Gi Patch Crisis Averted!

So you remember last week I had issues with my local dry cleaner who did a really bad job sewing on my FightWorks Podcast gi patch? They not only did nothing to tidy up the original cut of the gi patch fabric by tucking it under before sewing the patch on the gi pants, but they used some weird stitch that was really flimsy-looking.

I said that that would not do, and showed them what a gi patch is supposed to look like when correctly attached to a pair of gi pants. Lo and behold they pretty much got it right this time! 🙂

jiu jitsu patch kimono

For whatever reason it’s not an exact rectangle the way I would like it to be. But I am tired of dealing with them and am okay with it the way it is now.

So now it’s just a matter of working those brand new pants in! The pants in the picture there are brand new A2’s. I can’t believe how big they look. I expect that they will shrink a bit, but they better not shrink enough to constrict my legs!

Click for a close up shot of the way they stitched it, for whoever is interested!

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