BJJ Poll: What Do You Like to Do After Getting Side Mount?

So you’ve passed your opponent’s tricky guard and you wind up in side mount, one of the most common Brazilian jiu-jitsu situations we find ourselves in. What do you do next? Perhaps you go for a submission. Maybe you establish mount. Or maybe you introduce your knee into your opponent’s stomach with extreme pressure.

What do you do? Vote in our poll!

Of course, if you have more to say on the topic, add it in the comments below!

8 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What Do You Like to Do After Getting Side Mount?”

  1. I responded with “Go for full mount” because my normal option isn’t listed. My side control is pretty good and I create a lot of shoulder pressure, so I like to make my opponent as uncomfortable as possible for a while. I will fight for grips while I am formulating a plan, but I typically get them so worried about getting me out of side control that passing to mount is pretty easy if I dont look for a kimura or armlock from the side. But my mount retention stinks so from there its 50/50!


  2. I also prefer knee on belly. It opens up various things like, arms, legs, neck, and also momentarily stabilizes your opponent. These opportunities are contingent on which limbs are exposed.


  3. The 1st thing I would look to do is control the hips and spine. Once I establiish that control, id just play chess and go through the progression. Eg choke to armbar. Or perhaps knee on belly to armbar. Or mount to backmount to choke. Final answer – go for whatever is most open, then the next thing, etc….

  4. Armbar or kimura. Submit as fast as possible and get the get the fight done with. I also like to go for a side choke, as dncwordwide said, go for whats open, or create the opening.

  5. I agree with Fazal (Jan. 9, 2009). Identify his weakness quick and end it. I’m working on a lot of different lapel chokes right now.

  6. l always pull myself over him so as to get on top of him and then sit astride of him in full mount. I then go to ride him in high mount astride of his chest. This is the best position and is definately more dominant. As you ride him like a horse, choke him.

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