2008 BJJ No-Gi World Championship Final Day – Live Results

jeff glover paragon
Jeff Glover (Paragon JJ) just prior to catching his Gracie Barra opponent with an armbar.

Here they are! Live results from the 2008 BJJ No-Gi World Championships in Carson, California!

Of note so far: entrance to the event is free! There is no cover charge for spectators at this event. Six mats are laid, and each of the 6 competition areas have a big screen television displaying the score of each match.

Many thanks to Gracie Magazine for once again providing the wireless internet access that makes this play-by-play possible!

As last time, the best way to find updates about someone you’re interested in is to use CTRL+F (Windows) or Command+F (Mac).

Joel Tudor beat MMA fighter Nam Phan in his first match by triangle in under a minute. Tudor then lost his second match on points, 6-0 when time ran out at the 8 minute mark.
Steve Hall aka “Triangulo Pesadelo” jsut won 2-0 on points.
Kevin Casey (Rickson Gracie) is warming up next to mat number 1.
Joao Assis is now taking on Kevin Casey on mat 1.
Casey remains in the half guard of Assis at the 3m30s mark. Score is still 0-0.
Casey received a penalty for stalling along the way. Assis wins while the score is 0-0. Casey insists that he truly won the match.
Felipe Fogolini wins the medium heavy weight division and takes the gold.
Joe Gutierrez spent the better part of 4 minutes defending a deep triangle from Steve Hall (Alliance).
Steve Hall wins by advantage.
Leo Santos (UNIJJ) is up 6-0 over Ryan Beauregard and time expires.
Leo Santos is up against an unknown opponent and is now up 3-0 after a guard pass at 6m40s.
Leo Santos ends up winning on points 8-0.

