#175: Ryan Hall, Andrew Smith

Brasa Jiu-Jitsu’s Ryan Hall sinks a triangle.

Ever wonder how instructors manage to improve their own Brazilian jiu-jitsu while keeping up with their students’ progress? How about a run-down of the upcoming Abu Dhabis submission grappling championship that will take place in Barcelona, Spain at the end of September? And what about that contentious 50/50 position that everyone is talking about these days? If those are the sort of things you’re into, our humble Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio delivers again for you this week.

FightWorks Podcast contributor Bruce Hoyer was able to jump on the line with Ryan Hall and Andrew Smith, two well-known personalities from a long list of characters in the Mid-Atlantic BJJ scene. The trio go over a huge range of topics on the minds of every BJJ fan these days.

Also, after this episode formally ends, we have included a argument conversation that cohost Dan and I had about yesterday’s decision to post our BJJ Poll about marijuana and jiu-jitsu.

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3 Replies to “#175: Ryan Hall, Andrew Smith”

  1. I have my own note taking methodology, but my constraints might be different from others. I take notes after class, so I don’t have the need to write quickly. I’m also a white belt so if it’s too complicated to remember I should probably let it wait anyway.

    I got tired of the verbosity of descriptions like “my right hand grips his right collar” so I use a notation of @ referring to my opponent, so “hand” is my hand and “@hand” is his hand. Rather than say left or right and reverse them for symmetry, I assign one side as number one and the other as two. (I see this won’t make sense without an example.) I use “||” for various options and “**” for “if this happens, do this.”

    An example (from a Marcus Vinicius dvd) (hopefully the indentation comes through):

    Arm and opposite leg (Flower Sweep) [MVTT3#6-8(4:06)]
    -. Hand1 grips @sleeve1, hand2 grips @collar1.
    -. Break any @grip on belt by gripping @sleeve1 with hand2, hand1 goes under
    arm1 and grips wrist2. Pull to break @grip.
    1. Control @arm1 with hand1 holding @elbow1 to chest, legs high.
    || Or failed at Gb arm-lock: grip @back with hand1 to block @arm1.
    || Or trap @arm1 and hold @hand1 by head2,
    grip @wrist1 with hand1 behind @head.
    || Or trap @arm1 and grip ankle2 with hand1.
    2. Hand2 goes between @legs to hold @leg2 at @knee-pit2, rotate body to side2.
    ** Hips are too far to side1, too hard to sweep:
    take @back instead.
    3. Leg1 swings down low at @side1; leg2 swings high over @ for sweep.
    ** @ braces with @leg1:
    Hook foot1 under @ankle1, kick to move @foot back and away, finish.
    ** Sweep and @arm1 is trapped across @chest:
    Use weight to keep it trapped, turn and fall back for straight armbar.

    Mike. Yes, I’m a programmer. I think like this.

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