Happy Birthday to Us!

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Jiu-jitsu folks don’t eat cake! They eat acai!

I can barely believe it. Today The FightWorks Podcast turns three years old! It has been so busy since the show began. But it has been so rewarding that I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Sometimes folks ask how the show got started, so now is as good a time as any to tell the story!

In July of 2005 Apple introduced podcasts to iTunes. As an Apple nerd who carried an old enormous 2nd generation iPod everywhere, I began devouring podcasts on my long commute to work. I loved it. You could suddenly download audio shows on the most unusual topics that you could think of – FREE! There was a podcast out there about everything, except the thing that I spent all of my time thinking about: Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

In early September 2005 I received my purple belt in jiu-jitsu at FightWorks. Infatuated as ever with BJJ, I was still shocked that no one had began putting together a podcast on jiu-jitsu.

If you know me personally you know that I am prone to grandiose ideas that are frankly ridiculous or crazy. Half the time I can even recognize that they are ridiculous, but it takes a week or so to pass before I can do so. So you can imagine his response when I approached my longtime jiu-jitsu training buddy Dan with the idea of starting a jiu-jitsu podcast.

“A jiu-jitsu what?”

Dan is not a computer nerd and had never heard of a podcast. (Heck, it has now been three years since then and there’s still a ton of folks who do not know what a podcast is.)

“We can call it The FightWorks Podcast! Come on! What do you think?”

Dan owns FightWorks and I needed his blessing to get going if I wanted to use the name. When he agreed later that night that it’d be okay for me to use the FightWorks name and go ahead and do the show, I am still not sure he knew what it was I was talking about. But hey it was too late! I was off to the races.

Shortly thereafter, on September 26, 2005, the first episode of The FightWorks Podcast was born. (If you’re the adventurous type, you can check it out here.) And of course with the birth of the show, it wasn’t long before the Mighty 600,000 was a reality!

If you’ve been listening for any amount of time to our humble BJJ internet radio show you know that the name “Mighty 600,000” does not literally refer to the number of listeners we have. But what we can say as of now is that we have three years of putting together a jiu-jitsu show that folks all over the world listen to and seem to enjoy.

It is a ton of work and to date my fiancee (Yep! Got engaged last month!) has not killed me or burned my gis. The feedback from jiu jitsu folks all over makes me think we’re doing something right. So for the time being we are still on track to bring you the best jiu jitsu podcast that we can. Thank you for listening 600,000! Keep the comments, feedback, and suggestions coming and we will keep up bringing you the audio home of BJJ on the internet!

7 Replies to “Happy Birthday to Us!”

  1. Congrats to the TFP crew. It’s been a great three years and I look forward to each week’s podcast. This past year has been the best yet with the mobile recording studio, medical and workout tips, live reports from tournaments and interviews with countless jiu jitsu enthusiasts. Thanks 600,000 times over.

  2. hey Caleb,

    congrats on the BIRTHDAY and the engagement!!!! that’s awesome dude. you’re having a great year from what i can see and i hope next year is even better!!! thanks for the great work and allowing me to be part of it…

    see you on the west coast soon buddy,


  3. Dear Caleb,

    Thank you very much indeed for the podcast.

    Please keep up with the great work. You are really helping the 600.000 to “feed the monkey” and we truly appreciate all your hard work.

    Best wishes and congrats!

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