Live Blogging the 2009 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships – Saturday

10:06 Caleb: We’re here! This is coming at me rapid fire already so I’m turning the fire hose at you now. In the second round, Kayron Gracie loses to Diego Vivaldo Ferreira (Guigo Jiu-Jitsu) by referee decision! The score was tied at 2-2 and 3 advantages each!

10:09 Caleb: Registration for the black belt absolute division has now closed. 55 competitors have signed up, including Eduardo Telles, Roger Gracie, Braulio Estima, Tarsis Humphreys, Gabriel Vella…

10:10 Caleb: In brown belt action, Gunnar Nelson is up against Ryan Beauregard.

10:11 Caleb: JT Torres (Lloyd Irvin) just won another match. Irvin’s cheering section goes crazy!

10:11 Caleb: Gunnar Nelson is DQ’ed in his match against Ryan Beauregard. Not sure why…

UPDATE: June 8, 2009 – Ryan Beauregard was disqualified, not Gunnar Nelson. Beauregard reportedly shoved Nelson while the two were being restarted on the mat.

10:19 Caleb: Clark Gracie loses in brown belt action to an unknown opponent…

10:19 [Comment From Terry]
What’s next

10:20 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Has Matt Cooper from Australia fought in brown belt medium weight yet?

10:20 [Comment From Tom Chess]
Who is Leo Dalla up against??

10:22 Caleb: Brown belt update -Vinicius Corrales defeats an unknown opponent by armbar….

10:22 [Comment From Guest]
jay hayes (irvin) brown light?

10:24 [Comment From rdbjj]
JT Torres Defeated jacob mckenzie to revenge that loss from the pan ams.

10:24 [Comment From Will]
I am an unknown opponent!

10:25 [Comment From abdullah]
kayron gracie is a brownbelt

10:25 [Comment From Brien]

10:25 Caleb: No action from the black belts yet….

10:26 Caleb: JT Torres is now up again on mat 5, defending a foot lock.

10:28 Caleb: JT Torres wins again. His opponent is very angry and kicks the barricade. The official time was 2:55.

10:29 Caleb: Bruno Allen will face Bradford Sandoval in the brown belt medium finals.

10:29 [Comment From Guest]
Any word on why Gunanar was Dq’d?

10:30 Caleb: I did not see Gunnar do this but I was told he was dq’d for pushing his opponent (unsportsmanlike conduct) while his opponent was out of bounds.

10:30 [Comment From Tim L]
Wow so Braulio could face Roger! In absolute

10:30 [Comment From abdullah]
does anyone know how justin rader lost

10:32 [Comment From Guest]
anyword on Rosenberg??

10:37 [Comment From Guest]
I can’t believe Kayron lost. Do you know how he was afterwards? At least he took 2nd in the absolute.

10:38 Caleb: Steve Rosenberg and JT Torres are going to face each other on mat 5…

10:39 Caleb: Bruno Allen defeats Bradford Sandoval (brown belts).

10:39 [Comment From Guest]
i hope jt wins

10:39 [Comment From Guest]

10:39 Caleb: JT Torres pulls guard against Rosenberg.

10:40 Caleb: Rosenberg is attempting a standing guard pass…

10:40 Caleb: Brown/black female open class competitors are all warming up in the bullpen…

10:42 [Comment From Helicon]
Is Katie Weilbacher competing for Paragon/Alliance in the Brown/Black female open class?

10:42 [Comment From S]
I can’t believe Kayron lost! How was he afterwards? At least he took 2nd in absolute.

10:42 [Comment From Guest]
any word on jay hayes?

10:43 Caleb: JT Torres and Steve Rosenberg are still tied 0-0 at 3m52s.

10:43 [Comment From abdullah]
kayron looked so tired

10:44 Caleb: JT Torres is now up 2-0 over Rosenberg.

10:45 [Comment From aaron/clubfoot]
Caleb, big thanks for doing this

10:45 [Comment From Tom Chess]
Did ryan hall fight already ?

10:46 Caleb: Ryan Hall has not fought today that I know of.

10:46 Caleb: Torres remains up by 2 points at the 7 minute mark.

10:46 Caleb: Things change quickly! Rosenberg tied it up with a sweep! 2-2!

10:47 Caleb: Now Rosenberg is on bottom after going for a footlock and Torres gets teh sweep!

10:47 Caleb: Torres wins 4-2 as time runs out!

10:49 Caleb: Referee’s decision gives a controversial win to Vinicius Corales over Gunnar Nelson. (to decide 3rd and 4th place?). Nelson was DQ’d earlier if I am not mistaken…

10:49 [Comment From abdullah]
caleb man u rule

10:49 [Comment From abdullah]

10:49 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
what a great fight, thanks for the updates!

10:50 Caleb: Penny Thomas (Humaita) is up against an unknown black belt opponent from Sul Jiu-Jitsu.

10:50 [Comment From Guest]
any results w/ Jay Hayes

10:51 Caleb: Penny’s opponent is Caroline De Lazzer. The two are still standing…

10:52 Caleb: Penny Thomas is now down 2-0 but is working to take De Lazzer’s back…

10:53 [Comment From abdullah]
i am confident that gracie humaita will win a team trophy

10:53 Caleb: I do not know anything about Jay Hayes yet…

10:54 Caleb: Penny is now playing open guard against De Lazzer. The action is stopped as they’re both restarted in the middle…

10:55 Caleb: Penny triangles De Lazzer!

10:55 [Comment From Mchapman]
any tabulations of team points from yesterday?

10:55 [Comment From S]
Did JT compete in absolutes yesterday?

10:55 Caleb: I wasn’t here yesterday, so I don’t know about JT then…

10:57 [Comment From harley]
lloyd posted no news on JT yesterday so I don’t think he fought no -weight

10:57 [Comment From abdullah]
jt did compete in the absolute

10:57 [Comment From S]
No prob thanks Caleb!

10:57 Caleb: Gracie Humaita’s Ana Carolina Vidal (defeated Kyra Gracie to win the 2009 Pan-Ams) is now on the mats against an unknown opponent.

10:57 [Comment From abdullah]
i think jt lost his 2nd match in the openclass

10:59 [Comment From harley]
thx abby

11:02 Caleb: Still 0-0 in Ana Carolina Vidal’s match. The two can’t seem to get to the ground. Vidal was just given an advantage and her opponent got a penalty.

11:02 Caleb: Christy Thomas (Relson Gracie) is now up against a Brazilian opponent and immediately pulls guard.

11:03 Caleb: Thomas is working a triangle… her opponent backs out for now…

11:03 [Comment From Shahab]
Caleb – who’s your money on for BB absolute? Cobrinha’s not in it right?

11:05 Caleb: Shahab – I would think Cobrinha is in it. I will see if I can find out.

11:05 [Comment From abdullah]
no vella and tarsis are in the open class

11:05 [Comment From Mchapman]
Vella and Tarsis are competing for Alliance in the absolute. Cobrinha is focusing on his division

11:05 Caleb: Ah ok, so no Cobrinha in the Absolutes. Makes sense.

Ana Carolina is now up 3-0 in her match at the 5m39s mark…

11:05 [Comment From harley]

11:05 [Comment From Mike]
Caleb you’re the best!

11:06 [Comment From abdullah]
wow jt is the man i hope he wins

11:06 [Comment From txbjj]
thanks for a the updates!

11:06 [Comment From abdullah]
cant only 2 guys from i team go in the absoluote

11:07 Caleb: Ana Carolina Vidal is now up 6-0 and is in side mount.

11:07 Caleb: Penny Thomas has been defending a guard pass in her match for a long time…

11:08 [Comment From J Sho]
Nicework Caleb – keep me up to date with news on vitor, braulio, otavio and roger!

11:08 Caleb: Michelle Nicolini is getting ready to take on an Alliance opponent.

11:09 [Comment From Guest]
whats up with christy thomas’s match?

11:09 Caleb: Christy Thomas just won! She’s being congratulated by Relson Gracie.

11:10 Caleb: Ana Carolina Vidal is now up 8-0.

11:10 Caleb: Vidal continues to mash her opponent on top from half guard in the same way she beat Kyra Gracie.

11:11 Caleb: Nicolini is laying on a triangle on her opponent!

11:11 Caleb: Ana Carolina Vidal wins on points.

11:12 Caleb: Lana Stefanac is now on the mats on number 1 against an unknown opponent.

11:12 Caleb: Nicolini has not finished the triangle yet…

11:13 Caleb: Nicolini is still working the triangle but her Alliance opponent is posturing up. Robert Drysdale is coaching loudly.

11:13 Caleb: Lana Stefanac gets 2 points for the takedown against her Brazilian opponent.

11:14 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
anyone see brown belt middle weight fight between Matt Cooper from Australia and (possible\y)Leonardo da Silva

11:15 [Comment From Mchapman]
55 athletes competing in the Absolute division – there seems to be a lack of agreement on the brackets

11:15 Caleb: Lana Stefanac is now playing guard against her opponent who is attempting to pass from standing.

11:16 Caleb: Relson Gracie’s son Rhalan will be competing on mat 2 shortly.

11:16 Caleb: Lana Stefanac remains up 2-0. She’s now playing from full guard.

11:18 Caleb: Gabrielle Garcia is fighting an unidentified Gracie Barra opponent on mat 5.

11:18 Caleb: JT Torres is warming up for the finals listening to his iPod, pacing back and forth…

11:20 Caleb: JT Torres is now in action on mat 3.

11:21 Caleb: Michelle Nicolini loses her match against her Alliance opponent as time runs out. She held her in that triangle attempt the entire match. Her opponent got a takedown early in the match.

11:21 Caleb: Gabi Garcia (Alliance) is still standing at the 3 minute mark with her GB opponent. No score yet.

11:22 Caleb: Nyjah Easton (Lloyd Irvin) pulls guard against her Japanese opponent.

11:22 Caleb: The very long and lean Rhalan Gracie pulls guard against his Check Mat opponent.

11:22 [Comment From Guest]
whats up with rhalan?

11:22 [Comment From Guest]
jt vs who in the finals?

11:23 Caleb: I don’t know JT’s opponent. He’s against a Barra guy in a blue gi.

11:23 Caleb: Lana Stefanac wins 2-0 as time runs out.

11:23 [Comment From rdbjj]
Ryan Hall got third@bown belt feather

11:25 Caleb: Val Worthington is up against the Australian Machado brown belt (name escaping me! Sorry!) Worthington gets the takedown and is up 2-0.

11:25 Caleb: JT is tied 0-0 in his match against his GB opponent, who is trying to pass JT’s cloased guard from standing.

11:26 Caleb: Rhalan Gracie is up 2-0 against his Check Mat opponent.

11:28 Caleb: Ian McPherson (Alliance) is now on mat 7 against a JJ Machado opponent.

11:29 Caleb: It is tied as Torres’ match ends. The score was 0-0 and both had one advantage and one penalty. GB goes crazy as the ref awards the decision to the GB competitor.

11:30 Caleb: Ian McPherson wins his first match.

11:30 Caleb: Rhalan Gracie wins 5-0 against his Check Mat opponent.

11:30 [Comment From fulton]
damn that sux but silver is no joke congrats jt

11:31 Caleb: Val Worthington continues up 2-0 but her opponent is threatening to pass her guard.

11:32 Caleb: Gabi Garcia wins a static match that was 0-0 and she was up by 2 advantages.

11:32 Caleb: Nyjah Easton loses to Sayaka Shioda (AACC).

11:33 [Comment From pierre]
GB competitor against Torres was Bruno Amorim????

11:33 [Comment From harley]
this decision is almost exactly what happened to JT @ pan am… what an amazing run for the champ

11:33 Caleb: Val Worthington’s opponent is Sophia McDermott. I remembered!

11:34 Caleb: Katie Weilbacher (Paragon) is on deck…

11:35 Caleb: McDermott is almost catching Worthington’s back – now Val is fighting off the mount with 30 seconds left…!

11:36 Caleb: Val Worthington wins. Sophia McDermott is clutching her collarbone nervously as she stands. Robert Drysdale is giving the ref an earful, claiming that McDermott deserved points at one point along the way.

11:37 Caleb: Katie Weilbacher is now on the amt against Karen Miller, a brown belt opponent from Roberto Traven.

11:38 Caleb: In a Humaita match-up , South African Penny Thomas is now up against Christy Thomas (no relation).

11:38 Caleb: Christy Thomas pulls closed guard on Penny.

11:40 Caleb: After 1.5 hours of deliberation, the male black belt absolute brackets have been decided! There are 56 competitors in the division. Marcelo Garcia is not among them.

11:41 Caleb: The official total number of competitors this weekend were 1,860, by the way.

11:43 [Comment From Helicon]
go katie!!

11:44 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Keep it coming guys!!!!

11:44 Caleb: Katie Weilbacher wins by armbar.

11:44 [Comment From Guest]
christy thomas update?

11:45 Caleb: Christy is on her side defending having her back taken by Penny.

11:45 Caleb: Ana Carolina Vidal is now up against a Japanese opponent on mat 1.

11:46 J Sho: who are the absolute competitors? any complaints at GB maybe getting 3 guys in there? who is repping alliance – just vella and tarsis i assume?

11:48 J Sho: Hard to imagine that in years past before you did the live blogging, you had to rely on text messages to get news from the Mundials!

11:48 Caleb: Both Alliance and Barra have more than 2 entrants but both have two official representatives (whose points would count towards the team total). Barra = Braulio Estima & Roger Gracie, and Alliance has Gabriel Vella & Tarsis Humphreys. (Thanks to IBJJF’s Mike Buckels for clarifying!)

11:48 [Comment From ca]
is comprido in absolute

11:48 Caleb: Comprido is not in the absolute.

11:49 Caleb: Penny Thomas defeats Christy Thomas.

11:50 [Comment From ninjamurf]
C-do you know how Corey did? Brown belt super heavy I think? His first match was against Michael Westbrook

11:50 Caleb: Kyra Gracie is now up against Sayaka Shioda on mat 8.

11:51 Caleb: Rhalan Gracie is back on mat 2 against a Roberto Traven competitor.

11:52 Caleb: Murf – I do not know about Corey.

11:52 Caleb: Kyra Gracie has a deep triangle sunk against Sayaka Shioda.

11:52 Caleb: Ana Carolina Vidal defeats her Japanese opponent by choke from the mount.

11:53 Caleb: Kyra get the tap from the triangle.

11:53 Caleb: Lana Stefanac wins again.

11:54 Caleb: Valerie Worthington is now up against Alliance’s Gabi Garcia on mat 1.

11:54 Caleb: Rhalan Gracie has pulled guard against his brown belt opponent from Roberto Traven.

11:54 Caleb: Garcia gets 2 points for the takedown on Worthington.

11:56 Caleb: Ian McPherson is now up 2-0 against his opponent. His opponent has 7 advantages to Ian’s 4.

11:58 Caleb: Ian McPherson wins 2-0 while defending a very deep collar choke in the final seconds!

12:00 Caleb: Rhalan Gracie wins a match that was tied 0-0 when time ran out! He was up 2 advantages to none!

12:00 Caleb: Val Worthington is down 5-0 against Gabi Garcia.

12:01 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Who was ian’s opponent?

12:01 [Comment From Guest]
Ian is the hardest guy to tap in the World

12:01 [Comment From robert]
anything on the open class blackbelt (males)

12:02 Caleb: Open class black belt has begun! But I do not recognize the competitors that are now in action.

12:03 [Comment From robert]
ok thanks

12:04 Caleb: Mike Fowler is now up against an opponent on mat 4.

12:04 [Comment From Mchapman]
Mike Fowler was called to the mat according to Graice mag twitter feed

12:04 Caleb: Gabi Garcia defeats Val Worthington 5-0 on points.

12:06 Caleb: Kurt Osiander is now up on mat 3.

12:06 J Sho: Did you get to attend the absolute bracket meeting again?

12:07 Caleb: @J-Sho – No media that I know of were allowed in the black belt absolute bracketing meeting this year.

12:11 Caleb: Naoya Uematsu is up against Edson Diniz on mat 5.

12:12 Caleb: Kurt Osiander is down 5-0.

12:13 Caleb: Mike Fowler finally broke the stalemate and is up 2-0 late in his match.

12:13 Caleb: Ian McPherson is now on the mat against a Gracie Barra opponent.

12:14 Caleb: Fowler wins 2-0 as time runs out against a larger opponent.

12:16 Caleb: Lana Stefanac is now up against Ana Carolina Vidal.

12:17 Caleb: Kurt Osiander lost 7-0 in his match.

12:17 Caleb: McPherson is in his GB opponent’s closed guard, and the score is 0-0 at the 4m10s mark.

12:19 Caleb: McPherson taps to his GB opponent. The official time was 5m26 seconds.

12:19 Caleb: Rhalan Gracie is back on the mats and pulls guard.

12:20 Caleb: Kyra Gracie has her American Top Team opponent in full guard on mat 8.

12:22 Caleb: Kyra’s match is tied 0-0 after 3m13s.

12:23 Caleb: Edson Diniz defeats Naoya Uematsu by a score of 6-0.

12:23 Caleb: Rhalan Gracie is up 2-0.

12:24 Caleb: Rhalan wins with a collar choke from closed guard. Relson Gracie is dancing in the stands!

12:26 Caleb: Rick Migliarese is up against Rodrigo Cavaca on mat 6! Cavaca pulls guard.

12:27 Caleb: Stefanac is up by two advantages over Vidal. Vidal is turtled.

12:28 Caleb: Leo Santos (UNIJJ) is making his debut at black belt on mat 4.

12:28 Caleb: Time is running out in the Kyra Gracie match. She’s working an omoplata but the ATT girl is defending.

12:29 Caleb: Katie Weilbacher is now up against Gabi Garcia!

12:29 Caleb: Kyra Gracie wins by toe hold as time is running out!

12:30 Caleb: Cavaca just locked a triangle around Migliarese!

12:30 Caleb: Migliarese taps and Cavaca gets the win at 4m56s.

