#119 2008 BJJ Mundials Preview

roger gracie bjj
Roger Gracie, winner of the 2007 Black Belt World Championship open and super heavyweight divisions.

The 2008 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships takes place this coming weekend in Los Angeles and The FightWorks Podcast breaks down everything a BJJ fan needs to know about our sport’s biggest event!

  • Our first conversation will be a round table between FightWorks Podcast cohost Dan along with Gumby from OnTheMat.com. We’ll cover the names and details of the black belt divisions, setting the table for all the action!
  • For our second conversation we’ll bring in noted BJJ author Kid Peligro, who will give us a historical perspective on the evolution of the Mundials as a competition! We’ll also go over what the biggest stories of this year’s Mundials are leading into the event.

If this episode were in a weight class, it would be the super super heavyweight division, as it is over one hour long!

As you will remember, back at the 2008 BJJ Pan-Ams, we got together for breakfast on Sunday. I’d like to do the same this weekend so keep your eyes here on the site this week for the location of breakfast and / or coffee on June 8th!

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4 Replies to “#119 2008 BJJ Mundials Preview”

  1. I will use this as BJJPredictions.com

    Rooster: Felipe Costa
    Super Feather: Samuel Braga
    Feather: Bruno Frazatto – A friend so I hope! Fun Division!
    Light: Lucas Lepri
    Medium: Kron Gracie or Vitor Estima
    Medium-Heavy: Braulio Estima – I hope he comes back strong!
    Heavy: “Xande” Ribeiro
    Super-Heavy: Rodrigo “Comprido”
    Super-Super Heavy: Roger Gracie

    Super-Feather: Michelle Nicollini
    Feather: Leticia Ribeiro
    Light: Kyra Gracie
    Medium: Sophia Mc Dermott
    Medium-Heavy: Penny Thomas or Luka Dias
    Heavy: Gabrielle Garcia

  2. (Just in case I don’t see you in class…)
    I will heading up Sunday morning so I don’t think I’ll be able to make a breakfast. But I’d love to hook up with “the gang” when I get there. Any other meet up times/places scheduled?

    And Bruce…is Roger doing Super-Super Heavy this year?! I thought he was just Heavy or Super Heavy?

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