FightWorks Podcast Google Gadget Now Available!

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From the feedback I’ve gotten since we began our humble BJJ internet radio show here back in September 2005, I know that people listen to the show in many different ways. Sometimes people listen on their iPod or mp3 player, and sometimes they listen from their desk. If one thing is constant, it’s that people like as many options as possible in terms of where they can listen to and how they get our audio shows.

Our crack team of web engineers, BJJ experts, and audio gurus are all hard at work discovering a way to telepathically deliver The FightWorks Podcast’s BJJ news and interviews straight into your brain. But we’re having difficulty because it’s tough going and the whenever the BJJ experts get frustrated, the meetings inevitably end with everyone else choked unconscious.

So for the meantime we’re announcing our Google Gadget. If you have a Google or Gmail account, this allows you to embed our flash player right in your Google start page (aka iGoogle)!

Click here to go grab our Google Gadget!

The more options that are out there to access the show, the better, right? Even if you do not plan on using your Google start page, if you could add this to your iGoogle, it would be a big help to me. The more people there are that use this gadget, the more likely it is that Google will accept our gadget to appear in their official Gadget Directory. That would be awesome!

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  1. Very cool Google gadget. It was a very nice addition to my iGoogle page and an easy way to listen to the archived podcasts while doing e-mail at work.

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