Xtreme Couture Submission Grappling Tourney in June

randy coutureToday Randy Couture‘s Las Vegas training facility Xtreme Couture sent out a notice to the press announcing their first ever Submission Grappling Tournament on June 14th at 7pm.

The tournament will consist of just eight elite fighters, all under 200 pounds. The organizers anticipate also offering one or two superfights for the spectators to watch in between the semifinals and the final tournament match. Competitors in the superfights do not need to be under 200 pounds.

Tickets to the event, which begins at 7pm, are $20 and will go on sale that evening. In speaking with Xtreme Couture representative Sean O’Heir, it is “almost definite” that the event will be broadcast over the internet for those who are not available to make it in person.

Interestingly, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Championships (“Mundials”) will be held in Los Angeles just one week prior, so there could be some folks in the United States who might not otherwise be available to participate. Las Vegas will actually be hosting a USA Wrestling submission grappling World Team trials event that very day as well, so submission grappling fans can head over to Xtreme Couture that same evening and enjoy the matches.

Anyone interested in participating in the tournament is encouraged to contact O’Heir at sean@xtremecouture.tv with their name, weight, school, and experience.

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