Tarsis Humphreys Shines at World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Cup

tarsis humphreys humphries jiu-jitsu
Alliance’s Tarsis Humphreys in a photo taken last year in San Diego, California.

Tarsis Humphreys, one of Alliance’s heavy hitter Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors, has buried some observers’ concerns that he is not first place material on the global level this weekend by defeating Gracie Barra’s Braulio Estima in the black belt absolute division at the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The news comes from GracieMag, who has been on top off all the action taking place this weekend via their Twitter account and their website.

Humphreys came in third place at the 2007 BJJ World Championships and the 2008 BJJ World Championships, suggesting that he may be a perennial contender but that he might not have what it takes to place first. This weekend’s last-second defeat of Braulio Estima should allay any such concerns, as Humphreys’ upset victory not only net him a prize of $7,000, but in beating the 2009 European Championship absolute champion showed that he can indeed finish the job against the sport’s toughtest opponents.

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