New Friday Content: Kinda True Jiu-Jitsu News

I figured it was time to add a little fun to the site, so I will be making a bigger effort to include an occasional humor piece on As such, we’ll have a new category of posting here called Kinda True Jiu-Jitsu News that I expect will show up on Fridays for a stretch here on the site (or until I get too busy, bla bla bla).

Although I hope it will be pretty obvious, it bears mentioning that the items posted in this category are in fact not true at all, and may as well be called “Untrue Jiu-Jitsu News”, but Kinda True Jiu-Jitsu News has a nicer cadence to it.

So that’s that. You’ve been warned! Don’t take these pieces too seriously. If they result in a quick chuckle on a Friday, then it’s mission accomplished. 🙂

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