12:31 Caleb: Abmar Barbosa (Robert Drysdale JJ) is now in action on mat 3.

12:32 Caleb: Roger Gracie will be on mat 3!

12:33 Caleb: Penny Thomas is now on mat 8 against a very tall Rodrigo Medeiros brown belt.

12:34 Caleb: Leo Santos is up 2-0 against his opponent, as is Abmar Barbosa in his match.

12:34 Caleb: Gabi Garcia is smothering Katie Weilbacher from side mount….

12:35 Caleb: Rhalan is now up against Ian McPherson!

12:35 [Comment From dokomoy]
All the black belt matches are from the absolute right? or are weight division matches also going on now?

12:35 [Comment From abdullah]
who is lovato fighting in his firs absoloute match

12:36 Caleb: -sorry, something odd happened with the comments; i will try to post them all now –

12:36 Caleb: Penny is defending a deep triangle attempt!

12:36 [Comment From scsubfighter]
Any news on Rexie Barnum?

12:36 [Comment From Max Power]
Any news on brown belt heavyweights?

12:36 [Comment From Tom Chess]
Anything on Nakapan???

12:36 Caleb: Haven’t seen Nakapan yet…

12:37 Caleb: McPherson gets 2 points for the takedown against Rhalan Gracie…

12:37 [Comment From JD]
where is Gabi Garcia from?

12:38 Caleb: Gabi Garcia is associated with Alliance now and from Brazil.

12:38 [Comment From abdullah]
kron gracie ??

12:38 Caleb: Kron’s not in the absolute.

12:39 Caleb: Leo Santos wins 4-0 as time runs out.

12:39 Caleb: Penny Thomas has escaped the deep triangle her long-legged opponent was going for…

12:40 Caleb: Luke Stewart is up on mat 4…

12:40 [Comment From JD]
thank you

12:40 [Comment From Jordon Schultz]
Awesome live blog! Thanks Caleb!

12:41 Caleb: Rhalan and Ian were trading footlocks and rolled out of bounds!

12:41 Caleb: Roger Gracie has mounted his opponent… not long now…

12:42 Caleb: At 3m23 seconds Roger chokes his opponent from the mount.

12:42 Caleb: Rhalan is taken down by ian. McPherson is up 4-2 at 6m52s.

12:43 [Comment From Dave]
yes awesome

12:43 [Comment From ben]
how did ryan hall do

12:43 [Comment From ninjamurf]
“Caleb: Roger Gracie has mounted his opponent… not long now… ”

12:43 [Comment From Tom Chess]
who did he choke??

12:43 [Comment From ninjamurf]
LOL reminds me of the stories when Rickson would get a position and the crowd would start a countdown

12:43 Caleb: No idea who Roger’s opponent was…

12:44 Caleb: Penny wins! And Rhalan Gracie loses 4-2 to Alliance’s Ian McPherson. Alliance is cheering like crazy!

12:45 [Comment From robert]
is the pyramid packed

12:45 Caleb: The pyramid is probably at half capacity.

12:47 Caleb: Luke Thomas is losing 9-4 at 6m57s.

12:49 Caleb: Romulo Barral is on deck on mat 5. Tarsis Humphreys is as well on mat 6.

12:49 Caleb: The heavily bearded Tarsis is now facing Raul Castillo.

12:49 [Comment From JD]
what team is Penny on now?

12:50 Caleb: Penny is part of Gracie Humaita via Lima Heredia.

12:51 Caleb: Luke Stewart loses 9-4 on points.

12:51 [Comment From Jordon Schultz]
Rogers opponent was Paulo Streckert per graciemag.

12:51 [Comment From LOA]

12:54 [Comment From JD]
heard penny was training at Rodrigo M’s place?

12:58 Caleb: Tarsis holds a slight lead over Castillo. I can’t see the screen due to a cameraman being in the wya, but I believe he’s up 2-0.

12:58 Caleb: Sounds like Mike Fowler will face Braulio Estima!

12:59 [Comment From Alliance]

12:59 [Comment From robert]
how much was it to get in

12:59 Caleb: @Robert – not sure! Maybe $10?

1:00 Caleb: The match with Raul Castillo is over- Tarsis Humphreys’ hand is raised by the ref.

1:00 [Comment From Jeff]
wow, braulio vs fowler!

1:00 [Comment From robert]
usually is thanx

1:00 [Comment From Alliance]
Apparently Tarsis swept Raul Castillo for 2-0

1:01 Caleb: Romulo Barral is up now. sinking a triangle already.

1:01 [Comment From Eric]
best place to see the tournament schedule/timetable online?

1:02 Caleb: @Eric – try here.

1:02 Caleb: Rafael Lovato Jr. is up against Abmar Barbosa.

1:02 Caleb: Penny Thomas is now going against Kyra Gracie! Things are boiling all over now!

1:03 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
Yes. $10 to get in

1:03 [Comment From Eric]

1:03 [Comment From robert]
than u ross

1:03 Caleb: Michael Westbrook is heading to mat 3…

1:04 Caleb: Lovato is on top in half guard over Barbosa…It’s still 0-0.

1:05 Caleb: Kyra is attempting an omoplata on Penny Thomas.. Penny is calm…

1:05 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Westbrook is fighting Corey!!!!!

1:05 [Comment From Jeff]
caleb is the man with the updates.. great stuff, Thanks!

1:05 [Comment From funch]
What belt is Westbrook, black?

1:05 Caleb: @Funch – he’s a brown belt…

1:06 Caleb: Lovato versus Barbosa is still 0-0 at 4m55s…

1:06 Caleb: Penny is up 2-0 over Kyra but still in that omoplata attempt…

1:06 [Comment From robert]
lovato will will win i hope lol

1:07 [Comment From abdullah]
Michael Westbrook trained at my gym before the worlds

1:07 [Comment From loa]
Yup caleb thanks for the updates

1:07 [Comment From abdullah]
r barral won via triangle choke

1:07 Caleb: Kyra’s now winning 2-2 with one advantage! Penny is turtled…

1:08 Caleb: Lovato is up 2-0 over Barbosa, standing in Barbosa’s lanky guard….

1:08 [Comment From robert]
is antonio braga neto in the open

1:08 Caleb: @Robert – I believe he is!

1:09 J Sho: damn, barra/gordo have 4 monsters in there then.

1:09 Caleb: Penny is now up 4-2…

1:10 [Comment From robert]
thanx caleb without these updates id go insane

1:10 [Comment From Tim L]
That’s the final Roger vs Neto

1:10 [Comment From Jeff]
whats up w/ fowler?

1:11 Caleb: @Jeff – Fowler is still on deck…

1:11 Caleb: Lovato just got two points for a take down and is now up 4-0.

1:11 J Sho: damn would be good to know the brackets

1:12 [Comment From Charlie]
Thanks for the updates. How did Weilbacher do?

1:12 Caleb: @Charlie – she lost to Gabi Garcia.

1:12 Caleb: Kyra and Penny are now tied 4-4! Less than a minute left!

1:12 [Comment From cb]
is fowler still with loyd irvin, i think ryan hall is brasa now.

1:13 Caleb: Lovato defeats Barbosa 4-0.

1:13 [Comment From robert]

1:13 Caleb: Lana Stefanac and Gabi Garcia are now up on mat 1! Match up of the female heavyweights!

1:14 Caleb: Kyra defeats Penny Thomas by one advantage.

1:14 [Comment From Dan]
Kyra is hot

1:15 Caleb: Lana Stefanac gets a big takedown on Gabi Garcia and is up 2-0!

1:16 [Comment From loa]
so is penny

1:16 [Comment From ninjamurf]
was that the final for Kyra? Gold?

1:16 Caleb: Kyra will face the winner of Stefanac vs Garcia.

1:17 Caleb: Fowler versus Braulio Estima has just begun.

1:18 Caleb: Stefanaca has mounted Garcia! She’s now up 9-0!

1:18 [Comment From Jeff]
to bad for penny, good try!

1:18 [Comment From Dan]
romulo barral will win the absolute

1:18 [Comment From ninjamurf]

1:18 Caleb: Westbrook beat Corey 3-0 I think.

1:19 J Sho: @Dan – he couldn’t beat Roger in 2007, why would he beat him now?

1:19 Caleb: Braulio Estima taps Fowler with an armbar at 2m27s.

1:19 [Comment From Tim L]
Go Braulio

1:19 [Comment From Charlie]
Thanks Caleb.

1:20 Caleb: Eduardo Telles is up on mat 5.

1:20 [Comment From Adam]
Braulio is a beast…

1:20 [Comment From Will]
Braulio v. Roger in final!

1:20 [Comment From Tom Chess]
damn it

1:20 [Comment From Brandon]

1:20 [Comment From Dan]
because he had a bad knee and i think hes better technicaly

1:20 [Comment From John]
Thanks for the coverage Caleb!

1:20 [Comment From Jeff]
Braulio’s closed gaurd is too gooood!

1:22 [Comment From robert]
@dan im sure hes gotten better

1:22 [Comment From Elyse]
TBD Caleb! Nice set up with this cover it love thing.

1:22 Caleb: Rodrigo Cavaca (Check Mat / Leo Vieira) is up and in open guard on mat 6.

1:22 J Sho: i dunno, Roger beats all the barra guys when they spar, i don’t think they will mentally be up for it if they face him.

1:23 Caleb: Lana Stefanac is beating Gabi Garcia all over the place and is up 16-0! Looks like it will be Kyra Gracie versus Lana Stefanac in the final!

1:23 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Dan-yeah, but the 2007 match wasn’t even close. Roger was up 10-0 before submitting Romulo

1:23 J Sho: that will be a big weight difference with Kyra/Lana!

1:23 Caleb: Stefanac goes to give Garcia a hug after the match and Garcia refuses.

1:24 [Comment From Dan]
still cheering for romulo.. to bad cobrinha isnt in it tho because he would medal

1:24 [Comment From Guest]
what a sore loser

1:25 Caleb: Max Carvalho (Barra) wins by triangle from the mount.

1:26 Caleb: Big Rodrigo Cavaca’s dangerous guard is at work again. He’s attempting an omoplata agains this opponent, but ends up sweeping instead.

1:26 [Comment From Tim L]
JSho, Braulio Roger could happens, what do you reckon

1:26 [Comment From steve finan]
J sho is roger and Braulio only having one fight then the final ?

1:26 [Comment From abdullah]

1:26 Caleb: @Abdullah – don’t know, sorry!

1:26 Caleb: Roger Gracie is now up against Soluco (Alliance)!

1:26 [Comment From jim]
was Rhalan gracie vs Ian Mcpherson a semi-finals match?

1:27 Caleb: @Jim – that was the final I believe.

1:27 [Comment From Robert Sison]
Damn I want Braulio’s guard game!

1:27 [Comment From Will]
I said it once and I”ll say it again…. Roger v. Braulio in final, and Roger submits him.

1:27 Caleb: Cavaca beats Bruno Bastos.

1:27 [Comment From Pridetv]
Thx for the feed.

1:28 J Sho: @steve i wouldn;t have thought so, there are 55 guys or so in the absolute

1:28 [Comment From Jeff]
Caleb, is Leo V there coaching?

1:28 Caleb: @Jeff – I believe I’ve seen him. My head is spinning..!

1:28 [Comment From Robert Sison]
It would be awewome if Braulio beat Roger.

1:29 [Comment From steve finan]
im just realising it was a prediction not a result… just joined

1:29 [Comment From Pridetv]
Iwatched ian rhalan. Great match. Couple of take downs not scored by ref for ian

1:29 Caleb: Roger Gracie defeated Soluco at the 2m21s mark. I missed the submission, sorry!

1:30 [Comment From Jeff]
keep it up Caleb your ripping! thanks again!!

1:30 [Comment From San]
Garcia shows poor sportsmanship, again.

1:30 [Comment From steve finan]
he’s going quickly

1:30 J Sho: @steve – you’ll have to buy him a new trophy cabinet ;o)

1:30 [Comment From ninjamurf]
dont blink when roger is fighting! lol

1:30 [Comment From abdullah]
the sub was a gullitine

1:30 [Comment From 415ers]
thx caleb this kicks ass

1:31 [Comment From steve finan]
thanks for this Caleb … invaluable

1:31 Caleb: Big Antonio Braga Neto is now in action on mat 5! Watch out everyone!

1:31 [Comment From Will]
Caleb, are the open class brackets online?

1:31 Caleb: @Will – nope

1:31 [Comment From Pridetv]
Which Garcia

1:32 Caleb: @Pridetv – They’re probably talking about Gabi Garcia.

1:33 Caleb: Braga Neto is coming in aggressively – pulls guard , sets up a triangle, and almost has it in less than 40 seconds!

1:33 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
6am in australia we’ve been following you all night!!

1:33 [Comment From Jeff]
someone get Caleb a redbull or some coffee! LOL!

1:33 Caleb: @Jeff – thank u! lol

1:33 [Comment From H]
Is the absolute before the weight divisions?

1:34 Caleb: @H – yep

1:34 [Comment From robert]

1:34 [Comment From abdullah]
telles just won his match

1:34 Caleb: Braga Neto is up 2-0 and is on top in tight side control.

1:34 [Comment From Jordon Schultz]
Caleb, can you please pee in your seat so we can keep getting these great updates.

1:35 Caleb: @Jordan – :/

1:35 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
Awesome. Just got on here!!

1:35 [Comment From abdullah]
i think neto will close the open class

1:35 J Sho: @H they do the absolute until they have the final set (which will be tomorrow) and then they will do the weight categories up to the quarter finals

1:35 [Comment From Guest]
find a cup!

1:35 [Comment From San]
What kind of smiley is that?

1:36 J Sho: the kind you use when someone asks you to pee in a cup in your chair

1:36 Caleb: Leo Santos (UNIJJ) is up against an unidentified opponent.

1:37 [Comment From Jim]
Sorry internet cut out. Is there any news on Travis Tooke?

1:37 Caleb: @Jim – don’t have any news on him

1:38 [Comment From Dan]
whats everyones prediction for black belt feather later on today?

1:38 [Comment From Jimmy]
was the Penny vs Kyra match controversial

1:38 Caleb: @Jimmy – I would say it was not…

1:39 [Comment From Mchapman]
Cobrinha, Mendes, Bruno and Reis are the favorites (with reason)

1:40 [Comment From abdullah]
@ dan rafeal mendez and cobrihna

1:40 [Comment From Sete]
Is Matt Jubera in the open?

1:40 [Comment From Dan]
Cobrinha will kill

1:41 Caleb: Rodrigo Cavaca is now up against…. Tarsis Humphreys!!!

1:41 [Comment From abdullah]
@ sete no he is not

1:41 Caleb: Leo Santos is still tied 0-0 against his opponent at 4m46s.

1:41 [Comment From abdullah]
thats an interesting fight

1:41 J Sho: @dan, mendes and cobrinha are on one side of the bracket, frazatto and reis on the other, should make for some great semis.

1:42 Caleb: Cavaca is working the de La Riva guard on Tarsis…

1:43 Caleb: Romulo Barral just began on mat 5. Don’t know his opponent…

1:43 [Comment From Sete]
I wondered if that was you Abdullah, Got brown today (of topic).

1:43 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
Will the open class final be decided today? Then contested tomorrow?

1:43 [Comment From Dan]
i see frazatto and cobrinha in the finals.. and Cobrinha finishing by taking the back

1:43 [Comment From abdullah]
when is lovato gonn fight next

1:44 J Sho: @dan or maybe anothe footlock ๐Ÿ˜‰

1:44 Caleb: Romulo Barral is defending a footlock, but ends up taking his opponent’s back. Looks like he has the choke!

1:45 Caleb: Romulo does get the tap. I can predict the future!

1:45 Caleb: The time in Romulo’s match was 1m54s.

1:45 Caleb: Leo Santos is still tied 0-0 at 7m18s.

1:46 Caleb: Tarsis is fighting hard to pass Cavaca’s difficult (and large) guard.

1:46 [Comment From Guest]
has dustin denes competed yet?

1:46 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
@Jason – If it’s like last year, then yes. The absolute final 2 will be decided today

1:46 [Comment From Dan]
haha that would be the 3rd time catching a footlock.. Romulo is a finisher!

1:47 J Sho: @ross – looks like the ibjjf saw your skills with grouping people by gategory and stole the idea this time!

1:47 Caleb: Michael Westbrook loses 3-0. Not sure of his opponent’s name.

1:47 Caleb: I should mention Leo Santos is up by 5 advantages despite being tied at 0-0.

1:47 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
thats what I thought. Thanks Ross!

1:49 Caleb: 6m15s have passed in the Tarsis / Cavaca match and I believe it’s still 0-0. (Cameraguy permanently in the way over there…)

1:49 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Westbrook should have fought Kevin Kornemann after Corey?

1:49 Caleb: Leo Santos wins by those advantages.

1:50 Caleb: Gabriel Vella (Alliance) is no up on mat 4 against a much smaller opponent.

1:50 [Comment From abdullah]
did vella fight yet

1:50 [Comment From Jeff]
did u get that redbull or coffee yet caleb?

1:50 Caleb: @Jeff – no but I actually brought a red bull. I haven’t had time to open it!

1:50 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
You’re welcome. I don’t know whether or it they got the idea from me, but I’m glad they’re doing it now

1:50 [Comment From abdullah]
r. barral will face telles or braga neto

1:51 J Sho: damn, that will be a great match, i think braga will overpower eduardo

1:52 Caleb: Tarsis is now defending a footlock from Cavaca, 40 seconds left…

1:53 Caleb: Leo Nogueira, who won the brown belt absolutes yesterday, was just eliminated in his weight division. Heavy arguing from Alliance ensues….

1:53 Caleb: Cavaca eliminates Tarsis Humphreys! Time runs out and the ref raises his hand! (Still can not see the score on that mat at all).

1:54 Caleb: Braga Neto versus Telles now!!!!

