#156 I Don't Tap to Post-Surgery Sedation

sitting on the bench!
This photo pretty much sums up the second half of last week.

Most episodes of The FightWorks Podcast are like drinking an aged cabernet: an often complex, bold, and sophisticated taste that challenges the drinker. This week’s episode of The FightWorks Podcast is something more like enjoying a merlot: an earthy, casual affair with no barriers between its experience and enjoyment.*

If I hired a company to write a description of how this week’s episode of our Brazilian jiu-jitsu radio show differs from all other shows, it might read like the above paragraph. But, I did not. Allow me to set the stage for today’s show.

So on Tuesday I had surgery to repair the severed ACL and LCL that I sustained during jiu-jitsu warm ups back in January. The level of pain I felt on Wednesday and Thursday were beyond anything I can remember, and since then I have been religious about taking the heavy doses of pain killers that my orthopedic surgeon prescribed. They are industrial strength pain killers and while yesterday was not so bad, I was not able to speak very well for most of last week.

But that was not enough to prevent me from putting out an episode of our Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show for the Mighty 600,000! I called up Mike Lee, a fellow San Diegan and long time BJJ practitioner who also works for Bad Boy Inc and told him we were going to put a show on no matter what.

Mike came over to the FightWorks Podcast headquarters (shown above) and we had a casual discussion a few recent events in the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I unfairly pick on jiu-jitsu in the United Kingdom and my absent co-host Dan, we take a few listener emails and even answer a voicemail we received on our toll free line 877-247-4662. En fin, a little different than what The Family is probably used to, but a fun ride nonetheless. Any Brazilian jiu-jitsu talk is good Brazilian jiu-jitsu talk.

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* the fact that this prose even entered my brain tells you about the potency of these pain killers

6 Replies to “#156 I Don't Tap to Post-Surgery Sedation”

  1. Caleb: Did not get to listen yet. However, hang in there and thanks for feeding our appeitte for BJJ. Merlot or not that fact that you put a show on in that condition rocks. The 600,000 thanks you.

    Speedy recovery!

    Take care.

  2. I wanted to know what your follow up like has been with your knee. I just got LCL, arcuate lig and popletius muscle repaired. Full tear on LCL and arcuate but I think the doctor just tightened up the popletius as it didn’t seem torn on MRI. I wanted to know when you might be rolling again and back in gym as I am unsure how strong my knee will heal. There’s not that much information on this type of repair on BJJ boards… good luck with recovery.

  3. Hi Caleb,

    I just had knee surgery this last Friday and remembered about your ordeal. Mine was meniscus repairs (both) and ACL reconstruction w/ my Hamstring as a tendon graph. Day of surgery was pretty, dare I say easy, but 12 hrs post and beyond has been more challenging than I had expected. Are you back to training and how long did it take you? Did you get any good advice on rehabbing? If you’re stilling training did anything about your game change post return?

    Thanks for what you do! -Scott

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