

5:35 Braulio’s attacks are incessant. Now setting up a gogoplata attempt.

5:36 Weidman and Galvao are standing but now Galvao goes back to the ground, playing smart as it’s 0-0 in the second half of his match.

5:36 Lovato is holding full guard against a standing Bastos.

5:37 Weidman went for a kneebar against Andre but Andre escapes. Now Weidman almost gets Andre’s back…

5:37 [Comment From KG] is it looking like Weidman has a legit chance here?

5:38 @KG: way closer than folks probably expected but Galvao is up 4-0.

5:38 Lovato is butt scooting towards a standing Bastos.

5:38 Braulio Estima is still playing guard against James Brasco.

5:39 Andre Galvao is now on Weidman’s back!

5:40 Weidman wants Galvao to slide off the top of his back over Weiman’s back… He succeeds in peeling Andre off his back and now they’re restarted in the center.

5:40 Braulio is still attacking from the guard but Brasco is successfully defending.

5:42 Andre Galvao wins against Chris Weidman, and now will face Avellan.

5:42 On Mat 2, Marcelo Garcia now faces Kron Gracie! The crowd applauses louder than they have all day!

5:43 By most people’s account, Kron is the underdog here. Marcelo sits and now Kron is standing in front.

5:43 [Comment From Gerry] This is going to be great.

5:44 On Mat 3, Braulio Estima defeats James Brasco by referee decision.

5:45 Kron is getting spoken to by the ref, who asks him to be careful not to strike Marcelo in the forehead as he is warding Marcelo off.

5:45 Marcelo continues on his butt in front of Kron.

5:46 Marcelo Azevedo faces Nakamura.

5:46 [Comment From shaq] is rickson in kron’s corner?

5:46 @shaw: It is difficult to see that, sorry.

5:46 Looks like Marcelo is heading toward x-guard on Kron. Kron is trying to pop over and pass.

5:46 Lovato is on top over Bastos, just got the takedown.

5:47 Marcelo and Kron continue in the same position in the center of the mats after heading outside the edge.

5:48 Azevedo is going for the darce over Nakamura.

5:48 [Comment From Jadon] Thanks for doing this dude! you should go for live audio one day.

5:48 @Jadon: One day that would be great!

5:48 Marcelo Garcia has now swept Kron but Kron fights back and returns to being on top!

5:49 Kron hangs on to a guillotine but Marcelo passes. Then Kron gets out quickly. Now Marcelo is working a guillotine but more for control than a pass.

5:49 Lovato beats Bastos.

5:50 Now Marcelo is in Kron’s closed guard, standing.

5:50 Popovitch now faces wrestler Ben Askren.

5:50 Marcelo is standing and Kron is holding full guard.

5:51 Kron’s holding up very well so far against Marcelo Garcia, considered by many to be perhaps the best pound for pound grappler out there.

5:51 Pablo Popovitch defeats Ben Askren very quickly by submission! Not sure how he got him.

5:52 Marcelo and Kron standing forehead to forehead.

5:52 Leo Santos now takes on Gregor Gracie.

5:52 [Comment From Bevois] Galvao vs. Avellan and Estima vs. Lovato Jr. is an awesome Final Four

5:52 Kron is holding on to a guillotine while Marcelo is passing the half guard.

5:53 Marcelo went for the pass but Kron scrambles away! Now Kron is almost on Marcelo’s back! They’re both standing…

5:53 [Comment From timbo] whole tourmanent is awesome 😀

5:54 Kron and Marcelo are now in overtime according to the commentators.

5:54 Marcelo gets a slick takedown and now…

5:54 they are restarted in the center with Marcelo in Kron’s closed guard.

5:55 Kron unlocked guard and went for a quick sweep, they latch back together in the same position. Now Marcelo is passing Kron’s half guard.

5:56 K-Taro Nakamura defeats Azevedo and heads to the semifinals.

5:56 [Comment From sean] I’m getting tense just from reading the matches. I hope Marcelo wins!

5:57 Kron continues on the bottom against Marcelo in 1/2 guard. Now Rani Yahya is up against Jeff Glover! ANd now MARCELO GARCIA SUBMITS KRON GRACIE FROM THE MOUNT!!!!!

