BJJ Poll: What Is Your Favorite Gi Color?

This Saturday’s installment of our weekly BJJ Poll comes to us from Jon in the United Kingdom. It’s a good question that I am curious about myself: what is the most popular color of gi out there? We have seen some crazy colors in recent years. While the IBJJF only allows white, blue, or black gis, even that is more tolerant than in the early days, when anything but a white gi was seriously frowned upon.

How about you? Are you a traditionalist in your gi color of choice? Or do you enjoy making a new fashion statement with something more off the wall? Tell us any gi color-related stories you may have in the comments below!

And finally, thanks to Jon for submitting this idea for a poll! If you’ve got one, leave us a message at 877-247-4662 or email me at caleb @ thefightworkspodcast DOT com.

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