Tournament Review Tuesday: The South Bay Open

by Jordan Blanchard

I am a brown belt, senior 2, medium weight. I signed up for the South Bay Open put on by Caique. Kids, blues, and browns grappled on Saturday. White, purple and black are on Sunday.

I am always hesitant attending a tournament where kids are on the same day. In my experience, having kids will put things well behind. I was heartened to see that the blue belts started exactly on time, after the kids, at 2:00. That gave me hope that browns would start on time at 4:00.

Alas, it turned out to be wishful thinking. Blues ran late and browns did not start until 5:30 or so. My suggestion to the tournament organizers is to consolidate the remaining blues on 4 or 5 mats, and get the 14 brown belt competitors started on 1 or 2. After a while they did this, but way too late in my opinion.

The tournament overall was run pretty well. Good referring. One somewhat aggravating aspect is that advantages were not scored. Too many fights ended up in overtime, and after overtime, referee decision.

My biggest complaint is simply the lack of attendance. I was not surprised by this fact, most tournaments outside of IBJJF are like that. But unfortunately, this tournament was so lightly attended by brown belts that I grappled two age groups down, and two weight classes up. Not the end of the world, after all, it would be similar for an Open competition. But I personally will not attend again simply because at my age, I would like similar aged opponents, or if I am classified with younger age groups, at least similar weights. I don’t believe that this tournament will ever be well attended by browns, so I will probably not go again.

That said, I would recommend the tournament for kids, whites, blues, and purples depending on Sunday’s attendance. Caique runs a good tournament, he just can’t control how many people show up.

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– Caleb

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  1. Hello Jordan
    I competed also on saturday , and the judges were completely lost with the double elimination braket system . but cool guys though. they also consolidated two age class and weight class but for that matter this not a big deal . I enjoyed myself .

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