#128 Choked Out

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Here we go again! It’s another episode of the home of Brazilian jiu-jitsu audio content on the web, and this time around we will sit down with our resident medical correspondent and UCSD Emergency Medicine Specialist Aaron Schneir M.D., aka Doc about what it means to be choked unconscious in Brazilian jiu-jitsu!

So in this episode of The FightWorks Podcast, Doc and I will answer some questions submitted by you, the Mighty 600,000. We’ll talk about things like:

  • what’s really happening in your body when you get choked unconscious
  • whether any permanent damage can result from BJJ chokes
  • what to do when someone has just been choked out

rio bjj tadeu

Also, we’re going to hear the conclusion of a story we introduced in episode 127: Tadeu (shown in the second photo in this post), a brown belt from Rio who overcomes significant obstacles to train in BJJ competed in the International Masters and Seniors competition last weekend. We’ll hear about how Tadeu fared as well as a full introduction of our contributor in Rio, Colin Foster. (If you’d like to see video of Tadeu in competition, check out our BJJ Video section!)

At the end of our show this week, I’ve included in the audio file a segment from RadioLab with their permission on fighter pilots’ sensations when they lose consciousness in high-gravity situations. I think you’ll find that the sensations they have are very similar to what one feels when one gets choked out in BJJ!

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2 Replies to “#128 Choked Out”

  1. Great episode! The Radio Lab part at the end was a nice change and a very well put together piece.

    Thanks to the Doc for taking time out to answer those questions, it was good information to have.

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