#168 2009 BJJ World Championship Coverage

Lightweight brown belt 2009 BJJ world champions from left to right: JT Torres (Lloyd Irvin) 2nd place, Bruno “Robinho” Amorim (Gracie Barra) 1rst place, Chris Westfall (Lutter BJJ) 3rd place, Steve Rosenberg (Nova Uniao) 3rd place.

Saturday’s action at the 2009 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships is behind us! Saturday is when the majority of black belt males and black & brown belt ladies compete, scraping their way from their crowded divisions and into the semifinals and finals, which are held on Sunday. We lived blogged all the action yesterday (and continue to do so today).

In today’s episode of The FightWorks Podcast we speak with Luca Atalla, the editor in chief of GracieMag. Luca will discuss some of the day’s biggest surprises (Antonio Braga Neto’s disappointing performance for example), as well as some of the fighters in what must be the toughest division around right now: the middleweight division, which is home to names like Kron Gracie, Lucas Leite, Sergio Moraes, and Marcelo Garcia.

The show will also review our most recent BJJ Polls and we’ll hear from a FightWorks Podcast listener who emailed us about a time when Brazilian jiu-jitsu saved him in a violent mugging.

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