1:54 [Comment From Dan]
both braga and barral will beat telles

1:55 [Comment From abdullah]
thats gonn be a good fight

1:55 [Comment From Marcovia]
telles is the man! best of luck goes out to him!

1:55 Caleb: Surprisingly, Vella’s still tied 0-0 in his match.

1:56 Caleb: Anyone want to guess the position Telles is in?

1:57 Caleb: Vella gets 2 points for the takedown in his match. It’s 4m4s.

1:57 [Comment From Jeff]
Vella’s a beast!

1:57 J Sho: @caleb octopus?

1:57 [Comment From Noriega]
Just got on…gues this is the Absolute??

1:57 [Comment From Mike from Arizona]

1:57 [Comment From Guest]

1:57 [Comment From abdullah]
ill give a wild guess turtle guard????

1:57 [Comment From Marcovia]
lol just trained with him not too long ago and he showed many good positions for his turtle guard!

1:58 Caleb: Telles is in….. turtle!

1:58 [Comment From loa]
mission control

1:58 [Comment From Dan]

1:58 [Comment From Mchapman]
Turtle? he must be in trouble…

1:59 Caleb: It’s still 0-0 between Braga Neto and Telles. Braga Neto can’t pry him open yet….

1:59 [Comment From tigah]
name dropper heaven in here lol

1:59 [Comment From Jeff]
marcovia= name dropper! lol

1:59 [Comment From abdullah]
@ CALEB lol

1:59 [Comment From Marcovia]
must be in trouble???? i have seen telles shake the guys hand and then drop tp the turtle position in matches.

2:00 Caleb: Vella gets the tap at 6m51s. I missed what the sub was. But the score was 12-0.

2:00 [Comment From Marcovia]
lol. little bit lol

2:00 [Comment From Dan]
i hate that turtle

2:00 [Comment From Mchapman]
(sarcasm button off)

2:00 [Comment From Noriega]
How did JT Torres do?

2:00 [Comment From Marcovia]
im very glad this is on here! im sick to my stomach that i cant be in cali for this!

2:01 J Sho: JT lost to someone from gb in the final

2:02 Caleb: Braulio Estima is now up against another tall lanky guy in a blue gi. They both pull guard at the same time and almost explode.

2:02 [Comment From abdullah]
torres got 2nd

2:02 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
any idea who JT lost to? and how?

2:02 [Comment From abdullah]

2:02 J Sho: lol

2:03 [Comment From abdullah]
how is the telles match

2:03 [Comment From Noriega]
must of been a good one.

2:04 Caleb: 9 minutes have passed and Telles is still kinda in turtle. Braga Neto has 2 advantages despite a score of 0-0.

2:05 Caleb: Braga Neto wins by those 2 advantages over Eduardo Telles. The score remained 0-0 when time ran out.

2:05 Caleb: Braulio Estima just won. I missed the sub there, but it was at the 3m50s mark.

2:05 [Comment From Noriega]
Caleb do you know who beat JT in the final?

2:05 Caleb: @Noriega – no, it was some GB guy I don’t know.

2:06 Caleb: Lovato Jr. is tied 0-0 against his opponent, who is in Lovato’s open guard.

2:07 Caleb: Leo Nogueira (Alliance) is refusing to leave the mat after a decision he didn’t agree with earlier.

2:08 Caleb: He took off the green/yellow belt for a moment, and now has put it back on.

2:08 Caleb: Keep in mind he’s been sitting on that mat since 1:53pm.

2:09 [Comment From Mchapman]
Braulio won by triangle on Thiago Gaia

2:09 [Comment From rdbjj]
so neto vs barral?

2:10 Caleb: Wow. The ref has two more competitors out there and only upon him starting the match does Nogueira decide to leave.

2:10 Caleb: Cavaca is back on mat 6.

2:11 Caleb: Lovato Jr. still remains tied 0-0 against his opponent.

2:11 [Comment From Max Power]
lol, Any other brown heavyweight updates?

2:11 [Comment From Mchapman]

2:11 [Comment From kemail]
Caleb is the absolute bracket somewhere to find?

2:11 J Sho: someone needs to take a pic of it and post it

2:11 J Sho: is cavaca on braulio’s side of the bracket or roger’s i wonder?

2:12 Caleb: @kemail – no it’s not available. It was only created this morning after a meeting between the heads of all the camps.

2:12 Caleb: Cavaca and his opponent are seated and their legs are in a messy spaghetti.

2:13 [Comment From Alliance]
Braulio submitted Thiago Gaia at 2min50s with a triangle choke

2:13 [Comment From dokomoy]
Is there any good reason they don’t make the black belt absolute bracket when they make the rest of the brakets?

2:13 [Comment From kemail]
too bad, im goin crazy here (in Holland) thx for the good work though bro

2:14 Caleb: It’s 8m36s into the match and Lovato is still ited 0-0.

2:14 [Comment From Will]
Caleb, can’t you send one of your staff to take a photo of it and upload it? A la J Sho’s suggestion. Maybe on the way back from bringing you lunch.

2:14 J Sho: i’d do it if i were there :o(

2:14 Caleb: @Will – LULZ re: my staff! ๐Ÿ˜›

2:15 Caleb: Cavaca appears in control in his match but I can’t see what’s really going on due to that one cameraguy being in the way. If I were more mobile I’d move to see the scoreboard.

2:16 J Sho: @dokomoy – they only take registration for the black belt absolute at the tournament and they have torturous discussions to determine who will represent each academy (will all the senior guys taking part in the discussion)

2:16 Caleb: Lovato wins 3 advantages to 1 in a deadlocked match.

2:16 J Sho: check out caleb’s article from last year:

2:17 Caleb: Oh my, a clash of the titans: Gabriel Vella (Alliance) versus Leo Santos (UNIJJ).

2:18 [Comment From Alliance]
tell the camera guy to move just because some guys in internet told you to do so LOL

2:18 [Comment From Guest]
whats the best way to find a list of competitors?

2:18 [Comment From Will]
Nice post from the graciemag_br twitter.

2:18 [Comment From Will]
QUARTAS-DE-FINAL: Calasans x Cavaca; Braulio x Leandro Santos ou Vella; Braga Neto x Romulo Barral; Roger x Lovato ou Alexandre Seconi.

2:18 [Comment From dokomoy]
@Jsho I read about how they go about it, it just seems to me if they can make all the other brackets ahead of time they ought to be able to do it with the blackbelts(also I wonder if it’s fair to the guys competing from smaller camps)

2:20 Caleb: Steve Hall is rocking our gi patch on mat 3! Nice!

2:21 J Sho: wow, calasans is int he 1/4’s well done him

2:21 Caleb: Leo Santos and Gabriel Vella are tied 0-0 at 3m48s. Vella is now being attended to by the medic for something on his foot.

2:21 [Comment From Alliance]
Why is this black belt absolute bracket run before weight classes again? Would it not be logical to run it AFTER weight classes?

2:21 [Comment From Magio]

2:21 [Comment From kemail]
its not about fair, its about hwat you have done recently and lately and the big guys decide the brackets, kinda like in tennis wo the offcial ranking

2:21 [Comment From Guest]
caleb can anyone wear your patch or only sponsored fighters

2:21 Caleb: @Guest – anyone!

2:22 [Comment From ROBERT]

2:23 Caleb: Cavaca loses to Claudio Calazans!

2:23 [Comment From loa]
you can buy one click the link

2:23 [Comment From dokomoy]
@kemail – it’s not the same at all. In tennis matchups are based on ratings(which are done entirely by a computer) They also don’t have to take into consideration team affiliations or anything

2:23 [Comment From johnny]
what’s the word on telles?

2:24 Caleb: @Johnny – Telles lost to Braga Neto on advantages.

2:24 Caleb: Vella and Santos are still tied 0-0, no advantages.

2:24 [Comment From Magio]
Nice girls going noe

2:24 [Comment From Alaina]
Did I miss the result of Kyra vs Lana? Have they fought yet?

2:24 Caleb: Kyra versus Lana will take place tomorrow I think…

2:25 [Comment From kemail]
@dokomoy, thats why i said kinda

2:25 [Comment From johnny]
@celebdang ;(

2:25 [Comment From Alaina]
thx caleb!

2:25 [Comment From dokomoy]
@caleb graciemag confirms that kyra and Lana are fighting tommorow

2:25 [Comment From kemail]
tomorrow is the womens absolute final

2:26 Caleb: Vella and Leo remain tied 0-0 at 6m22s.

2:26 Caleb: Sophia McDermott is up against a woman from American Top Team.

2:27 [Comment From Jeff]
whats up with Vella and Leo?

2:27 [Comment From Vita Team]
Portugal is with you guys aswell!!

2:28 Caleb: @Vita – welcome Portugal!

2:28 Caleb: look out – a same day rematch between Lana Stefanac and Gabi Garcia!

2:29 [Comment From kemail]
caleb, u da man, im goin to sleep 11.30 pm here ..thx

2:29 [Comment From Tim L]
You deserve a gold medal for this caleb

2:29 J Sho: those two would make some of the men’s super pesado players look small

2:30 Caleb: @Lufex – solo se puede leer sobre el campeonato por el momento (hasta el DVD)

2:30 [Comment From Lufex]
en donde se puede ver el campeonato de jiu jitsu?

2:30 [Comment From Magio]
Phillippines aldo

2:30 Caleb: Vella is up 2-0 over Santos now.They’re standing again.

2:31 Caleb: Robert Drysdale is now cheering his wife Michelle Nicolini, who’s competing in her weight division now.

2:31 Caleb: Stefanac is on top of Garcia in half guard; score is 0-0 at the 2m39 mark.

2:32 Caleb: Gabriel Vella beats Leo Santos 2-0 in Santo’s debut tourney as a black belt.

2:32 Caleb: Roger Gracie will be up against Rafael Lovato Jr in a moment!!!!!!

2:32 J Sho: quick stats, 6 current or former mundials black belt champs left in the absolute – Roger is only former winner of the Absolute tho.

2:32 [Comment From Grace Barra Boston]
Any word on Marlon Xavier (GB) Black Belt Super?

2:32 [Comment From dokomoy]
from graciemag: Calasans beats Cavaca! He will face Roger or Lovato, who just eliminated Alexandre Ceconi by advantages (3-1)

2:33 [Comment From Alaina]

2:33 [Comment From Zawi]
Any Baret Yoshida results?

2:33 J Sho: wieght categories for black belts not started

2:33 Caleb: @Zawi – haven’t seen Baret Yoshida yet today…

2:33 [Comment From Jeff]
hope calebs fingers hold up!

2:33 [Comment From Alliance]
Yeah but is not Xande the current ruling champ

2:33 J Sho: no way, calasans beat cavaca???

2:33 [Comment From Grace Barra Boston]

2:33 J Sho: @alliance, erm yes, hence i said former winner

2:34 Caleb: Stefanac is controlling the big Gabi Garcia again – she’s up 7-0 and in side mount.

2:34 [Comment From Zawi]

2:34 [Comment From Dan]
who is romulo fighting next

2:34 [Comment From clubfoot]
roger vs. Lovato, sweet

2:34 [Comment From Magio]
What mat number

2:34 Caleb: Roger Gracie vs Lovato Jr will be on mat 3 I believe.

2:34 [Comment From Alliance]
when do the weight categories for BB start, today?

2:34 [Comment From Alliance]
ok J Sho, my bad ๐Ÿ˜€

2:35 J Sho: @dan romulo vs braga neto

2:35 Caleb: Sophia McDermott is losing 2-0 to the ATT lady.

2:36 Caleb: Roger and Lovato are grip fighting.

2:36 [Comment From dokomoy]
Rommulo is fighting Antonio Brago Neto

2:36 [Comment From phil]
The reason they changed the absolute is because many competitors would not compete or would drop from the bracket because they would get tired. So they moved the absolute to the day before the black belt weight classes. Now more competitors compete in the absolute.

2:36 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
Roger vs Lovato Jr…that will be good!

2:36 [Comment From Jeff]
is xande coaching Lovato against Roger?

2:37 Caleb: @Jeff – I can’t see Xande over there but I do see Saulo. Roger just got 2 points fot the takedown.

2:37 [Comment From Dan]
roger will sub lovato

2:38 Caleb: Sophia McDermott loses 2-0 to the ATT lady.

2:38 Caleb: Lana Stefanac is up 9-0 over Gabi Garcia. Garcia looks gassed.

2:38 Caleb: Roger is now up 9-0 over Lovato.

2:39 [Comment From Magio]
Thank you

2:39 [Comment From Alliance]
@Phil but by doing that competitors get tired before the actual weight classes

2:39 [Comment From clubfoot]
hope not

2:39 [Comment From Vita Team]
Caleb has anybody closed brackets this Mundials? You know…team mates not fighting.

2:39 Caleb: @Vita – I don’t recall any of that yet.

2:39 Caleb: Roger is mounted on Lovato, looking for the choke…

2:39 [Comment From Tim L]
They have to sort ppv for this!!!!! Aaargh

2:39 [Comment From Guest]

2:40 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
are Roger and Brago Neto on opposite sides of the brackets?

2:40 Caleb: Roger Gracie chokes Rafael Lovato Jr. from the mount at 4m7s.

2:40 J Sho: boa

2:40 Caleb: Romulo Barral and Antonio Braga Beto are now up!!!

2:40 [Comment From simco]
wow @ roger

2:40 [Comment From steve finan]
lavato is doomed

2:40 [Comment From dokomoy]
@caleb the girl from ATT is Juliana Borges

2:40 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
WOW @ Roger!

2:40 [Comment From Mike]
GB did it in my division (White Belt Mens Senior 1). I placed 3rd =)

2:40 [Comment From Tim L]
LOL surprise

2:41 [Comment From Jeff]
can anyone beat Roger w/ no Xande

2:41 [Comment From Oliver]
well done roger.

2:41 [Comment From Will]
Go Roger!

2:41 [Comment From Dan]
go Romulo!

2:41 J Sho: will be interesting to see if roger can win super pesadoa nd absolute all with subs – roger and xande cam close in 2006, the only match they were in with no sub was their final

2:41 Caleb: Romulo is on top in half guard. The score is 0-0 after one minute.

2:42 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Caleb, when is Final of absolute? Tomorrow?

2:42 [Comment From Mike]
As in, GB shutout the White Belt Mens Senior 1 Lightweight.

2:42 [Comment From Tim L]
How many minutes total fighting has roger done must be less than 10

2:42 [Comment From Will]
@oliver: teddy bravo?

2:42 [Comment From Styrkur]
Go Romulo

2:43 J Sho: @will nah teddy must be there watching live?

2:43 Caleb: At the 2m33s mark, Barral is still on top in half guard over Braga Neto.

2:43 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Can’t wait to See Kron!

2:43 [Comment From Will]
@jsho, of course, duh, sorry oliver, nevermind.

2:44 [Comment From Magio]
Mat 5?

2:44 [Comment From phil]
@Alliance That is why many do not compete in the absolute and the weight–Only the very best. the change made the absolute bracket better. remember winning the absolute is considered more prestigious then winning your weight bracket.

2:44 [Comment From Styrkur]
Neto has a good half guard

2:44 [Comment From ascension ny]
any advantages?

2:44 Caleb: Romulo has one advantage over Braga Neto.

2:44 [Comment From Oliver]
plz, can anyone tell me how Bruno alves lost in middle weight divison, brown belt :p

2:45 Caleb: Barral just got the pass! He’s up 3-0 over Braga Neto!

2:45 [Comment From Magio]
When does kron go

2:45 [Comment From Dan]
because gabriel goulart is amazing!

2:45 [Comment From Styrkur]

2:46 Caleb: At 5m09s, Barral gets another pass. He’s up 6-0 over Braga Neto!!!

2:46 Caleb: Brauilio and Vella are up in a moment on mat 4!

2:46 [Comment From Oliver]
lol. I did not know Goulart. Where is he from ?

2:46 [Comment From Styrkur]

2:46 [Comment From Styrkur]

2:46 [Comment From Styrkur]
Neto’s going down


2:47 J Sho: wow

2:47 Caleb: Barral just about had his back when he sunk the choke.

2:47 [Comment From Styrkur]
Go Braulio!

2:47 [Comment From Magio]
Who won on mat 3

2:48 [Comment From Dan]
He is from sao paulo

2:48 [Comment From dokomoy]
I’m not shocked at how well Barral is doing. I got to roll with him a few times and he was easily the best guy I’ve rolled with

2:48 [Comment From ascension ny]

2:48 [Comment From ninjamurf]

2:48 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
WOW>>>Braga is gone!

2:48 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
holy shit!

2:48 J Sho: @oliver, Goulart is from Alliance – former purple belt mundials champ

2:48 [Comment From Dan]
YA! nice barral.. does that mean hes in the final?

2:48 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
who is left in the abs?

2:48 [Comment From ninjamurf]
LOL and Barral isn’t even one of the GB reps right?!

2:48 [Comment From Tim L]
OMB go Barra

2:48 J Sho: no he’ll fight braulio

2:48 J Sho: braulio/vella vs barral & roger vs calasans

2:48 [Comment From Oliver]
Thx J Sho.

2:48 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Kron’s fighting at 5pm middle weight division been up all night it’s nearly 8am and Caleb keeps coming the the awesome coverage… can’t sleep!

2:49 Caleb: Braulio is fighting off Vella with Estima’s crazy guard.

2:50 [Comment From Styrkur]
Damn, I have to go to work in 20 mins!

2:50 [Comment From Oliver]
Did you guys see Lucas ROcha fights yesterday ? (purple belt)

2:50 [Comment From Sam]
Has lucas leite competed today yet?

2:50 Caleb: Michelle Nicolini (Robert Drysdale) is in action against Nyjah Easton (Lloyd Irvin).

2:50 [Comment From Jeff]
wow, braulio vs Vella, weren’t they team mates when Vella was with Barra?

