What Are You Working On?

what are you working on

“What Are You Working On?” is a segment introduced to The FightWorks Podcast in June 2008 after FWP cohost Dan got the idea that we could present our Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt interviewees with questions from you, our listeners about ways to improve your BJJ game!

How’s it work?

  1. Call (877) 247-4662 and leave a message regarding what it is you’re having troubles with or want to improve in your BJJ or just email me an audio file with your question.
  2. Dan and I will present your audio recording to our interviewee and include it in an upcoming show!

Easy, no? Not only do you get your question answered by some of the best in BJJ today, but you get to appear on The FightWorks Podcast!

Some tips… It’s probably going to be tough to explain the intricacies of exact hand placement for that new killer sweep you saw in a magazine, so that may not be the most ideal question. What might be a good question is, “Mister Ridiculous Black Belt, how much of your training time to you devote to cardio when a tournament is coming soon? What do you recommend?”

Stuff like that. So remember: (877) 247-4662!!! Can’t wait to hear your questions!

4 Replies to “What Are You Working On?”

  1. This is nice idea. How about making video clips where the black belts, if they are willing, show the techniques and post them in this blog. Explaining technique in audio isn’t the easiest thing in the world.
    good luck!

  2. Love the idea Caleb I do a simlar thing for my students. I have a small network black belts in Brazil and the US that I send video to to discuss problems and how to fix them so this is a great idea. Can’t wait to see what somes out of it.

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