Dinner with the Family – September 7

Is there ever a bad time to talk about Brazilian jiu-jitsu? I suppose it’s not good to bring it up during most people’s funeral services, in a business meeting, or in that argument with your significant other where they are complaining that you spend too much time doing jiu-jitsu.

The rest of the time, it is all we want to talk about. And although at this very moment I am away on my honeymoon with my lovely new bride, you can bet I am thinking about BJJ when she leaves the room. So why not have another one of our FightWorks Podcast Dinners with the Family when I return? That way we can catch up and blather about BJJ and the most recent issues we’re having in training, BJJ videos we’ve seen on YouTube, or tournaments we’ve been to or will go to soon. It’ll be just like our Dinner with the Family we had back in May.

So come on out! Don’t be shy! You’ll know us when you see us – it’s easy to spot jiu-jitsu people.

If you can make it, please let us know using the Google Event Box thingy above so I’m not the only one!

4 Replies to “Dinner with the Family – September 7”

  1. Sheesh Caleb. I only get to train twice a week max as it is. This dinner falls right on my Thursday night class!

    In other news, glad to hear that you’re back with girls. BWAHAHAHAHA!

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