Epic Fail: Getting My Gi Patch Sewn On

fightworks podcast patch

Apparently Getting a Gi Patch Sewn is Not Self-Explanatory.

So you may remember I needed a new pair of gi pants for my own new FightWorks Podcast gi patch. My pants came in the mail on Monday, and that same day I raced over to the dry cleaners up the street from me and told them where to put the patch on the front right leg.

After anxiously waiting all week, on Thursday I cruised over there and am really excited to see how things finally turned out. Unfortunately, I think whoever they asked to sew the patch on was new on the job. Not only did they not tuck in the lightly frayed edges of the patch before sewing it on, but they used some really lousy stitch that ensures that the patch would come off in no time if I really tried to roll in it.

bad stitching from dry cleanerClick on the image to see the stitching close up.

So, I am going to bring them an example of how it is supposed to look and hopefully they can get it right the second time. Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh man, that is terrible! Hmm… what a pain in the butt. Even I know how to do that, and I am a bumbling fool!
    I hope they do it again for you for free.

  2. I am lucky enough to work with a woman who is also a seamstress on the side and she charges me only a few bucks per patch. What has worked best after some trial and error is using a heavy duty thread and then using very tight “zig-zag” stitch.

  3. Oh Man, what a shocker. I had some Rickson patches put on last week after a long wait to get them I was hoping they didn’t stuff them up. I asked them to double stitch them and they didn’t so I had to return them.. I wasn’t too happy about it but not as bad as yours! 🙂

  4. Hi Everybody,

    When you get your Gi patches made they are mass produced by replicating the silk screen over a large area of material. Then the material is cut to size, either to square or rectangle. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make them.

    You have to fold the edges of the Gi patch over before sewing them because they will definately frey over time and start coming off…even if you cross stitch them on.

    After you fold the edges over, then you can cross stitch the patch on. Go over the entirity of the edge twice. I GUARANTEE IT WILL NOT COME OFF! Even if you use cheap thread.

    I hope this helps.

    MeanStreak Industries Combat Apparel and Fight Wear.

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