BJJ Poll: Do You Take Paid Private Classes with Advanced BJJ Belts?

“Privates” in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community is when a BJJ student pays an instructor (who is normally a black belt) for an hour of their time for one-on-one instruction. The student gets the full, personalized attention of a highly knowledgeable jiu-jitsu professor, which presumably allows for accelerated learning and understanding of jiu-jitsu techniques. In a conversation we had on The FightWorks Podcast, red and black belt Pedro Sauer highly recommended privates as a way to advance in jiu-jitsu.

Privates are often available when a noteworthy jiu-jitsu instructor is on seminar tour. You can normally schedule a private during these times if your schedule is flexible and, of course, if you can afford it.

So how about you? Do you take private one-on-one jiu-jitsu classes? What is your opinion on them? Do you feel they are worth the price? Let us know in the poll above, and be sure to leave a comment below!

9 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Do You Take Paid Private Classes with Advanced BJJ Belts?”

  1. While I don’t doubt the value of private lessons to the advancement of one’s BJJ game, it’s simply not in my budget to do so.

    Between the high cost of gym dues, seminars, tournaments, travel, gis, and so on there doesn’t seem to be much left over for private lessons in this kind of economy. Not to mention the prices for a lot of private lessons are sky high and a tad overpriced in my humble opinion for the common man.

  2. I took some privates when I was in Brasil and it was worth every durned penny. I totally believe in semi-regular privates to continue to sharpen my specific game. My instructor also gives me privates weekly leading into tournaments to tighten everything up.
    I remember on a Black Belt Corner with Pedro Sauer under the question of what advice you have for white belts he simply said “take privates” and that kind of kicked me in the direction (I am in a Pedro affiliate school too!)

  3. I came into BJJ from a background of judo and little wrestling.
    I took a few private lessons when I started to halp me pick things up in a more systematic way and to fill in a few gaps in my knowledge – obviously, I was fine fighting from the top (especially side control), but my guard passing was almost non-existant.
    Private lessons certainly brought on that aspect of my game.


  4. I was pretty taken aback by the differnce between judo and BJJ when it came to price.
    Not one BJJ school I found that were remotely interesting cost less than twice what I was paying for judo,

    The cost for private classes is not in my budget but Id probably feel different if I was competing.

    Actually, my biggest gripe since Ive switched is how unstructured a lot of BJJ school are as opposed to judo. There seems to be not standard since there is no local, state/provincial or national boards so it seems everone is doing their own thing. Teaching 8-9 yr olds how to do a rear naked choke seems dangerous especially since no instructors have any kind of specialized coaching training.

  5. While cost is a factor for many, I think a lack of available free time is the primary issue for me. Having a full-time job, wife and other non-BJJ passions, interests and commitments already limits my training to 3-4 times per week. I would love to be able to work in some privates here and there, along with another regular class or two per week (every day if I had my choice!), but I am already stretched thin on time.

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