2:50 [Comment From Styrkur]
Lucas Leite is in the same division as Kron

2:51 J Sho: @oliver – he won the purple medio in 2007 & 2008 i should have said

2:51 Caleb: Val Worthington just beat her opponent. Don’t know the other lady’s name.

2:52 [Comment From dokomoy]
@oliver I believe Rocha won his division yeasterday

2:52 [Comment From Tim L]
Jsho looks like the match everyone in the I’m uk wants to see is getting closer. Do you think they will

2:52 [Comment From steve]
and marcelo

2:52 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Kron Gracie article

2:52 [Comment From Styrkur]
Go Val!

2:52 [Comment From Styrkur]
BJJ Revolution/ Carlson Gracie!!

2:52 [Comment From Oliver]
he was blue belt in 2008 lol.

2:52 Caleb: 0-0 between Vella and Braulio at 6m01s.

2:53 Caleb: Michelle Nicolini defeated Nyjah Easton by submission.

2:53 J Sho: @oliver – rochas is ze radiola’s (Braulio/Otavio/Vitor’s instructor) nephew iirc

2:54 Caleb: Luka Dias is in the guard of the very long-legged brown belt from Rodrigo Medeiros’ BJJ Revolution squad. It’s 4m45s in their match.

2:54 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
middle weight has SOO many people who could win! — stacked!

2:54 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
any update on braulio?

2:54 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Caleb I’d PAY for live video coverage of this event.. think about it for next year!

2:54 Caleb: @Nienaber I will get my staff on that ๐Ÿ˜‰

2:55 Caleb: Gabriel Vella is up by one advantage over Braulio Estima, score still 0-0. Time is 8m34s.

2:55 [Comment From gus oliveira]
what the black belt – heavy weight category will start?

2:56 [Comment From Oliver]
@ J Sho : i know he is one of my friend. I trained 1 month in his academy before europeans. Braulio was there too in holidays

2:56 [Comment From steve]
i’d pay!

2:56 [Comment From dokomoy]
@mark supposedly ESPN was interested in brodcasting it, but the IBJJF wanted too much money(this is according to someone from OTM)

2:56 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
LOL good one Caleb.. in your “spare” Time ๐Ÿ™‚

2:56 [Comment From ROBERT]
caleb do u see a big superhevy brown belt white guy

2:56 [Comment From Kyle]
Good Stuff! Way to go Barral! ๐Ÿ™‚

2:56 [Comment From Will]
Go Braulio!

2:56 Caleb: Braulio is sinking a triangle on Vella!

2:57 Caleb: Time ran out – the score was 0-0 and now both had an advantage!

2:57 Caleb: Let’s see whose hand is raised!?!?!?!

2:57 [Comment From Kyle]
Good Stuff! Way to go Barral. ๐Ÿ™‚

2:57 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
@dokomoy hmmm greed shouldn’t keep this from us!

2:57 [Comment From steve finan]
braulio …go

2:57 [Comment From Oliver]
comon Braulio !!!

2:58 J Sho: damn

2:58 Caleb: Vella’s hand is raised by the ref!

2:58 J Sho: noooooo

2:58 [Comment From Will]

2:58 [Comment From Alliance]

2:58 [Comment From Alliance]

2:58 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
oh shit

2:58 [Comment From steve finan]

2:58 [Comment From Jeff]
graet win for vella!!

2:58 [Comment From Will]

2:58 [Comment From Mike]
sweet! Alliance!!!!!!

2:58 [Comment From Oliver]
omggggggggggggggggggg F**K

2:58 [Comment From Tim L]

2:58 [Comment From Styrkur]

2:59 [Comment From Barca]
Luka Dias update plz

2:59 Caleb: Luka’s still in her opponent’s guard and the score is 0-0 at 9m21s.

2:59 [Comment From Alliance]
nice win for Vella

2:59 [Comment From Styrkur]
come on!!!!!!

2:59 [Comment From steve finan]
roger will kill him

2:59 [Comment From Alliance]

2:59 [Comment From aashby]
gutted for braulio

2:59 Caleb: Leticia Ribeiro is now up against a brown belt I do not know.

2:59 [Comment From ROBERT]

2:59 [Comment From Styrkur]

2:59 [Comment From Oliver]
btw, if you guys come in South of France this summer, come to train with us . You are all welcome guys

3:00 Caleb: Very boring match with Luka and her BJJ Revolution opponent. But Luka’s hand is raised afterwards.

3:00 [Comment From Alliance]

3:00 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Well Vella gets his chance now so fair enough

3:01 [Comment From Alliance]
but I am from Alliance >.>

3:01 [Comment From Styrkur]
F*ck France, kidding.

3:01 [Comment From Barca]
megaton powa

3:01 [Comment From johnny]
What happened with Clark Gracie?

3:01 J Sho: So back with the stats, Calasans is the only one left who has never won the mundials @ black belt – he is also the lightest of the 4 – medio vs super pesado and meio pesado vs pesadissimo

3:02 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
I had a mate competing, middle weight brown belt – Matt Cooper, anyone know how he went?

3:02 Caleb: Kyra Gracie is now up against the ATT lady I mentioned before. Juliana Borges maybe?

3:03 Caleb: Leticia Ribeiro wins her match.

3:03 [Comment From rdbjj]
what team does calassans belong?

3:03 [Comment From Guest]
kyra vs att is this the final open class

3:03 [Comment From Oliver]
@ Styrkur – muahahah, France sucks in bjj, you are right muahahah

3:03 [Comment From Mark Nienaber]
Someone tell Kyra I love her

3:03 J Sho: calasans is Atos now

3:03 Caleb: Be nice everyone or face the banhammer

3:04 J Sho: @oliver, who teaches there these days, still Irmรฃo?

3:04 [Comment From dokomoy]
@caleb it’s JUliana borges. I posted it before but it got caught in a wave of messages

3:04 [Comment From Sucuri]
Rominho vs Roger in the Final perhaps?

3:04 [Comment From Dan]
haha ya tell her i lover her to

3:04 [Comment From Rick]
Anyone see if Vicente Jr is competing now ?

3:04 [Comment From Styrkur]
@ Oliver – Haha, I heard you guys do well for Europe.

3:04 [Comment From Oliver]
yes, still :D. Do you know him ?

3:05 [Comment From Rick Mac]
Thanks caleb!

3:05 [Comment From Rick]
Vicente Jr is our Teacher

3:05 [Comment From Will]
@Rick Last I saw Vicente Jr was at the Intl Master and Seniors last year.

3:05 Caleb: Kyra is in Borges’ guard.

3:06 Caleb: Roger Gracie just stepped on the mat with Calasans.

3:06 [Comment From steve finan]
did Vella do enought to win… The triangle was a more substantial attack ? Or was Braulio too passive through out

3:06 J Sho: no, only know of him – ze radiola makes exceedingly fine black belts :o)

3:07 Caleb: @steve finan – :/

3:07 [Comment From Rick]
Will he in supposed to go at about 3 today

3:07 [Comment From Oliver]
We had Bruno alves as professor during 3 months . This guy is crazy, so good

3:07 [Comment From Styrkur]

3:07 [Comment From D.J.]

3:07 J Sho: @caleb, hey dude, we can’t see from the UK! what did vella get the nod for?

3:08 Caleb: Calasans just took ROger down and is winning 2-0!

3:08 J Sho: what time?

3:08 Caleb: Roger is now in Calasans’ gaurd at 1m37s.

3:08 [Comment From D.J.]

3:08 [Comment From Sucuri]
Ze Radiola is the Mr. Kipling of Jiu-jitsu?

3:09 [Comment From Rick]
Caleb can you tell me when Vicente Jr goes up

3:09 [Comment From steve finan]
what a shame

3:09 [Comment From Oliver]
@ J sho : ehehehe. Ze radiola is a king. Maybe the greatest man ive ever met

3:09 [Comment From Mchapman]
is that DJ of the Farmer clan?

3:09 [Comment From steve finan]
oh no

3:09 [Comment From Styrkur]

3:09 [Comment From simco]
no sweep points?

3:09 J Sho: @sucuri, lol, wondered if someone would get the reference

3:10 Caleb: Roger Gracie has opened Calasans’ guard and appears to be beginning to lay the weight down…

3:10 Caleb: Kyra has her opponent’s back and is up 11-0.

3:11 Caleb: Roger passes and is now up 3-2 over Calasans.

3:11 [Comment From Oliver]
@ Sucuri : he is just the best professor :p

3:11 [Comment From Sucuri]
@J Sho: Hehe. It is true though.

3:11 Caleb: Guess what happened now with Roger?

3:11 J Sho: mount & choke?

3:11 Caleb: HE MOUNTED! It’s 7-2 at 4m12s…

3:11 J Sho: steve and i know that from personal experience

3:11 J Sho: lol

3:12 Caleb: He’s laying down the choke, and Calasans taps at 4m32s.

3:12 [Comment From Styrkur]
Go Roger go!

3:12 [Comment From steve finan]
go roger … squish him

3:12 [Comment From Eduardo]
anybody knows what time black belt light division is starting?

3:12 [Comment From rdbjj]
so rominho vs vella and roger vs callasans

3:12 [Comment From Mark N]
WOO HOO Roger!

3:13 [Comment From steve finan]
He mounted

3:13 [Comment From Mark N]
Mount – Choke

3:13 [Comment From Styrkur]

3:13 [Comment From steve finan]
and choking

3:13 [Comment From Styrkur]

3:13 [Comment From Sucuri]
@Oliver: Only met him the once.

3:13 [Comment From steve finan]
bye bye Calasan

3:13 [Comment From Styrkur]

3:13 [Comment From Guest]
haha hows kyra doing

3:13 Caleb: Kyra won her match.

3:13 [Comment From steve finan]

3:13 [Comment From Guest]

3:13 [Comment From aashby]

3:13 [Comment From Mchapman]
he is a machine.

3:14 Caleb: Mario Reis just launches his opponent into the air with a sweep from the guard.

3:15 [Comment From Mark N]
Awesome Kyra!

3:15 [Comment From ash]
so just one more mount and choke to go for Roger then

3:15 [Comment From Chris Simamora]
Roger is incredible.

3:15 [Comment From Mark N]
Still mounted?

3:15 [Comment From Dan]
The feather has started?

3:15 J Sho: Reis is fighting Takumi Nakayama from Paraestra according tot he brackets

3:16 [Comment From Oliver]
@Caleb : Did you see the fights of Gunnar Nelson? This guy has just 3 years of jiu jitsu, he is amazing

3:16 Caleb: @Oliver – I saw some. Looks tough!

3:17 Caleb: Sayaka Shoioda is up against a Gracie Barra lady.

3:17 [Comment From Styrkur]
bye guys

3:17 [Comment From Styrkur]
gtg to work

3:17 [Comment From Israel]
has light feather black started yet?

3:17 [Comment From steve finan]
j sho and I can vouch for that.. certain things just cannot be stopped.. Roger is one of them. Its like a big dark cloud slowly spreading over you…

3:17 [Comment From Robert]
hey caleb i know its early but when the middleweights fight can u please let me know how rodrigo teixeria did and carlos diego ferreira

3:17 [Comment From Robert]

3:18 Caleb: Ana Carolina Vidal is in a tough match with a girl from Alliance.

3:19 [Comment From D.J.]
Damn Skippy!!

3:19 [Comment From Oliver]
bb styrkur.

3:19 [Comment From Eduardo]
so much Roger ass licking in this blog is making me dizzy

3:19 [Comment From Rick]
Light Feather should be starting any minute

3:19 Caleb: Sayaka Shioda defeats her GB opponent.

3:19 [Comment From Rick]
Our Teacher said he was up at around 3 to 3:30

3:19 [Comment From Armando]
How is Humaita doing?

3:19 [Comment From Oliver]
Next year, i will come in L.A ๐Ÿ˜€ . Watching is better than reading ahahahah

3:19 [Comment From steve finan]
we are biased … sorry

3:19 J Sho: @eduardo Steve and I are friends/students of his over here in england, only natural we should support him.

3:21 Caleb: remember everyone if you can make it to come grab coffee with us tomorrow before the action starts!

3:21 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
I miss Andre Galvao this year. DREAM 10 should be an MMA coming out party for him though.

3:22 [Comment From Eduardo]
understand’s cool

3:22 [Comment From Jeff]
Any word on Medio Pesado?

3:22 [Comment From Will]
@eduardo I trained with Roger for 2 years, as well.

3:22 [Comment From H]
Hard to argue with Roger being unstoppable.

3:22 [Comment From steve finan]
and with raised blood pressure after the take-down !!

3:22 [Comment From Mchapman]
the guy is in his 7th consecutive absolute finals, a little praise is justified, I think

3:22 J Sho: yeah galvao not being here is a shame – would love he and jacare and margarida to all be here

3:22 Caleb: Mario Reis is about to finalize a triangle. He’s up 10-0 anyhow…

3:23 Caleb: Reis wins his match.

3:24 Caleb: In a very deadlocked match (0-0 points, 0-0 advantages), Ana Carolina Vidal is eliminated by her Alliance opponent.

3:24 [Comment From Armando]
Are results being posted (brackets) anywhere? How is Gracie Humaita doing so far?

3:24 [Comment From Israel]
plz let me know how chad robichaux does…

3:24 [Comment From Oliver]
I can’t wait for the DVD :p

3:24 [Comment From aashby]
@eduardo: Not many other competitors left to cheer for.

3:24 [Comment From Jeff]
Any Light feather?

3:24 [Comment From ray]
caleb do you know how clark gracie did?

3:25 Caleb: @ray – I saw Clark Gracie lose at one point earlier today.

3:25 [Comment From Mark N]
Hey CALEB… THANKS MAN!!! you bloody rock!

3:25 [Comment From Robb]
Has Caio Terra fought yet??

3:25 [Comment From Oliver]
waiting for otavio and victor !!! Good luck my friends

3:25 [Comment From Eduardo]
you guys are doing a better job than 2 other blogs that I’m following. Thank you for the updates.

3:25 Caleb: @Eduardo – we try!

3:26 Caleb: Baret Yoshida is now in action on mat 3, defending a guard pass…

3:26 [Comment From Rick]
They should have this available on TV

3:26 [Comment From Rick]
Caleb great job…

3:26 [Comment From D.J.]
posting at 625pm in ATL….what a Delay!!!

3:26 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
Caleb, you dont try…YOU WIN! THANKS!!!

3:26 [Comment From Jeff]
Great blog!!! Somebody should try to fill in the brackets online somewhere.

3:26 [Comment From Jeff]
once again Caleb is da man!

3:27 [Comment From Alliance]
Caleb you ROCK

3:27 [Comment From Eduardo]
i agree Rick…it’s time

3:27 Caleb: Val Worrthington defeats a Gracie Barra opponent as time runs out!

3:28 Caleb: Welllington “Megaton” Dias is now on mat 6….

3:29 Caleb: Baret Yoshida is sinking his trademarked collar choke from the back / crucifix at the 4m35s mark…

3:29 Caleb: Baret Yoshida sinks the choke and the ref raises his hand.

3:29 [Comment From Robb]
Caleb, Has Caio Terra fought yet??

3:29 [Comment From loa]
war barret

3:29 [Comment From ben]
How did ryan hall do?

3:30 [Comment From Jeff]
Will Barral and Roger close out or fight

3:30 [Comment From Rick]
Vicente Jr, said he would call me when light feather was starting but I think his phone died

3:30 [Comment From Marco]
thank you Caleb! Really nice job here!

3:30 [Comment From Jeff]
caleb, did you drink that redbull yet?

3:30 [Comment From Alaina]
Holy cow! That’s huge for val. That’s my gal!!!

3:30 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
bring on Vella vs Barral

3:30 [Comment From Dan]
Bring out Cobrinha!!

3:30 [Comment From TOM CHESS]
Please watch for Leo Dalla !!!

3:30 [Comment From Guest]
Have the weight classes started yet?

3:30 [Comment From Mchapman]
yoshida and reis in a quarter final would be a damn good match…

3:31 Caleb: I

  • have not seen Caio Terra fight
  • or drank a red bull yet.

3:32 [Comment From rdbjj]
ryan hall got 3rd

3:32 [Comment From Guest]
What about Johnas Gurgel from ATT?

3:32 [Comment From Eduardo]
Has cobrinha fought yet?

3:32 Caleb: @Eduardo – I have not seen Cobrinha yet.

3:32 [Comment From abdullah]
vella will beat barral

3:33 [Comment From vinn]
How did JT Torres do?

3:33 [Comment From Jeff]

3:33 [Comment From Barca]
Megaton fighting Scott DeWitt?

3:33 [Comment From Robb]
LOL Thank you sir, great job BTW

3:33 [Comment From Will]
@Caleb Do you still have that red bull un-opened?

3:33 [Comment From Mark N]
@rdbjj what division?

3:33 [Comment From Mchapman]
Cobrinha has a first round bye

3:33 [Comment From rdbjj]
jt got 2nd

3:33 J Sho: @jeff – fight, as they did in 2007 mundials absolute final

3:33 [Comment From D.J.]
8 min delay

3:33 [Comment From abdullah]
barral pulled spider guard on vella

3:33 [Comment From Sucuri]
JT got silver. Beaten by a guy from GB.

3:33 [Comment From Alaina]
gotta pull for scott in this one – he crucifixed me several times last month ๐Ÿ™‚

3:35 Caleb: Barra’s Bianca Barreto is up by 2 over her opponent.

3:35 Caleb: Romulo Barral and Gabriel Vella are going at it on mat 5. Barral is working his spider guard.

3:35 [Comment From Israel]
any word on chad robichaux v joe capizzi?

3:35 [Comment From Jeff]
what happend with vella vs barral?

3:35 [Comment From Charles]
Has Jared Weiner of Lloyd Irvin fought yet?

3:35 [Comment From abdullah]
barral tries a sweep

3:35 [Comment From vinn]
JT is a beast

3:36 Caleb: It’s 0-0 and no advantages in the match between Vella and Barral. Vella is on top trying to get past Barral’s wily legs.

