How to Listen to Old FightWorks Podcast Episodes

As I mentioned in our latest show on Nelson Monteiro and the ADCC, I sometimes get email from folks asking how to listen to our older audio shows about Brazilian jiu-jitsu history, competition, news, etc.

  1. Here’s one quick shortcut: our Episodes category. All our shows should carry that categorization, so clicking on that link will bring you to all posts here on the site associated with audio interviews. From there you can browse old audio interviews with BJJ black belts that you may want to hear.
  2. And here’s a quick trick I mentioned in Sunday’s show. All of the actual audio files which contain our BJJ internet radio shows have the exact same file format. Here’s the link to Sunday’s show, which was episode #125:

    See the 125 in there? If you want to hear episode 121, you’d just put

    into your browser. It will start downloading (and probably playing) the audio file.

  3. Don’t forget our FightWorks Podcast Google Gadget! If you don’t remember what that is, here‘s a video explanation!

Hope that helps! As always, let me know if you have other questions by emailing me at caleb AT (this website) DOT com!

UPDATE Friday July 18 12:49 AM: I should’ve mentioned that not every single episode we’ve ever done is available; there are a few from episode 1 through episode 25 which may not be posted (if memory serves). One of these days I’ll try to make them available.

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  1. thanks for the respond, but im trying to put the old episodes on my i pod so that i can listen to the episodes off my i pod. and not on the computero

  2. Hey Jon!

    Once the files are on your computer you can then drag them into iTunes so you can bring them with you on your iPod! Give that a shot!

  3. Hi Caleb,

    Is there anyway that they could be put into the archives of the subscription area on itunes, so that i can have them alongside the newer episodes that download automatically each Sunday?

    Right now only the last few episodes show up in there.


  4. Hi Greg,

    I would like them to be there too. In the past I had a way of influencing that but it appears to be inaccessible to me now. I know other podcasters are having similar concerns about iTunes not displaying more episodes. Hopefully iTunes and / or Feedburner will figure out a way to make more older shows visible (assuming I’m not just missing something here).

  5. Caleb,

    I started listening to the Fightworks Podcast last fall during the series of interviews with the Gracies, and I’ve become hooked on it! Every Sunday morning I download the show from iTunes and burn it to CD so that I can listen to it during my commute to work. I’d like to download the old shows and listen to them on CD, too, but despite all of your instructions I still can’t figure out how to do it. I can download the old shows, but they start playing on Quicktime and I can’t locate a file to drag to iTunes (per your suggestion to Jon on March 4th). I’d really appreciate any other suggestions that you can make. Thanks for all of the hard work and the great content!

    Don Bluedorn (Pittsburgh, PA)

  6. Caleb,

    I did some more research, and I was able to download the .mp3 files of the past shows and burn them to disk on iTunes. I’m posting a detailed description of the process for anyone else that may be experiencing difficulties. These directions are for the Windows XP operating system. The concepts will be similiar for other Windows operating systems, but the details will differ. Again, thanks for the great shows!

    1. Find an old episode using Caleb’s directions and click on the “[mp3] Download the show” link (the show will start downloading – it will take a few minutes)

    2. Once the show starts to play, pause it (my computer has Apple Quicktime as the default player, so Quicktime starts to run and I have to click on the pause button)

    3. Go to the Tools menu on the internet menu, and open the Internet Options box

    4. When the Internet Options box opens, go to Browsing History in the General Tab and open the Settings box

    5. When the Settings box opens, open the View Files box

    6. When the View Files box opens, click on the Internet Address heading to organize the files by alphabeltical order

    7. Scroll through the files and look for all of the files listed under http:\\ to find the audio file for the episode that you downloaded – on my computer, the audio files are separated from the other Fightworks files, and the Quicktime audio file is located in the bottom portion of the list

    8. Drag the audio file to your iTunes music library – from there, you can listen to it on your iPod or burn to disc as you normally would

  7. Thanks for all the great shows. I’ve been trying to get some old episodes into iTunes on my Mac. When I find the episode I want and click “download”, it begins playing right away in the window, but it doesnt give me any options on getting it to iTunes. I’ve looked at “recent downloads” on my hard drive and the episodes arent showing up. They only play in the window, but I’d like to get them on my iPod as well.

    I did follow Caleb’s directions on how to find the old episodes, but I just cant get them to iTunes.

    Thanks in advance

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