Jiu Jitsu and Sunburn is a Bad Combination


I know that the months when one is most likely to be sunburned are drawing to a close, but I feel like I have to post this as a warning to the BJJ Family out there. Here goes:

Do not think that because it’s the last day of your vacation and you’re not sunburned yet that it’s okay to fall asleep in the sun for an hour.

So last night (Wednesday) was my first day back after going away last week. So I had been off the mats for over ten days! That meant serious withdrawal and a longing to go train jiu jitsu.

But even though the most painful days of my sunburn were behind me, it was still not finished being a pain in my neck: after the sun crisps your skin, it peels off and let me tell you there’s nothing more efficient at scrubbing dead skin off your chest than rolling in a gi that was air-dryed.

Yes. Gross.

So here are my recommendations (mostly to myself, though I am convinced I will find myself in this exact same scenario again):

  • Get more sun like your significant other has been begging you to do. That way you have a better base tan to protect you and and you’ll actually look like someone who does indeed live in San Diego, you computer monkey.
  • “Break down” and use fabric softener on your gi before donning it over a case of severe sunburn. You will shriek in pain less when you prematurely attempt to return to training.
  • Wear a shirt under one’s gi when returning to class so the peeling skin remains in your possession, and not in front of your training partner, who just put up with your sweat anyhow.

Hope this has been helpful. And I hope I follow my own advice next time around!

If you have any such tips, leave them in the comments here!

3 Replies to “Jiu Jitsu and Sunburn is a Bad Combination”

  1. When I got sunburned a while ago, Georgette suggested using ibuprofen.

    Apparently, that not only helps with the pain, but heat and inflammation too. I’d thought they were just for headaches, but might be just me that didn’t realise they had some efficacy against sunburn too.

  2. HILLARIOUS Caleb…
    And unfortunate.

    I sympathise with you greatly. If only the glow of my LCD my computer screen would help build up that “base” you speak of… unfortunately flat-panels just don’t do the same as the old CRTs.

    …and if only it were possible for me to be anything but florecently white or florecently magenta.

  3. I always use softener, and here in Japan, everyone wears a rashguard under their gi.

    They like their martial arts smelling of roses, they do.

    Bad luck with the sunburn dude…

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