3:36 [Comment From loa]
any word on A brown belt named Jake Mapes

3:37 Caleb: Under four minutes remaining between Vella and Barral.

3:37 [Comment From Tactical]
I would love to see that vella barral match

3:37 [Comment From joao]
Mapes is still in it

3:37 [Comment From Mark N]
@tactical… next DVD ๐Ÿ˜€

3:38 Caleb: Johnny Ramirez is up against a Gracie Barra opponent.

3:38 Caleb: Barral is sinking a triangle against Vella! He sinks it at 7m49s!!!!!

3:39 J Sho: boa!!

3:39 Caleb: Vella taps, evoking a big round of applause from the Barra presence.

3:39 [Comment From abdullah]
go vella

3:39 [Comment From loa]
@joao thanks man

3:39 [Comment From Dan]
Romulo To Win Absolute!!

3:40 [Comment From Mark N]
wow!! go barral!

3:40 [Comment From Tactical]

3:40 [Comment From joao]

3:40 Caleb: Bianca Barreto is still up 2-0 against her Gracie Humaita adversar at 8m06s.

3:41 Caleb: Johnny Ramirez is tied 0-0 with his Barra opponent.

3:41 Caleb: Ramirez is defending an omoplata attack…

3:42 Caleb: …which turns into a deep triangle! But Ramirez pops out!

3:42 [Comment From Robb]
Caleb has the Black belt – Male – Rooster to Light started?? This is where Caio will fight

3:42 [Comment From Andy]
So, it’s Roger and Romulo in the Absolute finals again?

3:42 [Comment From 2007 just called]

3:42 [Comment From Guest]
what setup did Barral use for the triangle on Vella?

3:42 [Comment From abdullah]
roger gracie is going to get 2nd open class title

3:42 [Comment From abdullah]
any word on the mendez brothers ??

3:43 Caleb: Okay I am going for a break! Nature calls. I tap to my bladder!

3:48 [Comment From abdullah]

3:48 [Comment From Barca]
pee in a bottle imo

3:48 [Comment From Guest]
not acceptable. i want a refund!

3:48 [Comment From loa]
I thought you were going to pee in a cup

3:48 [Comment From Lyoto Machida]
Drink it!

3:48 [Comment From vinn]
How did Zak Maxwell do?

3:48 [Comment From Guest]
seeya caleb

3:48 [Comment From Jason Mereness]
Gracie vs Barral Flashback…Roger should be good to go!

3:48 Caleb: ok i am back. Ramirez is still fighting hard against his GB opponent!

3:48 Caleb: Time is running out and Ramirez is down by one advantage!

3:49 Caleb: In the very closing seconds Ramirez gets the pass! He wins 5-2!!

3:50 Caleb: Brad Court is now up…

3:51 Caleb: Rodrigo Texeira is up against a Gracie Barra opponent.

3:51 [Comment From Noriega]
Zak won his divion

3:51 [Comment From Guest]
zak maxwell git fisrt place

3:51 [Comment From esteban]
wow… exciting match.

3:51 [Comment From Rick]
I take it they are well behind schedule

3:51 [Comment From Barca]
@Caleb What happened with Megaton’s match?

3:51 Caleb: I believe Megaton won.

3:51 [Comment From abdullah]
celeso vincius fighting

3:51 [Comment From Alliance]
have they started medio?

3:51 [Comment From Rick Mac]
zak won his division yesterday

3:52 [Comment From abdullah]
nope they did not start medio

3:52 [Comment From Sim Go]
Did zak and hall go against each other?

3:52 Caleb: @Sim – I believe so. I was not here yesterday.

3:52 [Comment From Guest]
thanz caleb let me know how RODRIGO TEIXEIRA DOES

3:55 Caleb: Texeira wins by submission!

3:56 [Comment From Israel]
has chad robichaux (light feather/black) rolled yet?

3:56 Caleb: Brad Court is up 13-0, and full mounted…

3:56 Caleb: Kid Peligro just told me Baret Yoshida put someone to sleep while I was in the bathroom.

3:57 [Comment From Paramount student]
How did Brad court do?

3:57 [Comment From joao]
ramirez passa a guarda

3:57 [Comment From Jeff]
Zach won 4-2

3:57 [Comment From joao]
mapes dq reap perna

3:57 [Comment From Dan]
i would like to see Zak Maxwell vs Michel Langhi

3:58 [Comment From joao]
texiera bicho!! boa!!

3:58 [Comment From esteban]
Hey Caleb, do you know if Nakapan competed? Thanks..

3:58 [Comment From abdullah]
what division is texeiia in???

3:58 [Comment From Paramount student]

3:58 [Comment From sete]
Zak beat hall

3:58 [Comment From Alliance]
I can not wait till Cobrinha and Marcello get to work

3:58 [Comment From Guest]

3:58 [Comment From Keith]
go Brad!

3:59 Caleb: Court is up 20-0 with 2 minutes to go.

3:59 [Comment From Guest]

3:59 [Comment From Mchapman]
by the bracket, it looks like yoshida put sam joseph to sleep – and has mario reis next!

3:59 [Comment From loa]
mapes got dq

3:59 [Comment From Paramount student – Glenn]
go Brad Court

3:59 [Comment From Andy]
Any word on Jonatas Gurgel? He’s in Barett’s division.

4:00 Caleb: Court is defending a deep armbar now! Wil he lose after being up by such a lead?

4:00 Caleb: We have our answer quickly. He’s out and now on top in half guard.

4:01 Caleb: Time runs out and Court wins 20-0.

4:01 [Comment From abdullah]
who is brad court

4:01 [Comment From Rusty]
I hope Mario Reis loses. He is such a ponce.

4:02 [Comment From Charles]
brad is laying the smack down!!!

4:02 [Comment From Quentin]
that would be a waste

4:02 [Comment From Paramount student – Glenn]
Whoo- Go Brad!

4:04 [Comment From Paramount student – Glenn]
Brad Court Paramount BJJ Instructor , team lloyd Irvin

4:04 [Comment From Stevo]
How has Carlos Lemos done?

4:04 [Comment From Charles]
Brad is Team Lloyd Irvin

4:04 [Comment From Team LI]
Brad is a Lloyd Irvin Black Belt

4:04 [Comment From Andy]
Thanks Caleb. I would give both of my weiners to see this tournament live.

4:07 [Comment From Quentin]
what happens tomorrow? black belt finals only?

4:07 [Comment From Israel]
any news on Light Feather/Black starting?

4:07 [Comment From tren long]
caleb you are the man, thanks!!!

4:07 Caleb: Rickson Gracie has arrived.

4:08 [Comment From Kyle]
wow. up 20-0 and almost lost to an armbar. that would have been a crazy upset

4:08 [Comment From Mchapman]
more updates please!

4:08 Caleb: Rafael Mendes is working a collar choke from his opponent’s back.

4:08 [Comment From Rusty]
Bow down!!!

4:08 [Comment From scsubfighter]
Ask Rickson about Kevin Casey!

4:09 [Comment From nino schembri]
caleb, when will you write for graciemag?

4:09 [Comment From ron]
sorry been away all day has kron competed yet? who won the brown belt super heavy any word on carlos melo?

4:09 J Sho: @scsubfighter – lol

4:10 Caleb: Rafael Mendes won his match.

4:10 J Sho: why did Guilherme go down a weight cat if he was the one who beat cobrinha? does he find it easier to cut?

4:10 [Comment From vinn]

4:10 [Comment From Alaina]
LOL @scsubfighter

4:10 [Comment From Guest]
Carlos Melo won

4:11 [Comment From Rick]
Caleb If you see Vicente Jr from DeLaRiva fighting can you tell me how it goes ?

4:11 J Sho: hang on, mixed up my mendes

4:11 [Comment From Mchapman]
graciemag site has crashed (traffic probably)

4:11 [Comment From Guest]

4:12 Caleb: Naoya Uematsu is now going on mat 3, in his opponent’s guard.

4:12 [Comment From Mchapman]
no, guilherme was choked out by Cobrinha and Raphael won by points. Bruno Frazatto is also in the division

4:13 Caleb: Bruno Frazatto is now up on mat 2. The two pull guard at the same time and now find themselves facing each other seated.

4:13 [Comment From abdullah]
rfeal mendez is the man

4:13 [Comment From Rick]
Is Light Feather done with yet ?

4:13 [Comment From Guest]
how did ricardo miglarese do in his first match?

4:13 [Comment From Barca]

4:14 J Sho: Rick Migs hasn’t had one in his category yet – he got subbed by cavaca in the absolute

4:14 [Comment From tren long]
@guest, lost via triangle i think

4:14 [Comment From Israel]
any word on chad robichaux vs joe capizzi in the light feather black division?

4:14 [Comment From abdullah]
rafeal mendes Samuel Hertzog

4:15 Caleb: Naoya Uematsu is defending a collar choke from the back. It looks deep!

4:15 [Comment From Guest]
thanks j sho

4:15 [Comment From rodrigo]
how did cristiano oliveira do?

4:17 Caleb: Naoya Uematsu escaped that collar choke attempt. He’s now defending from open guard.

4:17 [Comment From abdullah]
did wellington diaz beat scott de witt

4:17 [Comment From Tim]
Cobrinha lost?

4:17 [Comment From Alliance]
both quileherme and rafael have lost to Cobrinha, I believe Quileherme by submission and eh I dont remember. Well Cobrinha has beat them both but Rafael won recently but it was ADCC Pro BJJ not using IBJJF rules

4:18 Caleb: Johnny Ramirez is in action again. The score is 0-0 at 1m18s.

4:18 [Comment From Alliance]
even the match time was different

4:19 Caleb: Okay for everyone awaiting Cobrinha news – he’s next to mat 6, doing handstands to warm up.

4:19 J Sho: Caleb, keep up the good work and will tune in tomorrow

4:19 Caleb: @j-sho – thanks!

4:19 Caleb: Bruno Frazatto is up 2-0 at the 6 minute mark.

4:20 [Comment From abdullah]
i think r .mendezz ill beat cobrinha

4:20 [Comment From Mchapman]
correct. Cobrinha has 2 victories over Raphael – points and DQ.

4:20 [Comment From abdullah]
@ alliance but he still beat cobrihna

4:20 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Tino show up yet Caleb?

4:20 Caleb: @ninjamurf – Tino is warming up. I will keep you updated!

4:20 [Comment From Guest]
what was different about the rules other than the time Alliance?

4:20 [Comment From Mchapman]

4:20 [Comment From Ray]
Whoop Terere!

4:21 Caleb: Naoya Uematsu lost 4-0 to an unknown opponent.

4:21 [Comment From abdullah]
did guilherme mendes fight yet?

4:21 [Comment From Israel]
im guessing light fwather is coming up soon???

4:21 [Comment From Rick]
Caleb I will send RedBull if you get a good view of Luiz Vicente going

4:21 [Comment From Alaina]
johnny and sonny nohara had the greatest match i’ve ever seen at the ADCC trials a couple of weekends ago… big ramirez fan.

4:22 Caleb: Johnny Ramirez is losing 2-0 and is now in closed guard while his opponent was standing. The time is 4m53s.

4:22 [Comment From Alliance]
that match in on youtube

4:22 [Comment From Guest]
Mendes wins no matter what the rules are?

4:22 [Comment From Tim]
Cobrinha is the man!!!

4:22 [Comment From Alliance]
Terere is back with Alliance too!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

4:22 [Comment From abdullah]
the time limit was 6 min instead of 10

4:22 [Comment From Mchapman]
Gabriel Willcox beat Uematsu according to the bracket

4:22 [Comment From Liz]
Go Johnny!

4:22 [Comment From Alliance]
Atos is so after Cobrinhas head. None of them have done same as Cobrinha, which is place in top 3 at black belt absolute division

4:23 Caleb: A team of medics is now attending Naoya Uematsu, who is laying on his belly.

4:23 Caleb: Baret Yoshida and Mario Reis will go at it on mat 3 after Uematsu is removed!

4:23 [Comment From Ray]
Terere with Alliance? Do you have a source

4:24 [Comment From cb]
terere is even competing again

4:24 Caleb: Uematsu is now walking off the mats, helped by teammates and medics. He is smiling.

4:25 [Comment From Mchapman]
I can look up the source – but he competed a few weekends ago at the nationals for Alliance

4:25 [Comment From Alliance]
Eh Terere is from alliance all the way from white belt to black and my source is general Fabio Gurgel. Terere is training in an Alliance gym again and competing under Alliance flag

4:25 Caleb: Mario Reis and Yoshida are now going at it; Yoshida is on top in 1/2 guard…

4:25 [Comment From abdullah]
@CB terrere competed under alliance at the brazilian nationals

4:25 [Comment From Ray]
That’s great to hear. I just wanted to confirm

4:26 Caleb: Reis is now attempting an omoplata on Yoshida…

4:26 Caleb: …it is pretty deep but Yoshida is defending very well.

4:26 [Comment From 808]
anybody know how rexie barnum did today?

4:27 Caleb: Rodrigo Texeira is now on the mats against an unknown opponent.

4:27 [Comment From Guest]
Terre did compete for the Alliance at The Brasileiro but last year he trained with Brasa with Ricardo Vieira.

4:28 Caleb: Reis is now up 2-0 against Yoshida and is on top in 1/2 guard.

4:28 [Comment From Guest]

4:28 [Comment From Guest]
He even competed last year in s small tournament for Brasa

4:28 [Comment From Alliance]
Terere actually stopped training BJJ for a while…

4:28 [Comment From loa]
Rex must have lost his first because if he won he would have played Rhalan and rhalan played someone else his first match if I am not mistaken

4:28 [Comment From Mchapman]
terere left Ricardos in February – article on

4:28 [Comment From cb]
probably before brasa split

4:29 [Comment From Alliance]
some issues in his life, which I wont elaborate

4:29 Caleb: Mario Reis still attempting to get around Yoshida’s tricky guard. Not successful yet. The time is 4m23s and Reis is still up 2-0.

4:29 [Comment From Guest]
was in March of 2008

4:29 [Comment From 808]
mahalo’s loa

4:30 [Comment From Guest]
Was in a small tournament in Copacabana

4:30 [Comment From Mchapman]
Cobrinha fighting yet?

4:30 [Comment From Alliance]
go baret yoshida

4:30 Caleb: No still no Cobrinha.

4:31 Caleb: Reis is up 5-0 against Yoshida now and in side control.

4:32 Caleb: Fredson Alves (UNIJJ / Humaita / Saulo Ribeiro) is up on mat 8.

4:32 Caleb: Brad Court is now up against Lucas Lepri on mat 1. Lepri is up 7-0 in 90 seconds.

4:33 [Comment From Guest]
CheckMat has had a great showing with a big win from Cavaca over Tarsis

4:33 [Comment From Rick]
Caleb Any word on Vicente Jr ? ?

4:33 [Comment From Ray]
How did Bruno do?

4:33 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
Is the absolute final set now? Roger vs Romulo? Or are there more absolute fights today?

4:33 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Who won Uematsu is not unknown he is brazilain former star Gabriel Willcox

4:33 [Comment From Mchapman]
what has been the most exciting match so far?

4:33 [Comment From Rick]
Caleb Vicente Jr and Braga up next

4:34 Caleb: Mario Reis looks like he’s going to win this one over Yoshida. Just one minute left and he remains up 5-0.

4:34 Caleb: Lucas Lepri tapped Brad Court at 2m45s. He was up 12-0 at the time.

4:34 [Comment From Eduardo]
pls keep news coming on Lepri

4:34 [Comment From Apex]
Any word on Caio Terra? I believe he would be in rooster.

4:34 [Comment From jay]
what happened yesterday with the fighter that had to be escorted out by local PD?

4:35 Caleb: Rodrigo Texeira is laying a deep footlock on his opponent but after a scramble the two find themselves out of bounds and they’re stood up.

4:35 [Comment From Guest]

4:35 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
I think Barret is good ,especially without the gi..but no as good to make results on Mundials

4:35 Caleb: Here comes Cobrinha! He’s going against a Japanese fighter.

4:36 [Comment From adam]
Rafael dos santos? alliance

4:36 [Comment From steve]
Bill Cooper?

4:37 Caleb: Fredson Alves is up 12-0 over his New Breed adversary and sinks a head – arm triangle on him.

4:37 [Comment From Guest]
Caio Terra just had knee surgery

4:37 [Comment From Mchapman]
Sasa Yukinori from Paraestra will be fighting Cobrinha according to the brackets

4:37 [Comment From loa]
barret is one of the most fun guys to see compete and is one of the top guys losing to Mario Reis is no shame

4:37 [Comment From jill]
what about light feather division

4:38 Caleb: Cobrinha is on top trying to pass Yukinori’s guard. (Thanks Mchapman).

4:38 [Comment From abdullah]
fredson alves is good

4:38 [Comment From jay]
is caio competing?

4:38 [Comment From Israel]
yea what about light feather?

4:38 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Sasa won against MMA fighter Manuel from Att?

4:39 Caleb: Rodrigo Texeira continues up 2-0 in the closing moments of his match. He’s on bottom in 1/2 guard.

4:39 Caleb: Cobrinha has already taken Yukinori’s back!

4:40 Caleb: Frazatto is now up against the guy who beat Uematsu.

4:40 Caleb: Rodrigo Texeira wins his match. Time expired.

4:40 [Comment From rj]
cwar caio terra!

4:40 [Comment From Guest]
Johnas Gurgel???

4:40 [Comment From Rick]
I know that Vicente / Braga is up or coming up in light feather

4:40 [Comment From Mchapman]
@jjbmontpellier – it looks that way, makes sense according to the last round of the bracket

4:40 [Comment From Guest]
yes thank u caleb so much

4:40 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
I know Sasa ,he is good ,i ever train with him in brazil before he was brown belt world champ…but Cobrinha will kill him i think

4:40 [Comment From Alper]
Is this lightweight now?

