US Nationals of Jiu-Jitsu 2008, Day One (Gi)

joel tudor bjj gustavo carpio
Joel Tudor (BJJ Revolution) moments before tapping Gustavo Carpio with a footlock.

Today in Dominguez Hills, California, the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) held the first day of the seventh edition of the American National Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Today’s matches were all in the gi and I headed up to Dominguez Hills (a suburb of Los Angeles) with Alicia from to capture the action.

The tournament was naturally much smaller than most of the IBJJF events that you are used to hearing about here on The FightWorks Podcast. The Mundials and Pan-Ams have an international profile and as such attract more competitors and bigger names. Nonetheless there were some very tough competitors present today.

The gymnasium was set up with the normal eight red and blue mats, but no 42-inch LCDs that display the time that has passed in a match and points. For this tournament just the standard numbers that scorekeepers flip over on a board facing the competitors was used.

I was not able to live-blog the event but I did take some notes for you along the way. In the cases where I was able to write down the outcome of every match that happened in the division, it is noted that way below. Otherwise, what is listed are partial results.

Absolute Division, all fights listed.

  • Anthony Colantuon (BJJ Revolution) lost to Steven Rosenberg (Nova Uniao) by judges decision after the match ended 0-0 with no advantages.
  • Joao Assis defeated Dexter Gould by a footlock. Assis was up 16-0 when he landed the submission.
  • Kayron Gracie defeated Steve Rosenberg by collar choke in under two minutes. The score was 0-0.
  • Kayron Gracie defeated Joao Assis by a score of 4-2. Some of the crowd believed Assis was not awarded points along the way and a small fracas ensued afterward.

Featherweight Division, all fights listed.

  • Joel Tudor (BJJ Revolution) defeats Khalil Moreland (Roger Machado) by triangle choke in less than 90 seconds.
  • Gustavo Carpio (BJJ Revolution) defeats Khalil Moreland by a choke after being up by a score of 7-2.
  • Joel Tudor then defeats Gustavo Carpio by footlock for the title.

Middleweight Division.

  • Kayron Gracie defeats Warren Stout by choke after being up by a score of 9-0.
  • Kayron Gracie defeats Steve Rosenberg by choke after being up by a score of 3-0.
  • Not sure what happened between Steve Rosenberg ad Warren Stout for second and third place.

Absolute Division, all fights listed.

  • Denis Mitchel Pinto (De La Riva) chokes Andre Monteiro.
  • Andre Monteiro defeats Emeliano Mauricio Ferrandis by a score of 2-0. Both were penalized one point for stalling in the match.
  • Denis Mitchel Pinto defeates Andre Monteiro 2-0 to win the black belt adult absolute division.

Black Belt Featherweight Division.

  • Shane Rice (Rickson Gracie) defeates Andre Monteiro (BJJ Revolution) by a score of 9-0.
  • Shane Rice then defeats Johnny Ramirez (BJJ Revolution) by a score of approximately 12-0.
  • Not sure what transpired between Johnny Ramirez and Andre Monteiro for second and third place.

Black Belt Lightweight Division.

  • Brad Court (Lloyd Irvin) defeats Sam Joseph (Yamasaki Jiu-Jitsu) by wristlock.

Black Belt Middleweight Division, all fights listed.

  • Rodrigo Texeira (Texeira Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Paulo Procopio (BJJ Revolution) on points.
  • Bill Cooper (Franjinha) defeats Paulo Procopio by kneebar.
  • In a very close match Bill Cooper loses to Rodrigo Texeira in the final. Cooper had two points and one advantage, and Texeira had two points and three advantages. The ending was controversial as Cooper believed he earned more advantage points than he was awarded.

Masters Featherweight Division.

  • Baret Yoshida faced Alex Ferreira. Twice during the match Yoshida took Ferreira’s back but perpindicular to Ferreira’s body (crucifix style). Both times Ferreira stood up and was unable to shake Yoshida off so he jumped up and fell backwards onto Yoshida in hopes of escaping. The second time this did not work and Yoshida choked Monteiro for the win. Some in the audience thought Ferreira should have been disqualified for illegally slamming Yoshida, similarly to the rules that apply when one is in guard and stands and slams his opponent in hopes of opening the guard.

There were no female competitors in the brown or black belt divisions today.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend tomorrow and let you know how the no-gi day turns out. Feel free to post details about the no-gi portion in the comments here below!

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