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Good morning Mighty 600,000!

Yes I have been out of commission for the last few days and the website has been quiet. The surgery to repair my severed ACL and LCL, along with damage to my meniscus and secondary supporting structures was said to be a success! I was not awake to speak with the surgeon on Tuesday after the surgery itself so that is just second-hand information. I would show you post-op photos of me but coming out of general anesthesia has a way of making your face look like you just badly lost a boxing match!

You know how after a good Brazilian jiu-jitsu workout in your early days in the sport, you would come home saying, “I hurt where I’ve never hurt before”? Since the surgery I can attest to feeling intense pain in places I’ve never felt any sensations at all from before. To be honest, the pain has been pretty significant since the event. It comes and goes like a roller coaster although it doesn’t really go away.

Since Tuesday afternoon’s surgery my leg has been wrapped tightly in this brace and been hooked up to the liquid cooling machine that you see poking out of the bandages in the photo above. This morning my fiancee and I will drive over to the surgeon’s office for a follow up visit where they take a look at their work. As you can guess I am dying to hear from them directly more about how the surgery went. I will do my best to not ask how soon it will be before I can expect to deliver flying triangles again 🙂

So I have to mention what all this means for The FightWorks Podcast! As you guys will remember, in the last episode of our BJJ internet radio show, I predicted that I might not be able to put together a show for this coming Sunday, March 8. At this point I can say that if we have a show on Sunday, it will likely be a limited one due to my recovery process. Maybe some listener email and or voicemail, etc. It all depends on how I am doing tomorrow.

Here’s the part that I wanted to avoid but I think may in fact be inevitable – the following Sunday, March 15, we will not have a show. This is not completely surgery related. As cautious as I feel about heading to the surgeon’s later this morning, there’s another trip lined up for me in the near future: I have to fly to Chicago next week from Wednesday through Sunday (March 11th through the 15th) for some personal business that cannot be rescheduled. While in Chicago there’s really no way I will have the luxury of working on a new episode. Under normal circumstances I would be able to hammer out a show before I leave from San Diego but I just don’t see it happening right now in my condition, especially considering that I still have a ton of work to do for my day job.

But here’s the good news. I have been making some phone calls and catching up with a few folks here and there and can say that in the weeks to come we have some interviews on the way that I am really excited about. Plus, we have the 2009 Pan-Ams right around the corner as well, taking place the last weekend of this month! I can’t wait for the Pan-Ams!

To help keep a bit of action here on the site itself, I would like to offer folks the opportunity to guest post here on until March 15th. If you’re a BJJ blogger and feel like there’s been a great article in the back of your mind that you haven’t had the chance to put together, this may be a good time to show off in front of an audience. You can write up a preview of the 2009 Pan-Ams, hammer out a great interview with a jiu-jitsu star, put together some wackyquirkyfunny piece on Brazilian jiu-jitsu – the topic can be anything BJJ-related. If you’re interested, please shoot me a note at caleb AT thefightworkspodcast DOT com and let me know!

Okay family I have to head out the door to go meet the surgeon for this follow up appointment. Talk to you soon! And based on our most recent BJJ poll, if you know of any BJJ seminars coming up, let me know so I can add them to!

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  1. Wooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!
    Man I am hurting just looking at this picture, Take your time my Friend my thoughts are with you
    take care

  2. One necessary step toward getting on the mats is now complete. Congrats and the very best of luck to you in your recovery.

  3. Caleb, dude, don’t worry. Take as much time off as you need.
    The mighty 600,000 will be right here waiting when you get back.

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