BJJ No-Gi Mundials Day One Results

I was not able to make the first day of the 2008 BJJ No-Gi World Championships today, but the Mighty 600,000 can thank Alicia Anthony, famous for her BJJ photos, for the results below:

men’s adult black belt open:
bill cooper rnc’d 1st opponent (i don’t recognize the other guy)
titi lazzari wins 1st match
roberto “tusa” alencar (gracie barra) wins 1st match
gabriel vella (alliance) wins 1st match
neto wins 1st match
lucas leite (alliance) was dq’d in match w/ tusa
roberto “cyborg” abreu v titi – cyborg gets a huge takedown, lifting titi over his head (cyborg wins this match)
neto beats cooper (points)
gabriel vella wins next match (don’t know opponent)
gabriel beats cyborg (points)

i missed one of tusa’s fights – so i’m not sure who’s in the finals 🙁

brown/black female:
gabrielle lemos beats penny thomas (points)
ana laura cordeir (gracie barra) beats ana carolina vidal (points)
katrina weilbacher beats gabrielle (katie was up 6-2 when gabby said she couldn’t go on … injured knee from match w/ penny)
so tomorrow it’ll be katie vs ana laura

men’s purple belt open:
chaun sims beats jarrod bunch in the finals via armbar

Thank you Alicia!

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