Tarsis Humphreys Teaser Video

Alliance BJJ Tarsis Humphreys

You all remember that I said we had Tarsis Humphreys on the way for you right? Well last week I was not able to synch up and meet as planned with this multiple-time medalist at the BJJ Mundials, but Tuesday night I sat down with him and was able to grab a little video for you and conduct the audio interview that we will include in our next episode of our Brazilian jiu-jitsu radio show, The FightWorks Podcast.

So our quick video with Tarsis (it is just under a minute and a half in length) is now available on our BJJ Video page.

What? You didn’t know we had a video page? Well it’s not like YouTube or anything, but it is our humble effort to bring you jiu-jitsu video that we think you will enjoy.

If you want to automatically receive our video everytime we release a new one, you can subscribe to our video in iTunes. (This is different than receiving our weekly audio show).

So stick around for this coming Sunday’s show! Tarsis will discuss how he got into jiu-jitsu, his training with Alliance, and he will even answer a question from you that was submitted to us as a part of “What Are You Working On?

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