One of the most common question that appear in online forums for Brazilian jiu-jitsu is, “Where can I train BJJ in __insert town here__?” Well we thought we would attempt to lend a hand for anyone asking that question by developing At the moment you can find hundreds of Brazilian jiu-jitsu schools all over suing the site. Currently the majority come from the United States, but there are even listings from Ghana and Spain!

It should go without saying that the site does not list every single school in the world. But our goal is to list as many as possible. In fact I have a big list of schools to add to the site that I have not gotten to yet but I decided there are enough in there now to get started and I can fill in the rest as time allows. To that end, if the school where you train jiu-jitsu is not in there, you can add your jiu-jitsu school and we will make it a priority to include it as soon as possible!

The other thing to note about the site is that you can leave reviews of the schools that are listed there. So if you have visited a jiu-jitsu gym and want to let the world know about your experience, you can leave a comment there for others to see. Don’t worry – if the point of someone’s comment is just mischief, it won’t make it on the site. We’re looking for credible information that the community can use.

So from now on, there’s no need to bother the forum by asking where to train jiu-jitsu in a certain town. Go to! (Of course, if you’re looking for jiu-jitsu tournaments and seminars, head over to!)

4 Replies to “Announcing”

  1. Love the idea and the site looks great.

    As far as review go, I would love to see a system of more detailed rating criteria and separate fields for instructor/instruction, facilities, training partners, intensity of training (every school has a different “feel”), and similar categories. Maybe a numerical ranking (x/10 or certain # of stars, etc) would be useful as long as it was accompanied by more detailed descriptions.

    Also, anonymity. I’d love to give an honest review of the academies where I have training and be honest about the problems/concerns (in a respectful way), but wouldn’t necessarily want everyone being able to see that I had written them.

  2. Well, I’m gonna go look at the map now, but I’m pretty certain my school is already on there. (And if it’s NOT?!?!? Ooooooo Caleb, I’m gonna tell!)

  3. Um, okay, one major problem Caleb. Your BJJMap…doesn’t actually have a map?!?!? This is more like a “yellow pages listing” of all the schools on there, which, in my oh so humble opinion, is not that effective. Especially when it’s just tagged by state. Where is the google map? With all the push pins for the locations? If I want to find a place to train near San Diego, Ca. I have to click the “California” tag…and then look through the listings? Which aren’t organized alphabetically? Or by zip code or anything? 10+ pages?! And if you don’t know the area well (which is, I would assume, mostly the case for people traveling) then you don’t know that San Clemente is actually closer than San Diego if you are staying in Oceanside. But if you had an actual map…

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