The FightWorks Podcast Gi Patch Debuts in Competition

fightworks gi patch podcast

…in Japan of all places! To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time a FightWorks Podcast Gi Patch has been worn in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition. In any case I can confirm that it is the first time that I’ve been made aware of one appearing in competition.

Congratulations to Matt, a blue belt under Paraestra Hakata BJJ, who brought home the silver medal at a tournament last weekend while repping The FightWorks Podcast.

I am pretty sure that wearing the patch helped him in competition. I have no real evidence of that. But seriously, when The Mighty 600,000 accompany you into battle, how can you not do well?

If anyone else out there has a picture of the patch on your gis, please send them our way at caleb _at_ thefightworkspodcast _dot_ com!

2 Replies to “The FightWorks Podcast Gi Patch Debuts in Competition”

  1. The patch definitely increased my “ability to win” quotient by 34.77 percent. I know because I had my patented Win-ometer with me at the time.
    Thanks man!

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