2009 BJJ World Championships Coverage Schedule

Okay family, the biggest event of our jiu-jitsu calendar is upon us. The action at the 2009 BJJ World Championships has already started with reports of action from white and blue belts already hitting the BJJ blogosphere. (Here and here are some examples.)

Of course, we will be there as well! Here are our plans for coverage.

We expect to live blog the action on Saturday and Sunday, with a concentration on the black belts and brown belts when possible. Every detail we see, we will provide for you, the Mighty 600,000! Our twitter page might contain an update or two but by far the best place to be will be right here on thefightworkspodcast.com, where we will concentrate our information.

Last year we ran into a problem at the very end of the absolute division finals between Alexandre Ribeiro and Roger Gracie, when the amount of people on our website was too much for the server. We will be doing things differently tomorrow so you won’t have to refresh the page every time you want an update – the content on the page will update by itself!

Of course, Sunday morning you should expect to see a new episode of The FightWorks Podcast appear in iTunes with info, interviews, and other ambiance from the Mundials. It’s going to be a bear of the weekend but there’s no place we’d rather be! You have our word we will do everything we can to bring you the best 2009 BJJ Mundials coverage out there! (If there’s anything special you want us to keep an eye out for, or a competitor you want us to track, let us know in the comments to this post!)

Just for reference, the schedule for Saturday and Sunday, courtesy of IBJJF.org:

Saturday – 6-jun

9:00 Brown belt – Male – Light and Middle
Black belt – Male – Open Class Registration
10:00 Black belt – Male – End of Open Class Registration
10:40 Brown/Black – Female – Open Class
Brown belt – Male – Medium Heavy
11:00 Black belt – Male – Open Class
1:00 Brown belt – Male – Heavy to Ultra Heavy

Blue belt – Male – Juvenile – Open Class
Blue belt – Female – Juvenile – Open Class

2:00 Brown/Black – Female – Light Feather to Heavy
Purple belt – Male – Open Class
3:10 Black belt – Male – Rooster to Light
5:00 Black belt – Male – Middle and Medium Heavy
6:30 Black belt – Male – Heavy to Ultra Heavy

Sunday – 7-jun

8:00 -9:00 Coffee and Final Black Belt Predictions (not an IBJJF event)
10:00 Black
Belt Male – Adult – Rooster and Super Feather – Quarter Finals
10:40 Black Belt Male – Adult – Feather
and Light – Quarter Finals
11:30 Black Belt Male – Adult – Rooster
and Super Feather – Semi Finals
Black Belt Male – Adult – Feather and Light – Semi Finals
12:20 Black Belt Male – Adult – Middle
and Medium Heavy – Quarter Finals
1:00 Black Belt Male – Adult – Heavy,
Super Heavy and Ultra Heavy – Quarter Finals
2:10 Black Belt Male – Adult – Middle,
Medium Heavy, Heavy, Super Heavy and Ultra Heavy – Semi Finals
3:00 Brown/Black Female
– All weight divisions – Finals
4:40 Black Belt Finals
– All weight divisions and open class
Brown/Black Female – Open class final

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  1. I was wondering if you could put up the results for the male adult purple belt light weight division. Thanks

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