Gracie Barra’s Vinicius “Draculino” is taking the mat against Marcelo Cavalcanti.
Draculino is up 2-0 after wrestling his opponent down with a takedown.
Draculino wins 2-0 as time runs out.
Hermes Franca is in action on mat 6 and is up 4-0.
Franca gets another takedown and the score is 6-0.
Big Luigi Mondelli is warming up next to mat 5.
Franca wins on points.
Cleber Luciano is ip on points by a score of 5-0 over an unknown opponent.
Baret Yoshida is getting ready to take the mat.
Cleber wins on points 5-0.
Baret Yoshida is down 0-2 against an unknown opponent from Gracie Barra but at the 1m30s mark secures a rear naked choke.
Draculino is now on mat one against a fellow Gracie Barra competitor.
At the hlafway point Draculino is still tied 0-0 against his GB opponent.
Lloyd Irvin is warming up next to mat 4.
At the 5 minute mark, the score is still 0-0 across the board and Draculino is given the nod from the referee for the win.
Hermes Franca is in action again on mat 6.
Paulo Guillobel is in action again on mat 5. He’s been doing well this morning.
Lloyd Irvin is now up 2-0 at the two minute mark and finds himself on top in half guard.
Hermes Franca is down 2-0 against an unknown opponent.
Now Franca is up 4-2 with 30 seconds left.
Lloyd Irvin wins 2-0 on points.
Baret Yoshida is now back on mat 5 against an unknown opponent.
At the one minute mark Yoshida has already squirmed around to his opponent’s back for the 4-0 lead and sinks the rear naked choke at 1m20s.
Cleber Luciano is back on mat 6 against an unknown Gracie Barra opponent.
Luciano gets the takedown for two points.
In the closing seconds of the match, which saw Luciano play evasively to maintain his point lead, he gets another takedown and wins 4-0.
Cleber Luciano is now taking the mat against smiling Hermes Franca on mat six ofr the gold medal.
At the 3 minute mark, it’s still 0-0 between Franca and Luciano. They’ve traded takedown attempts.
WOW! At the 3m45s mark Luciano slaps on a nasty straight foot lock against Franca. Franca counters with a mean heel hook attempt but has forgotten that that submission is illegal and is disqualified. Cleber Luciano wins the gold medal.
Shioda Ayumu (Paraestra) is now taking mat number 3 against Simpson Go from Cobra Kai.
Lloyd Irvin now takes mat number 4 against William Messick (Boran JJ).
Sim Go is up 2-0 over Ayumu and is now in Ayumu’s guard at the 1m25s mark.
Lloyd Irvin is tied 0-0 after 2 minutes against Messick.
Sim Go continues up 2-0 after 4 minutes and is now working to take Ayumu’s back.
At 4m40s Sim Go gets the rear naked choke.
Lloyd Irvin is suddenly up 11-0 and was working a head arm triangle as time expired and wins on points.
Brandon Mullins now is in action against Yusuke Honma (Paraestra) on mat 3. Mullins is up 2-0.
Mullins and Honma are tied 4-4 at the 2m50s mark.
Gregor Gracie (Gracie Barra) is now stepping up against an unknown Gracie Humaita opponent.
No change in the Honma – Mullins encounter.
At 1m25s Gregor Gracie gets the takedown.
Mullins beats Honma 6-4 as time ran out.
Caio Terra (Cesar Gracie) is now up against Sim Go.
Gregor Gracie is still on top and his opponent is playing open / butterfly guard.
Bill Cooper is now up against Carlos Diego Ferr.
Gregor Gracie is still up 2-0.
Cooper is down 0-2.
Gregor Gracie and his opponent are now tied 2-2 at 7m43s.
Bill Cooper is disqualified and Carlos Diego Ferr wins. Cooper protests to no avail.
Sim Go and Caio Terra are still tied 0-0.
Terra is now up 2-0 over Go. Go is on top.
At 9m24s Gregor Gracie taps his opponent with a head arm triengle.
Daniel Moraes (Relson Gracie) is now on mat 5 against Raphael Chaves.
Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is now up against Cameron Diffley.
Caio Terra is up on Sim Go 12-0.
Caito Terra is working a mounted triangle against Sim Go with 30 seconds left.
Tussa is up 3-0 over Diffley.
The final score is 14-0 in Caio Terra’s favor against Sim Go when time runs out.
After 7m25s Moraes is still tied 0-0 with his opponent.
Sean Spangler is losing 0-2 after 6m24s.
Tussa is up 6-0 against Diffley.
Daniel Moraes beats his opponent when time runs out and the score is still 0-0. He was on top in his opponent’s guard the whole time.
Tussa beats Diffley 21-0.
Sean Spangler, being coached by Robert Drysdale, loses 4-0 when time runs out.
Igor Gracie and Luke Stewart are up on mat number 1. Igor is up 2-0 over Luke after 1m34s.
Igor Gracie is now up 4-0 after 4m23s against Luke Stewart.
Stewart manages to get 2 points and it’s now 4-2 in favor of Rolls Gracie’s son Igor.
Igor Gracie takes Stewart’s back and then mounts him! THe score is now 12-2.
Johnny Ramirez is down 0-2 against GB opponent who is on top in half guard.
Lucas Leite wins by decision and time runs out. The score was 0-0.
