5 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Why Did You Leave Your Former BJJ School?”

  1. I left my old school 7 years ago after training there for three years. After my instructor recieved his brown belt, he stopped training and more importantly stopped teaching most of the classes. Instead, he would leave a new blue belt to teach most of the classes. People then left to train elsewhere and so I found a school with a better BJJ instructor and more training partners and have been there for 7 years. On a side note, I really enjoy listening to the podcast. Keep up the good work!

  2. i would like to leave the school i am currently at, but i cant. my new work schedule completely blocks out all the times where i train now.

    but my kid trains there, i have competed for them and so on and so on. all the emmotional stuff that goes with having trained at one place for years.

    it would be like getting a divorce. i would rather train twice a month that suffer through switching schools.

  3. Hello Caleb,
    Love the show but I have one concern, what happened to the black belt corner? I loved that segment of the show, I was always looking forward to hearing about black belts journey through the ranks. It was always very motivational for me and whenever I felt like or feel like quitting the sport these little reminders keep me going. I e-mailed you once last year about getting together a compilation episode with all the black belt corners. I think people would really enjoy that, I know I would.
    Anyway, great show, thanks.

  4. I left my old school because they were too expensive for me to only be able to attend a few times a week. I found some great guys closer to home and at a better price so it all worked out. One thing I wish schools would do is watch the white belts closer as that is where I see the bad accidents happening. Just my 2cents. Hello to the BJJ players aka addicts.

  5. My family and I ,along with many others left our old school,a big one in Huntington Beach. The owner taught basic closed guard old school jiu jitsu. No details at all.He was also a show boat perv. Very annoying.The place had lots of students but the only ones that learned anything worth talking about were the students that understood portuguese. The main instructor (not the owner) that left the school is the one that a a bunch of us followed. There were tons of rumors that blamed him for stealing students which is NOT true. He didn’t ask one person to come train at his new school, in Westminster. We all left because he IS the sickest BJJ insrtuctor ,very passionate about teaching with tons of detail. We would have to take privates from him just to learn anything while at the old school. So…. just because you might be a BJJ champion, doesn’t mean you know how to teach. I feel sorry for the star struck people that stay at a place you don’t learn at.

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