BJJ Gets Great Exposure on NPR Today

We’ve talked about the new film from David Mamet titled Redbelt, which focuses on Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor’s unwilling dive into the world of mixed martial arts fighting on The FightWorks Podcast on and off over the past year now.

Today on National Public Radio, the protagonist of the film, Chiwetel Ejiofor was interviewed to discuss the movie. To hear that conversation, go to NPR and click the red “Listen Now” button toward the upper left.

Back in September we interviewed Renato Magno on episode 84 of The FightWorks Podcast about the movie. Magno is one of the film’s fight coordinators and the BJJ instructor of David Mamet.

More recently we interviewed David Mamet on episode 108 about where he got the idea for Redbelt, how the movie came about, and about his own BJJ training.

I think the film should do some good things for BJJ. I’d love to hear what you think! Go see it and be sure to come back to and leave a comment with your thoughts on the movie!

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