Igor is now beating Stewart 16-2.
Luke Stewart loses 18-2 against Igor Gracie as time expires.
Marcello Salazar comes out aggressively against Tarsis Humphreys and gets a 2-0 lead quickly. Humphreys is now fighting off a rear naked choke attempt and escapes.
Johnny Ramirez defeated his opponent but I missed the ending.
Tarsis is now attacking Salazar from bottom of half guard at the 2m20s mark.
After a failed butterfly guard sweep from Humphreys, he and Salazar go to the feet. Tarsis is now threatening a kneebar as Salazar goes for his back.
Humphreys is swept and he’s now down 0-4. He is going for a footlock at the 5m50s mark but Salazar escapes.
Karl Pravec is up against Rubens Cobrinha Charles in a moment.
At 7m58s Tarsis is still down 0-4 against Salazar.
Fellow Alliance member Gabriel Vella is cheering on Humphreys, who was just taken down and loses 0-6 when time exprires to Marcello Salazar.
Saulo Ribeiro is now up against the bearded Jason Bukich, who beat Sean Spangler.
Ribeiro gets a big slam at the same time his opponent pulls guard and the score is 2-0. Ribeiro is now working the standing pass.
Bukich’s legs open and Ribeiro works to lead his pass with the knee but finds himself in Bukich’s butterfly guard.
Cobrinha sits to open the match, pulls x-guard, and gets a quick sweep.
Ribeiro has taken Bukich down again and the score is 4-0.
Fabio Leopoldo won his match earlier on points. Sorry I didn’t mention it sooner.
Ribeiro is now up 6-0 and in Bukich’s guard.
“Titi” Lazzari is now up against “Cyborg” Abreu.
Saulo Ribeiro now has a commanding lead of 13-0 over Bukich. There is just about one minute left.
“Cobrinha” triangles Pravec for the win.
Time runs out and Ribeiro beats Bukich on points.
Jeff Glover rear naked chokes his first opponent in 1m35s.
Titi is losing to Cyborg 0-2.
Gregor Gracie is now up against Marcello Salazar.
Daniel Moraes wins 11-0 over Jonathan __?__.
Cobrinha is now up against Claudio Cardoso.
Gregor Gracie and Marcello Salazar are tied 2-2.
Cobrinha is up 2-0 over Cardoso and is threatening to pass at 3m32s.
* Jeff Monson missed his flight to make it to the competition and Joe “Daddy” Stevenson missed weight.
Fabio Leopoldo is down 0-2 against an unknown opponent.
Marcello Salazar was DQ’d for stalling at 8m27 against Gregor Gracie.
Saulo Ribeiro is now up against Igor Gracie.
Cobrinha rear naked chokes Cardoso at 6m32s.
Lucas Leite is up 8-2 over his opponent at 8m16 seconds but falls prey to a footlock and taps!
Saulo is cranking an arm-in guillotine hard on Igot Gracie at 1m35s. Gracie escapes.
The two go back to their feet and Saulo gets a big takedown at 2m20s and now leads 2-0.
Gabriel Vella is up against Andre de Freitas.
A deep guillotine is applied to Jeff Glover from his GB opponent but he gives the crowd the thumbs up to signal he’s alright.
At 2m30s Glover gets a takedown, and after a scramble it’s suddenly 9-0 in his favor at 3m03s.
Saulo is on top in Igor Gracie’s half guard at 6m37s. It’s still 2-0 in his favor.
Vella is up 3-0 at the 9m20s mark.
Vella has now taken his opponent’s back and is squishing him into the mat as time expires. OUCH. The score was 7-0 in his favor.
At 6m30s Glover’s opponent tries to stand up in his guard while Glover lays on a lighting fast armbar. His opponent taps in a blink!
Time winds down as Igor Gracie furiously looks for a take down to tie it against Saulo but he is unsuccesful. Saulo wins 2-0 and with 3 advantage points.
Shane Rice loses by submission to an unknown opponent less than two minutes into his match.
Bruno Paulista is on the mat against big Gabriel Vella (Alliance).
Jory Malone is losing 9-0 to Mauricio __?__ at 5m24s.
Gabriel Vella is in the guard of Bruno Paulista at 7m36s and the score is still 0-0.
Santos beats Malone on points.
Vella and Paulista goes the distance with a tied score of 0-0. Vella gets the referee’s decision.
Jackson McVicker is now facing D. Davis (PTCSD) on mat 3.
McVicker is up 2-0. Davis is on bottom in half guard at the 3m12 mark.
McVicker wins 2-0 after five minutes of action.
“Franjinha” is up 5-0 against an unknown opponent and wins as time runs out.
Jackson McVicker and Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller are now disputing the gold on mat 3.
McVicker is up 5-0 and working the pass on Franjinha as time runs out. McVicker takes the gold.
Antonio Braga Neto is now facing Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu on mat one for the final.
After 2m35s Cyborg and Neto are still tied 0-0.
It’s still 0-0 between Cyborg and Neto at 5:18.
Neto is now up 6-0 over Cyborg and has Cyborg’s back. The time is 7m30s.
Time runs out and the score is the same. Neto (Ralph Gracie) wins 6-0.
It’s time for the big boys – the ultraheavyweight division final has begun between Gabriel Vella and Rodrigo Cavaca (Check Mat BJJ).
