Pre-Mundials Coffee Last Sunday

Some of the Family who showed up for coffee. Photo courtesy Ross Finlayson.

A few days before the 2009 BJJ World Championship, I posted a note asking if anyone wanted to get together for a coffee. About six or seven members of the Mighty 600,000, some from as far away as North Carolina, came for a quick cup of joe and we got to chat about all the great jiu-jitsu we had seen on Saturday.

I just wanted to get together post a quick note to say how much I appreciated getting together with you guys. I get emails from folks sometimes and the occasional voicemail on our toll-free line (877-247-4662), but it’s really a pleasure to meet our humble BJJ internet radio show’s listeners face to face. It makes all the hard work very rewarding.

Muinto obrigado to Ross for taking the photos, more of which can be seen here.

Looking forward to next time!

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  1. A big thanks to Caleb for hosting this get together. It was great to get together with other “hardcore” BJJ fans. I look forward to doing it again sometime.


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