4:41 [Comment From Balance/AC]
Hope ricky does good in weight

4:41 [Comment From Mchapman]
Gabriel Willcox vs. Frazzato

4:41 [Comment From abdullah]
any word on regis lebre??

4:41 Caleb: Cobrinha is sinking a mean choke and gets the tap!

4:41 [Comment From Guest]
Has Megaton had his first match yet?

4:42 Caleb: Bruno Frazatto is tied with Gabriel Wilcox 0-0 at the 1m43s mark.

4:42 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School]

4:42 [Comment From Dan]
Cobra strikes already

4:42 [Comment From Mchapman]

4:43 [Comment From Barca]
@Guest yeah, caleb thinks Megaton won

4:43 [Comment From steve]
did teixeira drop a class. has him at middle

4:43 Caleb: Frazatto nearly has Wilcox’ back.

4:44 Caleb: Fredson Alves is now up against a Claudio Franca opponent.

4:44 [Comment From Stuart]
What time does it start tomorrow

4:44 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Willcox is not the younger but very good ,it s not an easy fight to Frazzato

4:44 [Comment From abdullah]
if megaton wonthat means that he is about to face cobrinha

4:44 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
Yes, but you’ve got to hand it to the Japanese fighter. He defended for a long time against Cobrinha

4:45 [Comment From Mchapman]
semifinals and finals for weightclasses are tomorrow, correct?

4:45 [Comment From jill]
any update on vincente/braga

4:46 Caleb: Frazatto is choking Wilcox but looks like he may switch to the armbar.

4:46 [Comment From Rick]
Lets hope that it is Vicente over Braga ๐Ÿ™‚

4:46 [Comment From Synergy]
Vincente lost his second match

4:47 Caleb: Lucas Lepri is now up on mat 1 against an unidentified fighter.

4:47 [Comment From abdullah]
fredson alves???

4:47 [Comment From jill]
@rick…why? (go Samuel)

4:47 [Comment From jc]
how is the pluma?

4:47 [Comment From Rick]
Synergy thanks for the update… I will try to call him, how did he loose ?

4:48 [Comment From Israel]
any word on chad robichaux from GB in light feather?

4:48 Caleb: Frazatto continues on Wilcox’ back, but hasn’t finished him yet.

4:48 Caleb: Fredson Alves is tied 2-2 against his opponent.

4:49 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
i know vicente very well (i train many times with im at De La Riva gym on copacabana)he is very good but Braga is 2 times world champ…

4:49 [Comment From Rick]
Jill, Vicente works at my academy thats why ๐Ÿ™‚

4:49 [Comment From Synergy]
Not sure

4:49 [Comment From abdullah]

4:49 [Comment From robert]
caleb rodrigo teixeira your watching is in middleweight is he

4:49 [Comment From abdullah]
hmm fredson is the man

4:49 [Comment From Randy]
@ Synergy: Wish Tony good luck for me!

4:50 Caleb: Lucas Lepri is up 4-2 over his Atos opponent.

4:50 [Comment From Rick]
Tony and Boca are still left for tonight from DLR

4:50 [Comment From Synergy]
Rick, Vicente lost to choke in his second match

4:51 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
semifinals and finals for weightclasses are tomorrow, correct?

4:51 [Comment From Mchapman]
Lucas vs Gilbert Alexander

4:51 [Comment From jill]
Rick, understandable…I’m sure he did well

4:51 [Comment From Synergy]

4:51 Caleb: Time runs out and Frazatto defeats Wilcox.

4:52 [Comment From abdullah]
jjbmontpellier yup you are correct

4:52 [Comment From jjbmontpellier] Looks like quarters also are tomorrow

4:52 [Comment From gus oliveira]
when does the heavy weight atarts?

4:52 Caleb: Fredson Alves is losing 7-2.

4:53 [Comment From Rick]
Synergy Thanks for the update, I can not imagine him getting choked wow

4:53 [Comment From Bryan]
Hey Caleb, thanks for this man! I was interested to see how Gabriel Wilcox would do. He’s teaching here in Edmonton

4:53 [Comment From gus oliveira]
how many of you guys would pay to watch this tournament live on video, I would!!!!!!

4:53 [Comment From Rick]
Well I am happy he did well, now he can come back and build his school ๐Ÿ™‚

4:55 [Comment From Guest]
I’d pay for sure!

4:55 [Comment From Alliance]
I would

4:55 [Comment From Mchapman]
if quarters are tomorrow, Cobrinha is done for the day…

4:55 [Comment From jill]
i would pay to watch

4:56 Caleb: Lucas Lepri is now tied 7-7 with his Atos opponent.

4:56 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
If quarters and up are tomorrow, does Cobrinha fight again today? (How many in pena?)

4:56 [Comment From abdullah]
is middle weight running yet

4:56 [Comment From Synergy]
Getting choked by Braga is nothing to be ashamed of and he knows that. He is wicked good ๐Ÿ™‚

4:56 [Comment From abdullah]
i would

4:56 [Comment From loa]
i would pay

4:56 [Comment From Alper]
Anybody saw Carlos Eduardo (Blackbelt – Leve) Gracie Barra fighting already?

4:56 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] web site seems to have melted down. This one’s going fine, though

4:57 [Comment From JF]
I’d pay

4:57 [Comment From jill]
yes he is

4:57 [Comment From Will]
What weigh category is Boca?

4:57 [Comment From Guest]
middleweights have they started already

4:57 [Comment From Mchapman]
Michael Langhi up yet? Cobrinha has a bye first round, so his win over Sasa Yukinori qualified him for the quarters

4:59 Caleb: Lepri and and his Atos opponent are tying their belts. 22 seconds are left and Fabio Gurgel has a very serious look on his face. Lepri is down by two.

4:59 [Comment From Synergy]

4:59 [Comment From Alper]
Guilherme Campos vs Carlos eduardo – last fight on the braket leve (Key 4)

4:59 [Comment From tony]
any word on marcos terrogrosa from cassio werneck’s

4:59 [Comment From Dan]
Are lightweights still going?

4:59 [Comment From D.J.]
Lucus Lepri is awesome!

4:59 [Comment From gus oliveira]
heavy weight what time is on????

5:00 [Comment From Barca]
somebody wake caleb up hah

5:01 Caleb: Lepri’s opponent wins and his Atos teammates go crazy! He is making sword slicing moments through the air towards the Alliance fan section, who react with loud chanting!

5:01 [Comment From Guest]
did fredson alves lose????

5:01 [Comment From Guest]
rumble hahaa

5:02 Caleb: Sorry, just found out Lepri’s sword-swinging opponent from Atos – it was Gilbert Burns.

5:02 [Comment From Guest]
Wow… congrats to him then. Sorry for the favourite Lepri

5:02 [Comment From Dan]
Lepri lost!?!

5:02 [Comment From cd]
i guess bad blood between alliance and the religious ATOS

5:02 [Comment From abdullah]
atos rules and alliance drools lol i am just joking

5:03 [Comment From garra]
gilbert alexander according to

5:03 [Comment From Dan]
michael Langhi better kill that man! lol

5:03 [Comment From Guest]
its lokks like he losts against Gilbert Alexander who is from Brasilia and represents Atos

5:03 [Comment From Alper]
Lightweights still going?!?

5:03 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Gilbert Burns? Or Gilbert Alexander?

5:04 Caleb: Probably the same guy, represented by his two last names.

5:05 [Comment From abdullah]
@ caleb it says on the brackets that his name is gibert alexander

5:05 [Comment From jill]
anymore lightweight action?

5:05 [Comment From Guest]
Gilbert was a middle he drops to light to the mundials

5:05 [Comment From Mchapman]
wow. big upset. Raphael did this after beating Cobrinha too. Its getting heated

5:05 [Comment From Guest]
against alan do nascimento

5:05 [Comment From ninjamurf]
good chance…damn brazilians! lol

5:05 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
lepri tap?

5:05 Caleb: No Lepri lost on points. It was a very heated match.

5:06 [Comment From renoze_jjb]

5:06 Caleb: It’s a quiet moment here in the Pyramid…

5:07 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
langhi will win ALLIANCE POWAAA

5:07 [Comment From Dan]
langhi will get revenge for alliance

5:07 [Comment From Guest]
why what happened

5:08 [Comment From Jeff]
Anyone know how Raphael Chaves is doing?

5:08 [Comment From Guest]
why is it quiet

5:08 Caleb: Not a ton of action at the moment…

5:08 [Comment From ninjamurf]
so the door is now open for Tino? lol

5:08 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
it willbe good to the light weight class ,we will have a real fight to the finals

5:08 [Comment From Alliance]
Did Atos use their trademarked get 2 points and stall tactics again?

5:09 Caleb: Tino is up 2-2 and one advantage at 8m16s.

5:10 [Comment From GSA]
How has Roger Gracie done thus far?

5:10 [Comment From sete]
Any Middle Heavy matches going? Specifically Matt Jubera.

5:10 [Comment From Guest]
are the middleweights going now

5:10 [Comment From cd]
didn’t the atos guys come from alliance at some point?

5:10 [Comment From Dan]
haha that is there trademark

5:10 [Comment From Dan]
anyone know if Marcos Torregrossa fought yet?

5:10 [Comment From Mchapman]
speaking of Atos, has Raphael Mendes fought again?

5:11 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
du moment que laghi gagne รงa me va

5:11 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
lol jjb montpellier salut!!

5:11 [Comment From Alper]
Guilherme Campos won or lose against carlos eduardo?

5:11 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
don’t say that ,rafael is a very good finisher ,he won like this against Cobrinha on a 6 minutes match

5:11 [Comment From abdullah]
@ alliance man dont hate on atos

5:11 Caleb: Middle weights are warming up behind me in the bullpen. That place is packed!

5:11 [Comment From abdullah]
@ sete mattj ubera has not fought yet

5:12 Caleb: Tino (Fabio Santos) just lost via referee decision.

5:13 Caleb: If I see correctly, Marcos Torregossa just won his match.

5:14 [Comment From Alper]
Caleb did you saw
Guilherme Campos vs carlos eduardo?

5:14 Caleb: @Alper no, sorry.

5:15 Caleb: I am sorry everyone – It wasn’t Rodrigo Texeira earlier – it was Rodrigo Ranieri! ๐Ÿ™

5:16 [Comment From Guest]
hey the rodrigo teixeira u were talking about was in the middleweights right

5:16 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School]
Do you think Kron will win the Middle weight cat??

5:16 [Comment From Sam]
I heard Marcos T. was up 2-0 against Lapella

5:16 [Comment From abdullah]
has kron fought yet???

5:16 Caleb: Kron has not fought yet.

5:16 Caleb: Regis Lebre is up on mat 8 against an unknown opponent.

5:16 [Comment From James…]
When the miccle weights start, could you let me know how Tiago Alves does in his fights? I would really appreciate it.

5:16 [Comment From Magoo]
Just wondering what time it is finish tonight. I live in Hollywood and was thinking about driving down

5:16 [Comment From Sam]
Marco T. wins!

5:16 [Comment From joe]
has marcelo mafra fought yet?

5:17 [Comment From ninjamurf]
aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh Tinoooooooooooooooo!

5:17 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
there are many french boys here??renoze you are from wich gym??

5:17 [Comment From Guest]
Kron news??

5:17 [Comment From Dan]
awesome, thanks for the info about Marcos

5:17 [Comment From Alper]
Caleb, thank you. So lightweights still going and middleweights warming up… nice. Lets see whats kron gonna do ๐Ÿ™‚

5:17 [Comment From Rick]
jjbmontpellier I just talked to Vicente, he said that he was so tired from his first match and that Braga is so good and had a bi his first round. But in the end he just did not have the gas

5:17 [Comment From smc]
Any news on Kron?

5:17 [Comment From Kon]
Go Marcelo!

5:17 [Comment From Will]
Good night Caleb, thanks again mate.

5:17 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:17 [Comment From Raheem]
Bro any news on Tio Chico?

5:17 Caleb: I have not seen Tio Chico in action yet.

5:18 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:19 [Comment From abdullah]
go regis!!!!!!!!

5:19 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
alliance paulo sergio. j’ai connu adorian au brรฉsil cet รฉtรฉ

5:19 Caleb: I did not know The FightWorks Podcast was so popular among the French-speaking population.

5:20 [Comment From Guest]

5:20 [Comment From Jeff]
Anyone know how Raphael Chaves is doing?

5:20 [Comment From Guest]
ok aliance

5:20 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School]

5:21 Caleb: Regis Lebre is on top in 1/2 guard against his opponent. Bill”The Grill” Cooper is watching patiently from the side, speaking with Franjinha Miller and waiting for his match to start.

5:22 [Comment From jill]
any news on Dai Yoshioka

5:22 [Comment From Guest]
It’s Teixiera vs Regis Leibre, right?

5:23 Caleb: Yes I believe Regis Lebre’s opponent is Rodrigo Texeira. He’s wearing a Pedro Carvalho patch, if that helps.

5:23 [Comment From Raheem]
thanks for your time and effort my man!!

5:23 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School]
Will Bill Cooper be competing in this event?

5:23 [Comment From chieck kongo]
alors les gars, ca va?

5:23 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School]
Okay, just got my answer

5:23 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
cooper fight for allance?

5:23 [Comment From Combs]
@Caleb Kron is on deck after Regis

5:24 [Comment From Mchapman]
are Paragon wins counted for Alliance?

5:24 Caleb: @Mchapman I think that’s how they did it in the past.

5:25 Caleb: “Morango” Camoes is now up on mat 1 versus an unknown opponent.

5:25 [Comment From abdullah]
Rodrigo Teixeira vs regis lebre

5:25 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:25 [Comment From Guest]
must be him, he’s carvalho’s brother

5:25 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:25 [Comment From abdullah]
go gracie humaita!!

5:26 [Comment From joe]

5:27 Caleb: Regis Lebre defeats Rodrigo two advantages. The score was 2-2.

5:27 Caleb: Nakapan is now up on mat 8 against an unknown oopponent.

5:27 [Comment From bunghole]
hey caleb, did baret yoshida get eliminated?

5:27 [Comment From joe]
marcelo didnt do the absolute?

5:29 Caleb: Nakapan (Lloyd Irvin) is on top after his opponent pulled guard. Another Lloyd Irvin fighter, Mike Fowler, is now up on mat seven next door.

5:30 Caleb: “Morango” Camoes’ opponent from Axis Jiu-Jitsu just scored 2 points and is up 2-0.

5:30 Caleb: Fowler’s opponent is trying to sink a collar chooke from half guard. Fowler doesn’t seem bothered.

5:31 [Comment From garra]

5:31 [Comment From Jay]
Go Nakapan!

5:31 [Comment From abdullah]
morango is fighting now??

5:31 [Comment From Magoo]
Baret yoshida lost on points

5:31 [Comment From Guest]
Does anybody else think that taking the last 2 years off was the end of Marcelo’s domination?

5:31 [Comment From loa]
baret lost his second match to reis he put his first opponent to sleep

5:31 [Comment From allncetx]
Steve Hall fight yet?

5:31 [Comment From bunghole]
i’m also wondering why jeff glover is not competing this year, or last year, or any year in the worlds.

5:31 [Comment From abdullah]
barett lost his 2nd match

5:31 [Comment From Guest]
Any Edson Diniz news?

5:31 [Comment From gus oliveira]
please any on whar the beavy weight are on?????????????

5:31 [Comment From Combs]
Jubera is fighting mat 3

5:32 Caleb: Both Fowler and Nakapan are tied 0-0 with their opponents.

5:32 [Comment From Mchapman]
out for tonoght – thanks Caleb for all the hard work. If I am there next year, I will get you a sandwich or something!

5:32 [Comment From Sam]
Has lucas leite stepped on the mat today?

5:32 [Comment From jill]
can we have an update on light feather

5:32 [Comment From joe]
marcelo is back!! i hope !!

5:32 [Comment From dokomoy]
@gus heavy will start in half an hour to an hour I assume

5:33 Caleb: Augusto “Tio Chico” Vieira is on deck for mat 2.

5:33 Caleb: Morango is now down 5-0.

5:35 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
how bout marcelo OR LUCAS

5:35 [Comment From tom]
has beleza started yet???

5:35 [Comment From loa]
Rylan Lizares vs. Augusto Vieira

5:36 Caleb: Time runs out in Morango’s match. He loses 5-0.

5:36 [Comment From Barca]
anyoneone know if Megaton made it to the quarters?

5:36 [Comment From James…]
Wishing the best for Tiago Alves!!!

5:36 [Comment From Guest]
who is tio chico going against?

5:36 [Comment From Guest]
he lost against Diego from Manaus who is very good

5:37 Caleb: After 7m38s, Fowler scores 3-0 for the pass.

5:38 Caleb: Fowler is going for a far side short armbar against his opponent, who remains in his half guard.

5:38 Caleb: Nakapan wins his match 4 advantages to zero.

5:38 Caleb: Bill Cooper is up against his first opponent.

5:39 [Comment From JJD]
lets go Rylan..HAWAIIAN BOI!

5:39 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:39 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:39 [Comment From Israel]
any news on carlos vieira?

5:39 [Comment From Jay]
Way to go Nak!

5:39 Caleb: Fowler wins 6-0 as time expires.

5:40 Caleb: Kron Gracie is now up on mat six. I don’t know his opponent.

5:40 Caleb: Things are getting hot in here again! The place is waking up!

5:40 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:40 [Comment From Guest]
yes he is from Clube Pina from Manaus

5:40 [Comment From dokomoy]
Caleb if you see Matt Baker or Jay Zebalos(both medium heavy from Jean Jacques Machado) match can you post there results?

5:41 Caleb: Kron opens by throwing his opponent over his shoulder for an early 2-0 lead.

5:41 Caleb: Tio Chico won at 4m13s. I missed the submission.

5:41 Caleb: Bill Cooper wins by armbar at 2m27s! His opponent is holding his arm and wincing.

5:42 [Comment From abdullah]
roy neemans is kron gracies opponent

5:42 Caleb: Kron is now mounted at 1m49s and up 6-0.

