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At this point in our humble Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show’s history, the income we earn from on-site banners and the occasional paid audio commercial is still probably less than I pay annually for hosting, travel, and other services used to make The FightWorks Podcast. When you add in the hours required every week to put together a show, it doesn’t come close to justifying itself, much less being a revenue generator.

And that is fine. The emails and messages I get from you, The Mighty 600,000, prove to me that what I do is valued. It really feels good to produce something that makes others happy. So it’s a true statement that the emails and voicemails we receive from you are the fuel that powers The FightWorks Podcast.

Don’t get me wrong. No part of what I wrote above is me asking for donations, and I am not soliciting ideas on a new business model for podcasting. (Although if you really think you’re on to a new idea, feel free to email me). What I am saying is that your feedback is really important to us here at The FightWorks Podcast, so please keep in touch!

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  1. I always appreciate the efforts you make by bringing the vision of jiu-jitsu to our ears. It gives me the insight into interviews that I would not have the chance to have personally. Recently at the 2009 Mundials, I had the chance to meet and thank Chris Moriarty for his interview with you concerning the Mental Toughness Training for Sports. I applied its precepts to my game and I feel it helped me to focus and forget about the end result. In the end, I was able to win 3rd place in my division (Men’s White Belt Senior 1 Lightweight).

    Thank you again!

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