Grapplers Quest No Gi Pro Results

Today in New Jersey Grapplers Quest held its All Star Pro Grappling Championship as part of its two-day weekend of competition in Morristown, New Jersey. Saturday, which was devoted to no-gi matches, saw pretty high end competitors from the United States, Canada, and Brazil vie for their share of $6,000 in cash prizes.

Here are the limited results that we were able to gather courtesy of FightWorks Podcast correspondent Bruce Hoyer.


  • Ana Caronlina Vidal won the lightweight division


  • Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles (Alliance) won the lightweight division on points over Justin Rader (Lovato Jiu-Jitsu).
  • Lucas Lepri (Alliance) defeated Rick Macauley on points in a controversial match to take the cruiserweight division.
  • David Branch (Renzo Gracie) won the cruiserweight division on points over Derek Piccinich.
  • Rick Migliarese lost the heavyweight division to an unknown opponent. I’ll update this when I find out his opponent.

Tarsis Humphries was present but did not compete.

2 Replies to “Grapplers Quest No Gi Pro Results”

  1. The officiating was horrendous. Advantages were being given out for move attempts I have never seen….My opponent was given an adv for elevating me up in the guard in a sweep attempt…it was ridiculous. Then Brian Cimmons decided to referee and decided to invent a second overtime in my match because I absolutely won the first by chasing david branch around and making several takedown attempts. I blew it out in the first OT and Brian wouldnt give it to me. He wanted to keep the Renzo grappler in the match….done with those events

  2. and to boot….I respect Ricardo migliarese alot and he lost a very controversial match in the first round but they actually did a “do over” match for him ???? Which he won and was the better grappler but where in the rules is a “do over” an option ???? these things are made up as he goes for Brian’s convenience….

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