5:42 [Comment From garra]
Please give updates on TIAGO ALVES, You cant miss his FRO

5:42 [Comment From JJD]
lets go Kron!

5:42 [Comment From bunghole]
kron vs cooper would be epic

5:42 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Kron should be fighting Roy Neeman?

5:43 [Comment From Guest]
what about ryaln lizares?

5:43 Caleb: Kron is working the choke from mount. He has one hand veerrry deep and now lays over after inserting the second….

5:44 Caleb: Kron Gracie’s opponent taps hard at 3m03s!

5:44 [Comment From Guest]
is marcelo about to fight

5:44 [Comment From jill]
news on Mendes?

5:44 [Comment From abdullah]
ninjamurf yup

5:44 Caleb: Abmar Barbosa is now up against his first round opponent.

5:46 Caleb: Claudio Calasans (Ramon Lemons) is now on mat 8. His opponent tried jumping into a triangle unsuccessfully. A moment later however he does sweep Calasans for a 2-0 lead.

5:46 [Comment From Tim]
Boa!!!!! Way to go Kron!

5:47 [Comment From dokomoy]
Ken Primola(balance) apparently won his first match he faced Jay Zeballos(Jean Jacques Machado)

5:47 [Comment From Mark N]
Come on kron!!!

5:47 [Comment From Guest]
anyone know about jared espina in light weight?

5:47 [Comment From Alliance]
Is Marcello fighting?

5:47 Caleb: No Marcelo Garcia is not fighting yet.

5:48 Caleb: Abmar Barbosa continues tied against his opponent at 3m32s. They’re restarted in the middle after wandering out of bounds.

5:48 [Comment From Guest]
is Rickson coaching Kron?

5:49 [Comment From abdullah]
rafeal mendes beat Denilson Pimenta in the quarter finals

5:49 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
hows carlos diego ferreira

5:49 [Comment From Vinny T]
Has Ken Primola fought again?

5:49 [Comment From loa]
jared espina got face raped ( a rear naked choke over the face it was pretty jacked up I heard he didn’t even try to get it under his chin

5:49 [Comment From Magoo]
Could u please list mat numbers so I know who I am watching. Thanks

5:49 Caleb: Calasans’ opponent is winning 4m36s on mat 8.

5:50 Caleb: Abmar Barbosa wins at 4m45s by submission.

5:51 Caleb: Sergio Moraes (Alliance) is now taking on a Japanese opponent on mat 1.

5:51 Caleb: Romulo Barral is sinking a choke from half guard on his mat 4 opponent.

5:52 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia is now up against a Gracie Humaita opponent on mat 2!

5:52 Caleb: Sergio Moraes is control over his Asian opponent on mat 1. Romulo Barral finished that choke on mat 4 that I mentioned earlier.

5:53 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia taps his opponent in 1m05s. I missed it! Man!

5:53 Caleb: Calasans is still down 0-2 at the 7 minute mark…

5:54 Caleb: Thiago Alves is up on mat 2 now…

5:55 Caleb: Alves opens with a throw over his shoulder. When I turned around, Sergio Moraes’ opponent had tapped and was holding his arm! Moraes advances…

5:55 [Comment From Tim]
just found out my coach Jason Ebarb(Texas Punishment Crew) wos his first match!!

5:55 [Comment From GSA]
Is there anyway to watch this online?

5:55 [Comment From tom]
let us know when daniel beleza starts please!?!

5:55 [Comment From jill]
how about Guilherme (sp) Mendes …

5:56 [Comment From abdullah]
any news on guilherme mendes

5:56 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

5:56 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
gogogo moraes

5:56 [Comment From JJD]
loa where you from?

5:56 [Comment From alliance gville]
Thanks for the live updates, caleb!!

5:56 [Comment From Israel]
any results for carlos vieira from check matt bjj?

5:56 [Comment From garra]
Is Tiago Alves up yet?

5:56 [Comment From Tim]
who was Romulo’s opponent?

5:56 [Comment From Guest]

5:56 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
marcelo is the man

5:57 [Comment From abadullah]
do you know who the gracie humaita opponent was

5:57 [Comment From Guest]
Calasans’ opponent is brazilian Pedro Bessa who teaches in england..he is good he lost by points against Kron on the europeanships

5:57 [Comment From Magoo]

5:57 [Comment From loa]
the HG LOL

5:57 [Comment From Guest]
JJD, haven’t seen you on the hg

5:57 [Comment From JJD]
man this division is TOUGH!

5:58 Caleb: Calasans loses on points.

5:59 Caleb: Thiago Alves is up 5-0 in his match. Announcer Tony is making the familiar call for the spectators to get back in the stands and to get out of the walkways.

6:00 [Comment From NECKCRANK808]
look familiar JJD

6:00 [Comment From abadullah]
marcelo garcia subbed his gracie humaita opponent byChoke from the back.

6:00 [Comment From JJD]
no more hg for jjd, cause its the RG now! lol

6:00 [Comment From Sam]
has lucas leite competed?

6:00 Caleb: Lucas Leite won his first match.

6:00 [Comment From James…]
Come on Tiago!!!

6:00 Caleb: Thiago Alves is now up 10-0.

6:01 Caleb: Nakapan is now up against a CheckMat competitor.

6:01 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
Are Kron, Marcello, Cooper and Moraes done for the day now?

6:01 [Comment From abadullah]
also marcelo garcia’s opponenet was ryan clark

6:01 [Comment From Tim]
Who did Romulo just beat?

6:01 [Comment From Guest]
i know how the announcer feels.

6:01 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
or u will be dq’ued

6:01 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

6:01 [Comment From garra]

6:01 [Comment From Guest]
i think Calasans was tired..bad idea to fight against giants before compet on his class

6:02 [Comment From Guest]
too many guys from hawaii here. lol

6:02 [Comment From germany]
who advanced to the semi’s at lightweight? a quick summery please

6:02 Caleb: Nakapan is now defending a deep triangle….

6:03 Caleb: Thiago Alves is up 13-0 now…

6:03 Caleb: Nakapan taps to his CheckMat opponent’s triangle at 2m24s.

6:04 [Comment From Guest]

6:04 [Comment From NECKCRANK808]
JJD can’t help himself he always pops in

6:04 [Comment From JJD]
LOL @ NC808!!

6:04 [Comment From James…]
Thanks for the Tiago updates you guys are doing a great job!!! Keep up the good work

6:04 [Comment From Guest]
Alan Nacsamento is fighting Nakapan

6:05 Caleb: Yes Finfou beat Nakapan.

6:05 Caleb: Kron Gracie is up now against an unknown competitor.

6:06 [Comment From paco]
any news on Abmar Barbosa?

6:06 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Nakapan opponent was brazilian rising star alan do nascimento

6:06 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Yeah, this is awesome Caleb. It’s almost like being there. But…so NOT like being there!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!! Woohoo, Long Beach here I come!!

6:06 [Comment From James…]
Any word on who Tiago’s opponent is?

6:06 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia is now on the mat against an American Top Team opponent on mat 2.

6:08 Caleb: The score in Kron’s match is 2-0 for his opponent, who just landed a big sweep on Kron. Now they restart in the center and Kron pulls guard.

6:08 [Comment From garra]
Caleb, thank you for the tiago alves posts

6:08 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
this medium weight class is tough!!only jiu-jitsu stars…

6:08 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Kron should be fighting either Rogel Monsalve or Hironori Tohyama

6:08 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia is working his x-guard and nails a sweep for the 2-0 lead.

6:08 Caleb: Tarsis is on deck on mat 6.

6:09 Caleb: Tio Chico is up 2-0 in his match. Time is 7m20s.

6:09 Caleb: Kron is still holding closed guard on his opponent.

6:10 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia is working a standing pass against his adversary. Now I look back over there and he has his guy’s back!

6:10 Caleb: Kron’s now on top and the score is tied 2-2 in their match!

6:10 Caleb: Marcelos Garcia ended things at 3m15 seconds!

6:11 Caleb: Tarsis is now up against a big Gracie Barra guy on mat 6….

6:11 [Comment From Magoo]
Mat # 4 kron

6:11 [Comment From Guest]
marcelo has to be against edson diniz

6:11 [Comment From Guest]
Edson Diniz

6:11 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
marcelo is against Edson Diniz agood brazilian but ,he will take this one

6:11 Caleb: Tio Chico gets two points and is now up 4-2.

6:12 [Comment From baleia]
sorry to change subject but are brown belts fighting still?

6:12 [Comment From Mike]
has bill cooper fought yet?

6:12 [Comment From Guest]
So did Tiago win and if so who did he beat??

6:12 Caleb: Yes Thiago won. I don’t know his opponent.

6:13 Caleb: Tio Chico wins by one advantage when time runs out.

6:13 Caleb: Tarsis has side mount on his GB opponent.

6:13 Caleb: Abmar Barbosa is now up against Sergio Moraes!!!

6:13 Caleb: Kron’s match is still tied 2-2 with one advantage each…

6:14 [Comment From Guest]
Thank You!!!

6:14 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
how bout kron

6:14 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
marcelo will beat kron

6:14 [Comment From Guest]
who did tio chico beat?

6:14 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
sergio moraes will beat abmar

6:14 Caleb: Sergio Moraes is up 3-0 over Abmar Barbosa.

6:15 Caleb: Kron’s match is very close. Hes up by one advantage with one minute left.

6:16 Caleb: Tarsis is in leg spaghetti with his GB opponent.

6:16 Caleb: Abmar Barbosa is working an upside down guard against Sergio Moraes…

6:16 Caleb: Kron just got two more points for a sweep and wins 4-2 when time runs out!

6:17 Caleb: Tarsis Humphreys won at 5m30s but I did not catch the submission.

6:17 [Comment From paco]
go abmar!!!

6:17 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
and sergio moraes

6:17 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
To beat Kron they are to be on the semi finals and Kron had to tahe Lucas Leito who beat him on pans,marcelo had to tahe tough guys also..

6:17 [Comment From adam]
go tarsis

6:18 Caleb: Sergio Moraes is now up 6-0 over Abmar Barbosa.

6:20 [Comment From Big D – Purebred Guam]
Is Mike Fowler still in it?

6:20 [Comment From loa]
Caleb you are the man thank you again for all the updates

6:20 [Comment From Guest]
go kron

6:21 Caleb: Mike Fowler is up against Lucas Leite on mat 7.

6:21 Caleb: Bill Cooper is now facing Pedro Bessa(?). Correct me if it’s not Bessa.

6:22 [Comment From Israel]
how come you haven’t mentioned the light feather results?

6:22 Caleb: I am doing all I can buddy, please bear with me…

6:22 [Comment From Guest]
great match up

6:22 [Comment From ninjamurf]
wow…let’s go fowler!!

6:22 [Comment From Big D – Purebred Guam]
Go Mike Go!

6:22 [Comment From ninjamurf]
pedro bessa is right

6:22 [Comment From fedor]
thanks for all the updates

6:22 [Comment From paco]
yes, light feather please!!

6:23 Caleb: Lucas Lepri is up 2-0 over Fowler.

6:23 Caleb: Thiago Alves is tied 0-0 at the 2m21s mark in his match.

6:24 Caleb: Sergio Moraes wins 6-0 over Abmar Barbosa.

6:24 [Comment From Sam]

6:24 [Comment From Guest]
lets go fowler….

6:24 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
lets go leite

6:24 [Comment From James…]
Your doing an awesome job…thank you!!

6:24 [Comment From GSA]
leite not lepri****

6:24 [Comment From Dan]
i thought lepri lost? and was out

6:24 [Comment From Guest]
thanks for everything caleb. stop the crying guys. he’s doing a great job.

6:24 [Comment From rdbjj]

6:25 Caleb: Sorry yes, it’s Lucas Leite with Mike Fowler.

6:25 [Comment From pezz808]
Wanted an update on MArcelo Mafra. I heard he lost 1st match by points…just wanted to verify.

6:25 [Comment From James…]
Come on Tiago!!!!!!

6:25 [Comment From Sim Go]
yea thanks caleb

6:25 [Comment From Guest]
I know you are tired thanks so much for doing this!!!

6:25 [Comment From Sim Go]
I got a text saying mafra won 4-2

6:26 Caleb: Fowler is still down 2-0 to Leite at the 4m42s mark.

6:26 [Comment From mike]
keep up the good work.. .thanks caleb

6:26 [Comment From James…]
Did you happen to notice who Tiago is facing now? …Just wondering…thanks

6:27 Caleb: No I don’t know Tiago’s opponent on mat 2. But the guy is slapping a footlock on Tiago. that Tiago does not seem too concerned with.

6:27 [Comment From Pepe Le Pew]
How you say, thank you for your time and effort

6:28 [Comment From garra]

6:28 [Comment From Guest]
Somebody said he Mafra lost eariler

6:28 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
yes i forgot Lucas Leite to the titile is good also i think he will beat Kron again

6:28 [Comment From James…]
wow thanks!!

6:28 Caleb: Leite is up 4-0 over Fowler now.

6:28 Caleb: Pedro Bessa is up 2-0 over Bill Cooper.

6:28 [Comment From abdullah]
i hope kron wins

6:29 Caleb: Cooper ties it against Bessa: it’s 2-2 now at 5m28s.

6:29 Caleb: Thiago Alves wins; his opponent was DQ’ed.

6:29 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Leite is so much better than Fowler i think…

6:29 [Comment From rdbjj]
kron vs leite ?

6:29 [Comment From Guest]
lepri is out?

6:29 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Cooper will take this one i think

6:30 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

6:30 Caleb: Cooper is now up on top and earns a 4-2 lead against Bessa.

6:31 Caleb: Mike Fowler is now losing 7-0 to Lucas Leite.

6:31 Caleb: Romulo Barral (Gracie Barra) taps Luke Stewart (Ralph Gracie) at 9m14s.

6:31 [Comment From garra]
why the DQ?

6:31 [Comment From GSA]
why was Alves’ opponent DQ’d?

6:31 [Comment From Sam]
Thanks Caleb! go lucas!

6:31 [Comment From rdbjj]
what abour finfou?

6:32 Caleb: Finfou is on the sidelines, waiting for his next match.

6:32 Caleb: Time runs out ant Leite beats Fowler 7-0.

6:32 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
this category is crazy!!thanks to your help Caleb

6:33 [Comment From student]
did braga and g. mendes advance

6:33 [Comment From Guest]
was the score close in the stewart barral

6:33 [Comment From Sam]
Woot! Lucas!

6:33 Caleb: No, Barral beat Stewart something like 11-2 I think. I may be off on that.

6:34 Caleb: Bessa is up 6-4 now over Cooper.

6:34 Caleb: Tarsis Humphreys beats Felipe Fogolin.

6:35 Caleb: Bill Cooper loses to Pedro Bessa. The crowd is very displeased with the reffing and is booing loudly as Bessa’s hand is raised.

6:35 [Comment From rdbjj]
lucas will meet kron now

6:35 [Comment From abdullah]
is gregor gracie fighting

6:35 [Comment From Guest]
Thanks how you can answer questions and do the pbp is amazin

6:36 [Comment From Mike]
which lucas?

6:36 [Comment From Pepe Le Pew]
So Marcelo vs Tiago, Kron vs Leite, Moraes vs Vieira?, Bessa vs Nasciment?

6:36 [Comment From renoze_jjb]
wow cooper lost o_O

6:36 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Cooper lost!!its a second surprises at this weight after the calasans’ defeat

6:36 Caleb: Regis Lebre is now up against Finfou!

6:37 [Comment From DONALD PARK]

6:37 [Comment From Tak]
lucas leivinha leiva!!!

6:37 [Comment From rdbjj]
Bessa Vs Finfou

6:37 [Comment From Tak]
lucas leiva!!

6:37 [Comment From rdbjj]
Kron Vs Leite

6:38 Caleb: Victor Estima is now up. Can’t see his opponent.

6:38 [Comment From Tak]
Caleb, good job man.

6:38 [Comment From abdullah]
go regis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:38 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
diego ferreira????

6:38 [Comment From Tak]
Big thankyou from the UK

6:39 Caleb: Victor Estima armbars Roy Dean in 27 seconds!

6:39 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
is he still in

6:39 [Comment From Vinny T]
THis is great, thanks

6:39 [Comment From rdbjj]
Moraes Vs Vieira

6:39 [Comment From Sam]
leite vs kron should be an exciting rematch

6:39 [Comment From garra]
Why the DQ of Tiago’s Opponent?

6:39 Caleb: I think Victor Estima arbmarred Roy Dean.

6:40 Caleb: Regis Lebre and Finfou are getting a little physical. Lebre just gave an unnecessary shove to Finfou. A moment later he comes back and apologizes while tying his belt.

6:40 [Comment From Ivan]
Caleb I am tuning in from BORNEO this is some amazing stuff thanks!!!

6:40 Caleb: @Ivan – Welcome Borneo!

6:41 Caleb: “Cyborg” Abreu is now up on mat 6….

6:41 [Comment From Tak]
awesome. i heard Braulio lost :-(.

6:41 [Comment From Pepe Le Pew]
He’s invisible?

6:41 [Comment From Tak]
hopefully Victor can get some revenge!

6:41 [Comment From Sucuri]
Go Victor!

6:41 [Comment From Pepe Le Pew]
That has to be a big advantage

6:41 [Comment From Tak]
woah, awesome!!! revenge of the estima!

6:41 [Comment From jjbmontpellier]
Thank you to help the jiu-jitsu world man..from france

6:41 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
diego is dark tattoos right shoulder he beat victor estima and bill cooper at the panams is he still in

6:41 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
or did they eliminate him

6:42 [Comment From Magoo]
Who’s on mat #3

6:42 Caleb: I don’t know the guys on mat 3 .

6:42 [Comment From Synergy]
Lets go Cyborg!

6:43 [Comment From Guest]
Are the lightweights done for the day?

