#161 The Mighty Significant Others: BJJ Spouses

Our significant others always support our addiction to BJJ. For the most part.

The listeners to The FightWorks Podcast are known far and wide as The Mighty 600,000. This week’s episode of our Brazilian jiu-jitsu radio show is about the significant others in our lives, like girlfriends or boyfriends, fiancees, and husbands or wives.

Depending on who you ask, BJJ is a hobby, passion, and / or lifestyle. Seventy-five percent of us train BJJ three or more times per week! As most of us don’t have the luxury of having significant others who train BJJ, this means jiu-jitsu takes away from our time with them.

So does this mean jiu-jitsu is hard on a relationship? Does it mean it’s bad for relationships? That is what we set out to determine this week on The FightWorks Podcast. We interviewed five partners of jiu-jitsu folks and asked them a few simple questions:

  • Are you single or married?
  • Did you know your significant other before he / she got into BJJ?
  • What are the benefits of your significant other training BJJ?
  • How is it different being in a relationship with a BJJ person?
  • Is BJJ ever a strain on your relationship?
  • Are you glad your significant other trains BJJ?
  • Would you prefer that your significant other had a different hobby?
  • Can you imagine your significant other without BJJ?

Note that we did not ask whether they thought their significant other would chose BJJ over their relationship! We may want to get to the bottom of things but we are not looking for trouble! 🙂

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7 Replies to “#161 The Mighty Significant Others: BJJ Spouses”

  1. it was great! though i am really really surprised there wasn’t much more discussion about all of the injuries we suffer as BJJ players.


  2. As always, a very good episode.

    I think it would have been even better if you had a brief write up of who the girlfriend’s or spouse’s were talking about. (Academy, belt, years training, etc)

    Keep up the great work!

  3. she hates it, thinks its just a big gay bunch of piss assing around, sometimes i wonder would i get less grief if i just went and had a full blown relationship another woman, as opposed to a relationship with training partners

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