2007 BJJ Black Belt World Champions

bjj 2007 mundials world champions

As we look forward to the Brazilian jiu-jitsu Mundials (World Championships) that will take place June 5 – 8 in Los Angeles at the Pyramid it’s a good time to reflect on the BJJ black belts who will be defending their belts!

Here are the names of the champions pictured above in order as well as their titles from the 2007 Mundials:

  • Super Super Heavy: Rafael Lovato, Gracie Humaita
  • Super Heavy and Open Weight: Roger Gracie, Gracie Barra
  • Heavy: Alexandre Ribeiro, Gracie Humaita
  • Medium Heavy: Romulo Barral, Gracie Barra
  • Middle: Lucas Leite, Brasa
  • Light: Lucas Lepri, Alliance
  • Feather: Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles, Alliance
  • Super Feather: Robson Moura, Nova UniĆ£o
  • Rooster: Bruno Malfacine, UGF

Lots of interesting match ups on the way this year for sure!

Robert Drysdale, who came in second place in the Super Heavy division and third place in the Open Weight division, will not be competing as he focuses on mixed martial arts career. Who will take his place among the elite?

Roger Gracie will be competing despite just spending most of the recent months preparing for his mixed martial arts fight against Yuki Kondo.

Xande Ribeiro has stated that he is out to reclaim the open weight division title that he held in 2006. However he’s said that he will be concentrating on MMA after competing in the BJJ Mundials this year so will this be his last chance to hold the absolute division title?

Lots of stories and BJJ drama on the way. Can’t wait!

By the way, if you’d like a larger version of the picture above, click here!

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