#171 Returning to BJJ After an Injury with Danny Dring

Danny Dring

We’ve all heard those commercials on television from local lawyers asking, “Have you ever been injured in a car accident?” Now imagine that same voice in your head asking, “Have you ever been injured and had to take a break from Brazilian jiu-jitsu?” As in any sport, at some point or another we would all probably answer “yes” to that question.

This week on our BJJ internet radio show, we speak with someone very familiar with the physical and emotional issues jiu-jitsu practitioners face when they are prevented from training because of an injury. LivingDefense.com‘s Danny Dring is a Nova Uniao black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Andre Pederneiras. Dring was sidelined from his very active lifestyle with a major hip surgery and went through the doldrums of jiu-jitsu withdrawal and even faced the possibility of never training again.

Dring will share tips on overcoming medical and psychological roadblocks to training jiu-jitsu when injured and getting back on the mats, where every member of the Mighty 600,000 wants to be!

Many thanks to John Graybeal for connecting us with Danny!

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2 Replies to “#171 Returning to BJJ After an Injury with Danny Dring”

  1. Hey Caleb,
    First I hope your recovery is going well and I wish you the best. Anyway I did BJJ in 2000-2002 and loved it but I was injured at worked and had to miss training. Life then got a little busy (wife and 3 kids) and I was unable to get back into formal BJJ training. Well I’m now 47 years old, still in good shape, love BJJ and MMA but I’m somewhat conflicted about going back to formal BJJ training. my oldest son is 18 wrestled and is he is back at BJJ after taking a break while wrestling full time in HS. I am worried about my Age, injuries in BJJ that could effect my job as a Law Enforcement Officer. Wondering if Im worried about nothing and should just jump in, get my ass kicked and then really get back into training? thanks for the time, Caleb take care and your show is the BEST, it helps me get through my 1 hour commute to and from work . Mike A

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