Vella is up over Cavaca 2-0 after a takedown at the 2 minute mark or so. It’s still that way after 5 minutes.
Gabriel Vella maintains his 2-0 lead until the end of regulation time. He holds up the back of his gi to the crowd, showing his Alliance and Jesus gi patches.
Rafael Freitas (GB) is now up against Caio Terra for the pluma division final.
Right at 3 minutes into the match, Freitas sweeps Terra and is up 2-0.
After a crazy tangling of legs, Terra clamps on a footlock and wins at the 4m04s mark.
Bruno Frazzato (Check Mat BJJ) is up against Denilson Pimenta (UGF).
Frazzato has side mount and is going for a short armbar on the far side but Pimenta appears relaxed and is working out of it. Time: 4m30s.
At 9m37s the score is tied 4-4 and Frazzato is butt scooting into Pimenta. As time expires, Frazzato is the winner with 4 advantages to Pimenta’s one.
Now it’s Cobrinha versus Jeff Glover!!
Glover immediately pulls half guard and begins working from bottom. The crowd is silent as they watch the two technicians!
The score remains 0-0 with no advantages at 2m33s.
We are halfway through the match and Cobrinha remains on top in half guard, and the score is still 0-0.
For the past minute or so Glover has been successfully defending Cobrinha’s attempt to take his back. Cobrinha now has one advantage point.
There’s 90 seconds left and Glover is still fighting off Cobrinha’s attempt to take his back.
The time expires with the athletes in the same position. The crowd warmly applauds the two athletes as Cobrinha’s hand is raised.
Daniel Moraes is now up against Alliance’s Lucas Lepri!
After three minutes Moraes and Lepri are still tied 0-0. They’ve been engaging and exchanging takedown attempts. At 3m33s Moraes lands in Lepri’s half guard and now has one advantage.
Looks like Saulo Ribeiro will take on Gregor Gracie momentarily.
Moraes now has 2 advantages but the score remains 0-0.
There’s one minute left and things remain the same. Lepri’s been on bottom whenever it’s been on the ground. Moraes retains a lead of two advantages.
Time is ticking down, Lepri is shooting… Moraes defends… and wins!
Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita) and Gregor Gracie (Gracie Barra) are now beginning their match for the gold medal. A classic matchup of the two houses.
After two minutes the match remains on the feet. The two exchange takedown attempts. Saulo is being coached by Fabricio “Morango” Camoes and his brother Xande Ribeiro.
Saulo just gets a BIG throw on Gregor and is now up 2-0. The two return to their feet after a scramble.
At the five minute mark Gregor pulls guard and goes for a quick triangle. Saulo pulls out and is now working a slow pass. Gregor turtles, Saulo takes his back. Saulo is pulled over the top of Gregor and now winds up on bottom. The score is still 2-0.
Gregor is now squarely in Saulo’s guard in the center of the mat.
Gregor opens Saulo’s guard and is attempting to pass. 7m45s have passed. A scramble ensues and the two are on their feet again. The crowd is getting louder… the two wind up outside the mat and are re-centered.
Saulo is now defending Gregor’s takedown attempts… Gregor nearly gets one… Saulo escapes… as the crowd counts down the final seconds, Saulo nails a takedown of his own and drives Gregor into the mat hard. Saulo’s hand is raised as the champ in front of a cheering crowd.
Nova Uniao’s Bruno Bastos is now taking the mat against Roberto “Tussa” Alencar to determine the gold medal winner for the heavyweight division.
Tussa’s looking for armdrags, but is unsuccesful.
After four minutes, the two are still locking up on the feet and no one’s made any headway. Tussa has one advantage for a takedown that landed but it was way out of bounds.
At 5m29s Bastos pulls guard. Tussa lands in half guard. A scramble later, they’re both standing again in the middle of the mat.
Tussa finally gets a takedown at 6m51s. He remains in Bastos’ half guard till 8m44s and the two are now standing again.
Tussa remains up 2-0 as time expires in a largely uneventful match.
Just one more match to go: the absolute division final between Gabriel Vella (Alliance) and Antonio Braga Neto (Ralph Gracie). The referee is Andrew Correa.
Thirteen seconds in, Neto lands a take down and is up 2-0.
After four minutes, we find Vella in Neto’s guard. Neto remains in the lead 2-0.
The two giants continue to work for takedowns. Two minutes remain now.
The score is now 2-2 with 8m37s on the clock.
Time is running down and Vella is working to pass Neto’s guard. Neto is up on advantages.
Time expires and Antonion Braga Neto defeats Gabriel Vella in the final of the absolute division. The score is tied 2-2 and Neto is up 3-1 by advantage over Vella.