6:43 [Comment From Magoo]
Thanks anyway

6:43 [Comment From Guest]
tio chico vs. moraes???

6:44 Caleb: “Finfou” Nascimento seems to be doing a little better than Lebre at this point. He’s winning 8-0 over Lebre.

6:45 [Comment From abdullah]
lets go lcus x kron

6:45 [Comment From Guest]
moraes is done for the day he will fight in the quarters tomorrow

6:45 Caleb: Victor Estima is now up against a Gracie Humaita opponent on mat 5 and is up 2-0.

6:46 [Comment From James…]
So are these the brackets for tomorrow?: Marcelo vs Tiago, Kron vs Leite, Moraes vs Vieira, Bessa vs Nasciment

6:47 [Comment From rdbjj]
finfou still figthing against lebre

6:47 [Comment From sete]
Gracie Humaita = Matt Jubera!!!!!!! I think

6:48 [Comment From msgs]
just got in. any big upsets so far

6:49 [Comment From Jim]
Any word on Tony Passos???

6:49 [Comment From Udi]
Victor Estima is fighting my instructor Jorge Britto right now

6:49 Caleb: Finfou defeats Regis Lebre on points. It’s official.

6:50 Caleb: Leo Santos is up against an unknown opponent on mat 8.

6:50 [Comment From cd]
what team is finfou

6:51 [Comment From Guest]
finally i think thiago won dy DQ against guto campos ?,isn’t it??

6:51 [Comment From Guest]
finfou is from Check Mat

6:51 [Comment From Pepe Le Pew]
finfou – checkmat

6:51 [Comment From AR]
leo santos from nova uniao?

6:51 Caleb: Leo Santos from UNIJJ / Humaita.

6:52 Caleb: Victor Estima is up by 4-0 over Jorge Britto assuming Udi’s comment is accurate ๐Ÿ™‚

6:52 Caleb: Roger Gracie is up on mat two and is grip fighting with his opponent.

6:53 Caleb: Victor Estima gets the tap at 8m13s. I missed the submission.

6:53 [Comment From abdullah]
yah it is jorge britto

6:53 [Comment From sete]
Where is Matt Jubera???? UNIJJ/Humaita?

6:53 Caleb: Rgoer Gracie remains standing at 1m36s with his opponent.

6:55 Caleb: Cyborg won his match earlier.

6:56 Caleb: Roger Gracie takes his opponent down and falls into full mount on top of him. In less than 10 seconds he’s choked him. The final time was 2m56s.

6:57 Caleb: Leo Santos loses at 4m04s.

6:57 [Comment From cd]
its interesting to hear comprido describe what it’s like having roger on u

6:57 [Comment From Eric]
what choke does roger keep hitting from mount? it’s unstoppable

6:57 [Comment From Guest]
who did cyborg fight earlier??

6:58 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Wait? Roger mounted and choked the guy? Never seen THAT before! :rollseyes:

7:00 [Comment From Alliance]
basic x-choke

7:00 [Comment From dang]
roger is a baddddd man

7:00 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Eric-I generally call that choke “whatever the hell Roger wants” lol

7:00 [Comment From Slick]
Roger can’t choke from the mount!

7:00 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
has braulio fought in his weight class yet?

7:00 [Comment From Guest]
when is the blk belt absolute finals east coast time?

7:00 [Comment From Jordon Schultz]
Pass…Mount…Submit = Awesomeness

7:00 [Comment From loa]
is he supposed to do something different

7:01 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
absolutes are way over

7:02 Caleb: Cavaca triangles his opponent in 1m39s.

7:02 [Comment From Guest]
who did cyborg fight earlier??

7:02 [Comment From Sucuri]
Black Belt Absolute Finals are tomorrow, I think.

7:02 [Comment From kk]
is marcelinho fighting again??

7:02 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
well some are still tomkmorrow

7:02 [Comment From ninjamurf]
finals…8 eastern?

7:02 Caleb: Telles is turtled against his opponent. The score is 0-0.

7:03 [Comment From GSA]
who is in the black belt absolute final?

7:03 [Comment From Guest]
All Roger does is get mount and cross choke…what’s the big deal…

7:03 [Comment From Guest]
Is pedro carvalho competing?

7:03 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
has braulio had a match in his weight class yet?

7:03 [Comment From Guest]
how is barral doing?

7:04 Caleb: Kurt Osiander is up against a Gracie Humaita guy.

7:05 [Comment From ninjamurf]
absolute final = Roger/Romulo

7:05 [Comment From Dorian]
How did ciao terra do?

7:05 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
pedro carvalho moved to florida two weeks ago

7:05 [Comment From Big D – Purebred Guam]

7:06 [Comment From Guest]
did samuel braga and mendes advance

7:07 Caleb: Antonio Braga Neto is up on mat 7 against an unknown opponent.

7:09 [Comment From Guest]
Marcelo Garcia is supposed to compete right?

7:11 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
marcelo already has

7:12 [Comment From abdullah]
kurt is up against rodrigo pinheiro

7:12 Caleb: Sorry I missed Kurt’s fight. Was speaking with Luca Atalla.

7:12 Caleb: Antonio Braga Neto is losing 2-0 in his fight.

7:12 [Comment From Alliance]
Marcello already submitted his opponents FAST

7:13 Caleb: Marcio Corlletta defeats his opponent at 2m12s.

7:16 [Comment From Guest]
you name dropper. just kidding. great job

7:16 Caleb: Things are slowing down here big time.

7:16 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
has braulio fought in his weight class yet?

7:16 [Comment From Sim Go]
says on gracie mag that samuel braga advanced

7:17 [Comment From cd]

7:17 [Comment From abdullah]
did neto win

7:17 Caleb: Antonio Braga Neto is down 7-0 at 6m45 on mat 7.

7:17 [Comment From Guest]
So what does the lightweight matches tomorrow look like??

7:17 [Comment From zemekone]
i cant get in graciemag ๐Ÿ™

7:17 [Comment From zemekone]
good job caleb

7:18 Caleb: Antonio Braga Neto is tapped at 7:52 by this unknown opponent who was beating him 9-0!!!!! Wow! I have to get this guy’s name!!!

7:19 [Comment From Guest]
@sim go thanks!!!!!!

7:19 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
has braulio gone yet

7:19 [Comment From Guest]
neither do i, try to get into gracie mag

7:19 [Comment From JasonFitz]
Sorry if this a repeat, has felipe Costa fought yet?

7:19 [Comment From Guest]
Excellent job caleb THANX

7:20 Caleb: Braga Neto was tapped by Ricardo Abreu from Nova Uniao according to Luca Atalla.

7:20 [Comment From Shahab -GB]
Tomorrow on lighweight! Durinho vs Rodrigo Simoes; Rafael Santos vs Eder Persiliano; Furao vs Chalita; Langhi vs Tanquinho!

7:21 [Comment From abdullah]
antonio penido beat him

7:21 [Comment From kk]
what did neto get tapped with?

7:21 [Comment From jdog]
any word on kron gracie or marcelo garcia?

7:21 [Comment From Guest]
braga neto promised gold

7:21 [Comment From Guest]
next time

7:21 [Comment From Guest]
woowwwww we have to know the name of that guy who defeat braga neto

7:21 [Comment From Shahab -GB]
Wow I cant believe Neto was beaten like that.

7:22 [Comment From Andy]
Well I’m out. Thank so much Caleb for all you hard work over the last couple of years. Thanks for keeping us updated.

7:22 [Comment From zemekone]

7:22 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
Astonishing! This must be Neto’s worst tournament performance in years

7:22 [Comment From Synergy]
How about Tony Passos?

7:22 Caleb: I haven’t seen Tony Passos.

7:22 [Comment From Sim Go]
kron has lucas leite tomorrow and garcia is going against tiago alves

7:23 Caleb: Big Gabriel Vella is back in action on mat 1. The guy he’s fighting is the one who beat Leo Santos I believe.

7:23 [Comment From abdullah]
braga neto lied he said he was going to get gold

7:23 [Comment From dave]
Ricardo Abreu Gon
ac. Nova Uniao

7:23 [Comment From Guest]
is this guy ricardo abreu family of roberto abreu cyborg??

7:23 [Comment From Steve]
Did Cobrinha go yet?

7:23 [Comment From adam]
Go Rafael santos

7:23 [Comment From jdog]
hi caleb what happened to kron or marcelo garcia?

7:23 Caleb: @Jdog – a lot! Check the postings from earlier!

7:24 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
anyone know if braulio has competed in his weight class yet?

7:24 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

7:24 Caleb: Yes Marcelo is done for today.

7:24 [Comment From jdog]
ok thanks!

7:24 [Comment From Nova Uniao Jiu Jitsu]
Thanks caleb

7:24 Caleb: Braulio Estima has not competed in his weight class yet to my knowledge.

7:25 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

7:25 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]

7:25 Caleb: Gabriel Vella is up 3-0 over his opponent at 2m37s and is in a heavy side mount.

7:26 Caleb: Braulio Estima just entered mat 7 to face an unknown opponent.

7:27 Caleb: Braulio opens by pulling guard.

7:27 Caleb: Braulio is setting up the triangle… shouldn’t be long now…

7:28 [Comment From mr. jiujitsu]
caleb, thank you so much for doing this, really appreciate it, you are the man.

7:28 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
cheers caleb

7:28 [Comment From jdog]
who are you caleb?

7:28 [Comment From Jim]
Thanks Caleb. Thanks for the hard work

7:28 [Comment From RGDA Dion]
Yes, Caleb is the man… Thanks so much for spending your weekend doing this for us.

7:29 Caleb: Thanks for the kind words everyone. The Mighty 600,000 ask, I deliver.

7:30 Caleb: I spoke too soon on Braulio Estima’s match. His opponent escaped and it’s now 0-0 at 3m45s.

7:30 [Comment From jdog]
is the arena packed? yesterday it was aroud 50%

7:30 Caleb: I’d say the Pyramid is now maybe 20% full.

7:31 Caleb: Jeez I spoke too soon twice. Seconds after I wrote that, he triangled his opponent.

7:31 [Comment From abdullah]
thank you caleb i would die if it wasent for you

7:31 [Comment From james]
caleb, thanks man!

7:32 [Comment From zemekone]
sorry for jacking the chat, where are we having coffee tomorrow?

7:32 Caleb: Coffee is here from 8-9am! The Daily Grind Espresso 5590 E 7th St Long Beach, CA 90804

7:32 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
Great job Caleb! See you tomorrow

7:32 [Comment From phil]
thanks caleb. really enjoying the real time updates ๐Ÿ™‚

7:33 [Comment From Steve]
Has Rubens Charles competed yet?

7:33 [Comment From TEIXEIRA JIU JITSU]
i wanna get in unlike dominquez hills they closed it\

7:33 Caleb: I doubt tomorrow will be full.

7:34 Caleb: @cheesewizzz – yes, he triangled his guy.

7:34 [Comment From cheesewizzz]
so wait, did braulio win just then?

7:34 [Comment From jdog]
what belt are you caleb?

7:34 Caleb: @jdog – I’m a brown belt.

7:34 Caleb: Gabriel Vella wins 5-2 as time expires.

7:34 [Comment From zemekone]
sweet!see you there

7:34 [Comment From Ross Finlayson]
Wow. Someone on mat 7 just tapped after being down 0-22

7:35 [Comment From BTTLB]
I just got home from the tournament.

7:35 [Comment From BTTLB]
Did Marcello Salazar fight again yet?

7:35 [Comment From Guest]
Any DUSTIN DENES results??

7:36 Caleb: Huge surprise: After 10 hours of results, my mind is pretty much jello.

7:36 [Comment From Dorian]
What happened to tusso he was signed up to compete

7:37 [Comment From kk]
caleb did you fight yourself too?

7:38 Caleb: Rodolfo Vieira (University Gama Filho) is now up in his debut as a black belt.

7:39 Caleb: Cyborg Abreu is now up against an Asian opponent.

7:40 [Comment From james]
Did you hear anything about dustin denes?

7:40 [Comment From jdog]
that means your brain is getting stronger caleb!

7:40 [Comment From BTTLB]
Anything on Marcello Salazar? When i left at 7 they said he was going to have some more fights…

7:40 [Comment From mr. jiujitsu]
caleb was on his way to a world championship this year but he hurt his knee

7:41 Caleb: @Mr. Jiujitsu – LOL thank you I needed a laugh this late in the day. I did bang up my knee badly but I doubt I would have taken the Mundials this year ๐Ÿ™‚

7:41 Caleb: Cyborg Abreu is up 2-0.

7:41 [Comment From ninjamurf]
Are you going to be blogging from coffee tomorrow Caleb? I want to know who taps to the French Roast

7:41 [Comment From JH]
Great job!

7:42 Caleb: Roberto “Tussa” Alencar‘s name was just called! We were wondering what happened to him too! He will appear on mat 3.

7:42 [Comment From Nova Uniao Jiu Jitsu]
I feel a yram Due to side step warm ups!

7:42 [Comment From Guest]

7:42 Caleb: Rodolfo Vieira is up 4-0 on mat 3 at 6m08s.

7:44 Caleb: “Cyborg” Abreu taps his Japanese opponent at 5m16s.

7:45 [Comment From Guest]
what happened to cyborgs fight?

7:46 [Comment From Guest]
thanks man

7:47 [Comment From tom]
light feather results?

7:47 [Comment From JJD]
had to leave for a while what happend to Kron?

7:47 [Comment From arthur]
any word on boca Moacir Oliviera

7:48 Caleb: Rodolfo Vieira wins 8-0 as time expires.

7:48 [Comment From Jiujiuman]
What divisions are left?

7:49 Caleb: Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is up against “Soluco” (Alliance) on mat 3.

7:50 [Comment From Jiujiuman]
great idea on live blogging for the mundials

7:50 [Comment From arthur]
Caleb Do you know how Moacir Oliviera Boca is doing??

7:50 Caleb: @Arthur – Sorry, I don’t.

7:50 [Comment From andy]
do you know how rodrigo pinheiro or diego ceara did?

7:50 [Comment From JJD]
anyone know who’s left in middleweight?

7:52 [Comment From kk]
Caleb is tomorrow braga v mendes? light feather

7:52 [Comment From arthur]
Ok thanks

7:52 [Comment From BTTLB]
Caleb, any chance you recall seeing Marcello Salazar up recently? I left the tourny about an hour ago, and he still had to fight.

7:52 Caleb: Soluco is up 2-0 over Tussa.Tussa is playing guard.

7:53 [Comment From tom]
any news on how daniel beleza did or if he had a match yet?

7:53 [Comment From Guest]
Gracie Mag is getting hammered and responding very slowly. Might be time to invest in some more bandwidth

7:53 [Comment From shane]
hey caleb- i met you back in the fall at fightworks with dennis barongan- hope your knee is recovering!

7:53 Caleb: @shane – thanks!

7:55 [Comment From dokomoy]
if you guys want to see graciemags reporting you can check them at

7:55 [Comment From Travis]
Did Marcos Torregrosa make the light semis tomorrow?

7:56 Caleb: Soluco is now up 4-0 over Tussa!

7:56 [Comment From kk]
calebs much better then graciemag…thx

7:56 [Comment From esteban]
Shane, how do you know Dennis? I went to highschool with him and used to train BJJ w/ him

7:56 [Comment From JasonFitz]
Did Felipe Costa Medal?

7:56 [Comment From ralphc]
do you know what happened with raphael chaves from checkmat?

7:57 Caleb: Rafael Lovato Jr is on top in 1/2 guard over his opponent on mat 4. He was just swept and is now down 2-0!

7:57 [Comment From kk]
thank you dokomoy- got my light feather info

7:58 [Comment From tom]
what happened with light feather??

7:58 [Comment From ninjamurf]
This is sweet. I’m on my way to my buddies to watch the Strikeforce fights…been following the Mundials all day…see you tomorrow C. Will try to make it to coffee but not sure I’ll be in time

7:58 [Comment From funch]
how many matches will there be tomorrow?

7:59 Caleb: Just one minute left in the match with Tussa and Soluco! Soluco is still up 4-0.

8:00 Caleb: Lovato has tied it up with just one minute left! It’s 2-2 in his match!

8:01 Caleb: Soluco wins 4-0 over Tussa! Seconds later, Rafael Lovato Jr. wins his match against a Check Mat’s Joao Assis 5-2 as time runs out.

8:02 [Comment From CWA]
Any word on Bruno Paulista?

8:02 [Comment From tom]
how did beleza win??????????

8:03 Caleb: Family, I am done. The action on the mats here is over and I need to go do the show for tomorrow. Keep an eye on iTunes and here on the site to download the show.

8:04 Caleb: Also, come grab coffee with us in the morning. I will be drinking a lot of it. Um abraco grande… ate manha!

6 Replies to “Live Blogging the 2009 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships – Saturday”

  1. Hey man!

    Just wanted to say that this is some awesome reporting man, I really appreciate it you are doing really fantastic with everyhting and covering things over there man. I am really psyched that Finfou is doing good as he was my teacher a couple of years ago and still a friend so its nice to see him doin good as he messed up last year and lost to Bill who was a monster last year in the Mundials.

    keep it up man and thanks again

  2. Just wanted to correct errors here about Gunnar Nelson against Ryan and Vinicius.
    First: Gunnar was NOT DQโ€™ed in his match against Ryan Beauregard. Ryan was DQ’ed. With Gunnar up on points Ryan attempted a dbl leg take down towards the end of the tatame perimeter. Gunni’s stuffed the shot and the ref momentarily asked the competitors to stop fighting to bring back the action to the middle of the mat. Ryan, unprovoked, pushed violently Gunnar on the chest towards the bleachers. The ref following IBJJF regulation DQed Ryan on the spot.

    Second: Vinicius Corrales was not given victory over Gunnar in their fight. Gunnar won that fight (I think on one advantage, no sure though). Gunnar after that won Bruno Allen in the semifinals but he lost on two points against Gabriel Goulart in the finals. So Gunnar got the silver in brown belt middle.

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