Tournament Review Tuesday: Chokefest in San Diego

san diego undisputed bjj

It’s not often that you attend a small jiu-jitsu tournament where your nose is not defending the vague smell of nearby body odor, and where your ears are not constantly assaulted by the irregular clamor of coaches and teammates shouting instructions to their friends who are on the mats competing. On Sunday Chokefest II: The Quickening broke both of those stereotypes. Although this crowded no-gi event was held in one of Undisputed’s training centers here in San Diego and competition was limited to just two mats, the open bay doors allowed the body heat and odors to escape and a cool breeze to bring in the tempting smell of the hamburgers that were being grilled outside for event spectators. A DJ played some beats in the background but not so loudly that it distracted from the action on the mats.

Andy Wang, of The Ultimate Fighter fame was the event’s organizer and invited his friends and acquaintances who run Brazilian jiu-jitsu programs in southern California to participate. While the total number of competitors in the event did not reach 100, it was probably for the better due to the size restrictions of the venue.

A couple of details from the more advanced competitors:

  • Jason Bukich defeated Brandon Bouvier by rear naked choke. Bukich swept Bouvier from x-guard and as Bukich was coming on top, Bouvier gave his back and fell victim to the choke.
  • Former IFL fighter Adam Lynn was defeated by Steve Magdaleno, who trains at Vladimir Matyushenko’s VMAT training center. Lynn won an earlier match with a flying triangle but Magdaleno was able to outpoint him 2-0 in a contest that took place mostly on the feet.
  • Russ Miura defeated Orlando Jones (Machado Redondo Beach) by kimura.
  • Renowned Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and no-gi competitor Baret Yoshida was supposed to compete, but shortly before the day of the tournament Yoshida became sick and was unable to participate.

All in all Chokefest II: The Quickening was a nice little tournament for a warm southern California Sunday in February.

san diego undisputed bjj

san diego undisputed bjj

In our new column Tournament Review Tuesdays, FightWorks Podcast listeners submit reports about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling competitions that happened the weekend prior. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of The FightWorks Podcast. (Although this time around I wrote it!) – Caleb

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