Felicia Oh will face Bianca Barreto shortly.
Barreto is now up 2-0 and finds herself in Oh’s guard.
Barreto is in side mount and the score is now 5-0 in her favor.
Barreto defeats Oh. I didn’t catch whether it was by sub or points.
In the middle weight final, GB’s Ana Laura Cordeiro is up against Penny Thomas (Gracie Humaita).
Penny Thomas and Ana Laura Cordeiro are tied 2-2 at the 2m19s mark.
Penny Thomas escapes having her back taken and a subsequent armbar attempt from Cordeiro. The score is still 2-2 after 7m32s! Great match!
Ana Laura slaps on an anaconda choke but Penny manages to survive. It is 9m25 seconds and the the action is stopped while an advantage is clarified by the 3 refs. Ana Laura has 3 and Penny has two. Both have two advantages!
Time starts again and Ana Laura is more active! The score remains 2-2 but GB’s Ana Laura Cordeiro now has 4 advantages and wins!
At around 4:15pm for some reason the fire alarm began ringing. We’ve been reassured to stay in our seats.
Katrina Weilbacher will face Gabriella Garcia on mat one in a moment. It’s 4:23 and the fire alarm is still ringing in everyone’s ears.
The fire alarm has stopped at 4:24pm! The crowd applauses!
Garcia manages to grab Weilbacher and throws her down for a 2-0 lead. The time is now 2m02s.
After 8m36s, the score is still 2-0. Weilbacher has spent the whole time underneath Garcia.
Time runs out and Garcia wins 2-0 over Weilbacher.
Miriam Cardoso (Gracie Barra) and Leticia Ribeiro are now contesting the gold on mat 1 for the pluma division.
Leticia passes and is now up 3-0 over Miriam but Miriam regains open guard.
After 5m03s Leticia is up 11-0 over Miriam.
At the 7m23s mark, and while the score was 16-0, Leticia Ribeiro armbars Miriam Cordoso for the win!
Felicia Oh and Bianca Barreto are going at it again, now on mat 6. Barreto is up 2-0 after a takedown, and Oh is playing from the guard.
Somehow I missed the ending between these two again. Looks like Barreto came out on top at 4m19s.
Michele Nicolini (Brasa) and Gabrielle Bermudes (Gracie Humaita) are now up on mat 6.
Nicolini, Robert Drysdale’s wife finishes Gabrielle Bermudez at 2m23s with an armbar / triangle combo from the guard.
Ana Laura Cordeiro is now up against Katrina Weilbacher. Cordeiro leads 2-0 due to a takedown. The time is 1m15s.
Cordeiro is on top of Weilbacher and leads 4-0 at the 5m06s mark.
Cordeiro now leads 10-0 after 7 minutes.
Cordeiro is leading 25-0 after 9 minutes.
Cordeiro beats Weilbacher as time runs out. The score remains the same.

The officials have an estimate total competitor turnout of 650 for the weekend.

I am out of here!

Last and final update: 6:49 PM

P.S. wondering where Leo Vieira was today? Check out this post from Matt in Japan who has the details on what Leozinho thinks about this competition.

UPDATE, Monday August 11: We have three videos from yesterday’s competition posted on our BJJ Video page for you!

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  2. “How did Gustavo Dantas do? also Steve Rosenberg?”

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  5. great work Caleb!!!!
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