Penny Thomas Video Posted

jiu jitsu penny thomas

We had Penny Thomas here as our featured guest on The FightWorks Podcast back in Episode #132, and I only just now got around to putting together the video I snagged when I went to interview her. Sorry Penny!

Penny received her black belt this year and is an ADCC, BJJ Pan-Ams, and BJJ Mundials gold medalist.

The video is posted over on YouTube but I still really recommend you subscribe to our BJJ Video feed in iTunes so that every time we release a new video it will be automatically downloaded to you, your iPod and / or iPhone, so you won’t miss anything!

Also, the video that’s made available in iTunes is sharper and easier to watch than the generic YouTube video, so there’s another good reason to go that route.

In the video of Penny Thomas, she is shown training with Gracie Humaita black belt Leticia Ribeiro, and Tarsis Humphries of Alliance.

In addition to this video of Penny, we captured four videos of jiu-jitsu action at the 2008 US Jiu-Jitsu Nationals over the weekend that are now posted in iTunes and on YouTube as well. Enjoy!

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