BJJ Poll: How Much, If At All, Do You Mix Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Marijuana?

This poll is one that I do not post without some trepidation. As I imagine The Mighty 600,000 are aware, one of our goals and hopes is to see Brazilian jiu-jitsu grow so that as many people as possible can experience jiu-jitsu and all its benefits. To that end we hope to show BJJ in its well-deserved positive light.

In fact, I was outright against posting this poll originally. However when co-host Dan and I were preparing to record tomorrow’s episode we had a “discussion” about whether this poll should be posted, and he convinced me that it was worthwhile. (If you would like to hear our “discussion”, don’t miss tomorrow’s show.)

I am guessing that this poll is going to evoke a little more discussion than normal, so as always, after you vote in the poll, please let us know your thoughts on the matter by calling our toll free number 877-247-4662 and leaving us a message which we can integrate into an upcoming episode of our humble BJJ internet radio show! You can also leave a note in the comments below.

14 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Much, If At All, Do You Mix Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Marijuana?”

  1. I know a few people that smoke and train. I mean, I can smell it on them when we roll sometimes…. let alone the others who candidly admit to using it.

    I’m slow enough mentally and physically as it is. I don”t smoke anything or even drink any alcohol…..

    Do I care if anyone I train with uses it though? Not at all.

  2. I just don’t see how the two elements (training hard and smoking pot) are compatible in any way. Personally I do not drink, smoke or imbibe any form od recreational drugs. That’s me. boring maybe, but then BJJ is enough of a drug.

  3. Personally, I think it’s an over-exaggerated topic. Doing intense breathing excersizes can cause a similar high, so I’ll stick to that instead.

    Jiu Jitsu makes me want to live a cleaner lifestyle, so why mess that up with drugs?

  4. I have no interest in mixing the two and do not believe it would help my game (based on what “others” have told me, of course). However, I have heard Joe Rogan (for what it’s worth) and read some online discussions regarding certain qualities of certain types of marijuana enhancing one’s ability to focus. I have no idea if this is true and do not want to appear to be condoning this activity or encouraging its use.

  5. Marijuana decreases mental clarity, short-circuits the ability to execute logic, and retards information storage. The idea those effects somehow enhance a person’s ability to create music or learn jiu-jitsu is utterly irrational and silly.

    As a libertarian, I believe all drugs should be completely legal. As a grown-up, I ridicule the idea that intoxicating one’s brain is beneficial. If a person’s life is so boring they need to toxify their brain in order to increase mental pleasure, they should work to discover why their life is so boring or frustrating and fix that.

    Real-life happiness is 100x better than artificially induced happiness. As with jiu-jitsu proficiency, happiness requires intellectual study and hard work to achieve. If it were easy, ninth graders wouldn’t smoke weed and would all be black belts.

  6. Iowa should legalize Medicinal Marijuana.

    But anyway I don’t see how it would give you any kind of advantage, if anything it would hinder your ability. Talk about your timing being off, wow.

  7. I used to get high oon weed and train in kickboxing wich at the time seemed to have afavorable effect on my ability to absorb punishment.
    I tried it once when i started training in submissions and i vividly remember that ONE time, feling so relaxed and at ease…until my partner/opponent grabbed a hold of me and performed a very explossive judo throw, i landed on my clavicle and couldn´t train for weeks let alone the fact that i could hardly breathe for a full week and had to stay away from wieght training for an even longer time.

    Grappling under the influence of marihuana is stupid and dangerous, please listen i know what i´m talking about.

  8. Some people just should’nt smoke at all, some should’nt smoke before they got things to do and for some it can have a positive medicinal affect, point is everyone is different. Crap weed is not the way to go though trust me on that lol.
    You’re favorite drink or something might make you feel good and someone else feel like crap, we are all different.

    Sometimes I blaze before training and competion but not all the time. My personal experiences with the mix have been positive its all a mental thing. Some people drink energy drinks before training and believe that their most intense training sessions happen only when they drink that energy drink, then the next day the session without the energy drink is even better or worse without it what factors come into play their. Once again all im saying is everyday and everyone is different.

    Now on herb and cardio. If you are smoking the herb naturally you will get natural affects but not by smoking herb with paper via “blunts” and “joints” because now you’re smoking some paper with god knows what in it; Thats a bunch of unnatural chemicals going into your lungs that your lungs arent made to have in them. The Herb is natural not the paper. Pipes, bongs and vaporizers are a more natural way of smoking without shortening the life of your lungs with the pureity of the herb and wont effect your cardio. Example we all know that training with the gi is suffocating than without the gi is a breeze, if you can do your high intesity cardio blitzed without failure im sure you can do that and more clear eyed. Make any sense

    Once again just leading back to everyone is different.

  9. I like marihuana, but like anyone else that uses it, I’m aware that the carbon in blood makes you think slower (not distortioned, but slower). Smoking anything makes you slower. I don’t mind smoking very small amounts of REALLY GOOD marijuana. It depends what one is practicing, i.e. I’m a professional pianist and have been practicing martial arts since 1997. The thing is that there are some training exercises that, when practiced under the effects of some psicoactive drugs, one can enjoy and assimilate movements in a better way by doing it slower. This is only in a familiar or comfortable setting. Anyway, everyone thinks and acts in order to what is known to work for them. DO NOT ATTEMPT IT BY EXPLORING FOR THE FIRST TIME AT ANY TOURNAMENT OR ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES A GREAT PHYSICAL EFFORT AND DO NOT DISRESPECT ANY DOJO OR INSTRUCTOR BY USING ANY DRUG BEFORE THE PRACTICE OR INTERACTION, UNLESS THE INSTRUCTOR ASKS FOR IT (HAHAHA).

  10. You can say what you want, but I’ve been grappling for 3 years and smoking pot for 12 and when I decided to combine the two was almost like having a revelation. It doesn’t hinder your cardio as much as you think… As long as you maintain a good cardio routine, you wont even notice a difference. And it doesn’t slow you down the way you think. By slowing down, your body doesn’t react any slower, your mind slows down just enough to think more clearly about what your doing, we all know that when you concentrate to hard it has adverse effects, well pot sort of neutralizes that. You see more options available then you would with a busy mind. I understand if any of you are anti-pot, or not even so much so just not interested in combining the 2, whatever, but from someone who knows first hand, dont knock it until you try it.

  11. I am currently training in brazil at a carlson gracie school. My professor is a 2nd generation bb from Carlson himself, and he is constantly training high. I dont believe that marijuana is always a good thing, but a hit or two before jiu jitsu allows for much more focused and fun training, as well as a diminished ego. My professor smoked before mundials and came in 15th which is no small deal. A few of the Gracies toke up as well, though im not sure if i should be naming names. I dont know why ganja and jits are so compatible, but if you seek you will find much marijuana throughout the sport. I do believe that high doses of marijuana would hinder training though, as well as mess with your lungs.

  12. Im a bjj purplebelt under grapplers guild and I smoke and roll it may or may not help me it just makes me fell good and if im feeling good while im training then whos is sombody to say smoking is bad for my bjj the less you care about people think about you when you roll the better you will get. Jujitsu all about the person whos doing it not what others think about a person if somebody wants to smoke and roll and its helping them the let them be. everybody has differnt styles and driffernt ways to train thats whats makes jujitsu so alsome. Its an art, arts are not meant to be controlled just let it flow.

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