Vote Here for the Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blog of the Year!

It is that time, Mighty 600,000. The time to decide who wins the 2008 BJJ Blog of the Year is upon us. This poll will run until January 2 until January 5! Until that time, the results will be hidden.

Here are finalists that our judges returned from the list of approximately 30 nominees!

When voting, please consider: our goal is to determine the Brazilian jiu-jitsu blog that makes the biggest cultural contribution to the rest of the online BJJ community.

The biggest reward of winning this coveted award is of course, being able to say that you had the Best BJJ Blog of the Year. But there are some other sweet prizes this year:


First Place:

  • A highly sought-after Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi from Padilla & Sons, to be shipped when they receive their new inventory in January
  • An autographed copy of The Gracie Way from Kid Peligro
  • A one year subscription to Gracie Magazine
  • Any photo you want of the amazing BJJ and Grappling photos at printed at 8 inches by 10 inches
  • A copy of the newly released DVD, Renzo Gracie Legacy

Second Place:

I want to thank our judges for narrowing the list down that you all nominated to give us the finalists above. They are:

  • BJJ purple belt & Southern California’s busiest Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and MMA photographer,‘s Alicia Anthony!
  • BJJ black belt & Editor in Chief of Gracie Mag Luca Atalla!
  • BJJ black belt & Senior Editor of and author of over one dozen books on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kid Peligro!

We will do what we can to bring on the winner to the 2008 BJJ Blog of the Year Contest on our next episode of The FightWorks Podcast. (Reminder: that will be on January 11th! It’s the holidays!)

Please remind your Brazilian jiu-jitsu friends about this so we can get as many people’s opinion on this as possible! Feel free to leave comments below as well.

14 Replies to “Vote Here for the Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blog of the Year!”

  1. Awesome!

    Caleb, this is an honor. Thanks to all who put my blog forward including the judges (Alicia Anthony, Luca Atalla and Kid Peligro). Good luck to all!


  2. Thanks to Caleb and all the judges for nominating BJJ-ASIA as one of the finalists. This year has shown a tremendous amount of growth for the SEA community and we’re looking to make an even bigger statement in the year to come. It’s a real pleasure to be recognized with all these other great blogs. Thanks, Luke

  3. Thanks to Caleb for putting on the best and only podcast on BJJ out there, and for having the Blog of the Year contest.

    Thanks to Matt at for putting my blog out there in the first place. BTW, his blog is the blog is the first one I head to. Cheers!

    And thanks to the mighty 600,000 for supporting BJJ in all its media forms.

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