5:57 [Comment From alex] NO WAY ! marcelo shouldnt win! kron ftw 🙂

5:57 [Comment From Jim M] marcelo and Kron was awesome!

5:57 Leo Santos now takes on Gregor Gracie.

5:58 Cobrinha versus Joel Tudor as well! This is why ADCC is so great!

5:58 [Comment From fpassere] very nice match.. thanks for the details

5:58 [Comment From andre] what did garcia catch kron with?

5:58 @Andre: Looked like a mounted guillotine, I’d have to say.

5:59 Glover is in Yahya’s guard. THis is going to be impossible! All the small fast guys are on the mats at the same time!

5:59 Tudor is standing over a seated Cobrinha.

6:00 Cobrinha knows to take Joel seriously after Joel’s recent wins. Looks like that action was stopped momentarily to attend to maybe a bloody nose for Cobrinha.

6:00 Glover is on top in half guard against Yahya, now Glover stands.

6:00 [Comment From Joe Garcia] Gregor gracie looks in trouble

6:01 Yahya is underneath Jeff Glover in half guard.

6:02 Cobrinha working to pass Tudor’s guard. Tudor as predicted goes for Cobrinha’s foot. Watch out, Tudor got Megaton that way recently!

6:02 [Comment From Bevois] Go G-Lover!

6:03 Glover gives up on a foot attack and returns to being on top in 1/2 guard.

6:04 Cobrinha appears to have hooks in on Joel Tudor…

6:05 Cobrinha defeats Tudor! I can’t say that he sunk the choke but I believe that’s what happened. Gregor Gracie defeats Leo Santos if I’m not mistaken. Now…

6:05 we have Leo Vieira against Ryan Hall!

6:05 [Comment From cheap_as_chimps] caleb, how do you manage to stay here the who time? do you have some sort of catheter set up or something???

6:06 @cheap_as_chimps: a highly trained live blogging bladder.

6:06 Justin Rader now will take on Rafael Mendes of Atos Jiu-Jitsu!

6:06 [Comment From Bradey] Great Match Leo vs Hall

6:06 Ryan Hall is playing inverted guard against Leo Vieira.

6:07 Yahya is very tight against Glover on the side and back, but can’t get any hooks in.

6:07 Mendes is going hard for a Brabo against Rader and gets it!

6:08 Rader is out in under a minute into his match against Mendes.

6:08 now on Mat it’s 7-0 Rani Yahya over Jeff Glover!

6:09 Leo Vieira and Ryan Hall work their way out bounds and are restarted in the center.

6:09 [Comment From Alaina] I now wish I’d sold a kidney to pay for a flight to Barcelona. This is an awesome second option, Caleb. Thanks for doing it!

6:10 Hall is playing from his butt in front of Vieira, who is standing over him.

6:11 Ryan’s inverted in front of Vieira again…

6:11 Many thanks to the Sheik for putting this on. This is awesome.

6:12 Robert Drysdale versus Jacare is up shortly in the superfight!

6:12 The only match underway right now is Ryan Hall versus Leo Vieira, who can’t seem to get around Ryan’s legs.

6:13 Leo has double underhooks on Ryan…

6:14 Wow Leo almost passed Ryan’s guard but now they’re back at square one.

6:16 Lots of folks are flexible but not like Ryan Hall. The two are now pushing the pace…

6:16 [Comment From cheap_as_chimps] I’m watching the live feed as well as reading this, I think they should have done 2 fights at a time and not rushed it so much.

6:16 [Comment From sean his guard is so hard to pass, but if leo does it I think ryan has nothing else to offer.

6:17 Leo now passed! Ryan is trying to roll to shi side…

6:18 Now Ryan’s in turtle guard, defending having his back taken, and rolls out.

6:18 [Comment From Michael, USA War Lovato Jr! Much thanks for the Updates!!!

6:20 Leo’s looking better at this point. Leo is behaving as if he’s up on points. It’s tough to know as we can’t see the scoreboard.

