My Leg Was Transformed Into a Jiu-Jitsu Decepticon

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So part of my recovery from Tuesday’s complex knee surgery has been a temporary transformation into a sci-fi robot. What you see in the photo above are two pieces of technology:

  • The hoses leading into the top of my leg and disappearing suspiciously into those bandages is a liquid cooling system. Inside the bandages are canals that are fed very cold liquid of rubbing alcohol and purified water from a nearby non-descript brown box that emits a noticeable whirring of a fan.
  • The gears, pins, and other assorted metal architecture fur underneath my leg are what is called a continuous passive motion machine. It takes my leg and raises it, causing my knee to bend at a pre-selected angle that I can select on the retro-looking remote control which is connected by that curly wire and sitting below my calf in the photo.

I am supposed to sit in the above contraption up to eight hours per day so it can bend the two cadaver ligaments that were inserted into my leg, while keeping the whole darn thing cool and swelling-free.

I know the health care system in the USA needs work. However I have to say that so far my experience with my insurance company has been great. These rental of these devices are covered under the insurance I get from my job and it makes me wonder how different the outcome for my knee would be if I didn’t have access to such therapies. And I also get to imagine that my leg is bionic!

4 Replies to “My Leg Was Transformed Into a Jiu-Jitsu Decepticon”

  1. Having undergone knee surgery in the past, I know how much an exercise in patience it can be. All the best in your recovery!

  2. Whoa! I may live in Japan but I had nothing that high tech in my knee treatment. Even my crutch is made out of wood. Feel better, get healthy! Rooting for ya!

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