I am very happy to announce that The FightWorks Podcast has a contributor in Rio de Janeiro now. His name is Colin Foster and his first bit of coverage is that of a profile of a competitor in the International Masters and Seniors World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships, which take place this weekend in Brazil.

Copacabana’s Team Fabricio. Tadeu is in the black gi in the front row. Image courtesy Colin Foster (second row, far right).

Nickname: TADEU
Full name: Fransisco Tadeu Rodrigues
Date and place: Equipe Fabrício Gym, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, July 25, 2008
Interviewed by: Colin Foster
Belt, age and weight class: Brown Belt, 43 years old, Senior 2, Rooster

Tadeu was born in Rio, but brought up in the state of Ceará in the North-East of Brazil. This state has beautiful beaches at the capital, Fortaleza and at Jerichoacoara (which is a fantastic place to visit). But inland, the state is very poor. To get to his home village of Ibiapina, Tadeu takes one bus for 48 hours straight and then another one for 6 hours.

It is hilly country and not dry and arid, like a lot of the NE of Brazil, so he was never hungry as a child, always being able to find wild fruit any time. Now, however, he works 12 hour night shifts as a porter in an apartment block, here in Rio, earning a very low wage and says that it is not enough for himself, his wife and their 2 daughters, so now he often feels hunger pangs.

He leaves his job and comes straight to the morning training session. After 2 hours there, he travels across the bridge to the “twin” city of Niteroi and home to see his daughters. This is 40 miles and about 90 minutes. He sees his daughters for half an hour before they go to school and he has lunch and heads for the local gym where he lifts weights for 90 minutes.

This is his routine every week day and has been since he started with BJJ 8 years ago. Prior to that he did one year of wrestling.

He has always competed and has won medals in every single competition he has entered. In 2005 he won the blue belt Master’s division in the International Masters and Seniors Championship, in 2006 he was placed third in the purple belt division and last year was disqualified for being 100gm overweight.

I think Tadeu is an example for all of us in going after his objectives in BJJ. Let’s hope he brings home a gold medal tomorrow.

In Sunday’s episode of The FightWorks Podcast, you will hear audio of an introduction from Tadeu, and details from Colin. On August 3rd we will bring you audio of how Tadeu fared at the International Masters and Seniors World BJJ Championships.

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