6:21 uh oh, Leo gets the guillotine on Ryan Hall from full guard!

6:21 Leo gets up, does a flip or two and an exhausted Ryan Hall walks away.

6:22 It’s now time for Drysdale to face Jacare!

6:23 According to the poll on, 63% of respondents expect Jacare to win this superfight.

6:23 [Comment From shane okc this should be a good superfight

6:23 [Comment From Alessio from Italy Thanks Caleb! GO JACARE!!!!

6:23 [Comment From Bevois did Leo finish the Guillotine?

6:23 @Bevois: yep, Ryan tapped.

6:24 Jacare and Drysdale slap hands and Jacare comes at Drysdale fast. Drysdale is fighting from his back in half guard.

6:24 [Comment From goatfury] Caleb, thanks for the pbp! We’re listening.

6:24 [Comment From Dustin W.] Caleb, whos your pick? I am thinging Jacare

6:24 @Dustin: so tough to say…

6:25 If I had a gun to my head I’d have to say Jacare.

6:25 The two are now standing, Jacare is testing reaping Drysdale’s foot…

6:26 they’re forehead to forehead…

6:26 Jacare gets the inside trip and takes Drysdale down.

6:27 Drysdale is now in full butterfly guad, Jacare vigorously trying to pass.

6:28 I don’t think most people know how dense Jacare is until you’ve been in front of him. Plus his gas tank is deep, as the commentators have mentioned.

6:28 [Comment From Cinoslaq] If Jacare and Galvao wins then it’s very possible that I will have a ADCC t-shirt … 🙂

6:29 they’re both standing in the center again, Jacare for a moment almost went to deep on a shot but he got out. Now he’s picked Drysdale’s foot again and Drysdale is on his back.

6:29 the crowd liked that one!

6:29 [Comment From Bevois] I give the edge to Drysdale since he’s been preparing for Roger all summer and Jacare has been more concerned with MMA and the injury he had to heal after fighting Mayhem at the end of May

6:30 Drysdale now has Jacare in full butterfly.

6:30 the two make their way out of bounds and now they’re in the center standing again.

6:31 They are grip fighting right now…

6:32 Jacare is setting up the rhythm for another inside trip.

6:32 Jacare went in for another single leg, but he’s fended off by Drysdale’s guillotine threat.

6:34 They continue on their feet, circling and intermittently locking up.

6:35 Drysdale shoots, Jacare defends and now they’re both on their feet again.

6:36 Jacare gets that rhythm going again, and sets up the inside trip, driving Drysdale to the ground again.

6:36 They made their way out of bounds and now they’re standing in the center again.

6:38 Drysdale is driven out of bounds again by Jacare during a takedown.

6:38 [Comment From goatfury] Any points yet?

6:39 I’m not sure there’s been any points yet. For a moment Drydale had Jacare’s back! But he slid right off, and almost wound up in Jacare’s side control. But the two are now standing again.

6:39 [Comment From John] Sounds like Jacare’s taken him down 3 times. Unsure of the times and whether they got scored though.

6:41 A group of fans are chanting and playing what sound like drums in the background as the two combatants try to make a definitive move against the other.

6:42 Drysdale shoots but is pretty far out. Jacare defends.

6:43 Drysdale shoots again, can’t land it and finds himself holding Jacare in butterfly guard.

6:44 Here coes Jacare, with the shucking and jiving, which usually is a sign a takedown is on the way.

6:45 Looks like time is up! Jacare is behaving as if he has won.

6:45 Jacare does his famous alligator crawl across the mat. He wins 2-0!

6:46 Jacare is the superfight winner of the 2009 ADCC, taking home $25,000 and Drysdale earns $10,000 for his efforts if I’m not mistaken.

6:46 [Comment From Aaron] Cool. Thanks for the live blog Caleb!

6:47 [Comment From Andy] Jacare! The poll doesnt lie

6:47 [Comment From Jim M] THANKS CALEB!!!!

6:47 [Comment From Graeme] Many Thanks

6:47 Okay family, we’re done for today. The action tomorrow begins at 12 PM in Barcelona and 3 AM here on the west coast of the USA. See you then!

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