#113 Leglocks and Foot Attacks

chris moriarty bjj pan ams
Alliance brown belt Chris Moriarty sinks a kneebar at the 2008 Pan-Ams.

Leg attacks! Sometimes demonized and generally feared for their ability to do lasting damage on your opponent, the kneebar, heelhook, and straight footlock command attention when encountered in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This week on the The FightWorks Podcast, cohost Dan and I speak with GrappleArts.com‘s Stephan Kesting, a BJJ black belt under Marcus Soares in Vancouver, Canada. Above and beyond his information-packed website, Kesting is known for his very detailed and insightful instructional DVDs, and as FightWorks Podcast cohost Dan knew that Kesting’s new DVD on BJJ leg attacks is due to be released soon, we thought he’d be a great guest to discuss this delicate subject with. In our conversation you will hear what the basic leg and foot attacks are, their integration into Brazilian jiu-jitsu, leg lock safety, and tons more.

Also, we will hear back from FightWorks Podcast correspondent Bruce Hoyer, who recently returned from Felipe Costa’s BJJ Black Belt Camp in Buzios, Brazil. For those of us unable to make such a dream vacation, we can live vicariously through his recounting of the trip!

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  1. just wanted to say thanks to grapplearts

    appreciate the info all the time – love the vids

    one of the few ‘update’ emails i open

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