Alliance's Tarsis Humphries On the Way!

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After settling in to open mat last night at the academy here in San Diego, who walks in the door but Tarsis Humphries, one of Alliance Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s biggest stars! Tarsis has always been on the cusp of this biggest prizes in BJJ competition. Some of his achievements in the black belt arena that he has won:

  • 3rd place in the heavyweight division of the 2008 BJJ World Championships, behind Xande Ribeiro and Alexandre Souza
  • 3rd place in the medium heavyweight division of the 2007 BJJ World Championships, behind Romulo Barral and Saulo Ribeiro
  • 2nd place in the 2008 BJJ Pan-Ams, right behind Andre Galvao!

So guess what? It’s time to see what the Mighty 600,000 can contribute to an interview I will be doing with Tarsis for The FightWorks Podcast! What questions do you have for Tarsis about training BJJ, about the jiu-jitsu lifestyle, about Alliance… anything! Be creative!

Also remember that if you want to ask him a question to improve your BJJ game, you can call us toll free at (877) 247-4662 and we’ll present it directly to him in audio! How’s that for service?

6 Replies to “Alliance's Tarsis Humphries On the Way!”

  1. wow!!!! that’s incredible! i can’t believe he just showed up at the door out of the blue like that. did you guys roll? i am always interested to hear about how it feels to roll with someone of that caliber.

  2. Amazing, he is so young and so good Im excited for that podcast
    actually all of the podcasts

  3. Tarsis came to Boise, Idaho a few months back to give a seminar at our Jiu-jitsu academy… let me say that that was my first seminar and has since stood out among all the others. Tarsis is awesome, a great teacher, and doesnt hold back. it is truly an honor for him to show up anywhere outside of Brazil! congrats!

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