Tournament Review Tuesday: The Good Fight: Dog Fight in Dover

From Michael Withrow, of Team Viper (A John Garfield Affiliate School)

A few days ago I was choked, my arm was nearly bent to the point of breaking, and I was thrown onto the ground repeatedly as I battled tirelessly with 6 or 7 people with only 4 or 5 minutes to prove who was the better man. It was just another typical Saturday .

I competed in “The Good Fight: Dog Fight in DoverBrazilian jiu-jitsu tournament this past Saturday. The Good Fight is a growing BJJ tournament circuit that offers both professional and amateur fights for children, teens and adults. I enjoyed watching the pro fight with Seph Smith (50/50 BJJ) and Dave Bass (Alliance) battling it out on Friday as well as others like Pablo Popovitch (Team Popovitch). The amateur fight was held in the same area with four mats running simultaneously with different weight classes. Over 250 competitors showed up for the event Saturday.

The staff was very friendly and professional and everything stayed on schedule for the most part. The majority of matches started on time and I don’t think that anything was much further than 15-20 minutes behind schedule.

Competitors that pre-registered received a cool t-shirt and medals were given out to first, second and third places. The medals were custom-made for the event and are pretty nice. I also would add that there were brackets for brackets for beginner, intermediate, and advanced and the weight classes were pretty fairly matched at 140-149, 150-159, 160-169, 170-179, 180-189, 190+.

The atmosphere at the event was one of fun and good sportsmanship. I made new friends on the mat and learned where I can improve my game. I felt that the match-ups were even and there were a lot of great fights. I noticed a few questionable calls on points in a few matches but all in all, I think the event was well very ran. Our team did well and we had a great time. I look forward to competing more in this circuit.

This is the sixth in our new column, Tournament Review Tuesdays, where FightWorks Podcast listeners submit reports about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling competitions that happened the weekend prior. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of The FightWorks Podcast. – Caleb

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  1. LINXX ACADEMY, 3 fighters, 5 gold medals . Kai lockhart, Troy metcalf, and me Jacob Turpin . NOT jacob tarpin . All the way from Virginia Beach, VA . Come down and train .

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